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The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Characters
The Cadre of the Immortal

Cadre of the Immortal: team of super-powered beings representing various ancient religions
Above: Cadre of the Immortal. Art by Chuck Wojtkiewicz.
Maya, Hindu member of the Cadre of the Immortal
Above: Maya

From: "Cadre (comics)" page on Wikipedia.org website (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cadre_(comics); viewed 30 June 2007):

The Cadre is a DC Comics supervillain group, except for members of the Cadre of the Immortal, most of whom were redeemed and became heroes by story's end. They first appear in Justice League of America #235 February (1985), and were created by Gerry Conway and Chuck Patton.

A cosmic alien villain known as the Overmaster began to test humanity's fitness to inhabit Earth. He had summoned a bunch of villains to him and gave them superpowers, and the villains became the Cadre. The Cadre has fought the Justice League on different occasions and has been through many incarnations of their group. Several members have died and new ones were recruited. There was also another version of the Cadre called the Cadre of the Immortal; this version was made up of international metahumans deluded by an agent of the Overmaster that claimed to be Prestor John, the Immortal. The Mahayogi was killed while freeing JLI member Maya from mind control. After the truth was revealed Seneca and Osiris joined the JLI in their battle against the Overmaster, but have not been seen in the DCU since...

Cadre of the Immortal [roster:]
- Prester John - Aka the Immortal. Wanted to rid the world of modern technology.
- Ewald Olaffson - Ice's brother; servant of the Overmaster.
- Maya - Former JLA member from India.
- Mahayogi - A Hindu wraith and servant of the goddess Shiva. Gave Maya her powers.
- Druid II - An English villain. Died at end of story.
- Phalanx - Italian hero wearing Roman armor who could create duplicates of himself.
- Mohammed Ibn Bornu - North African hero with an electronic spear that fired bolts of lightning, he rode a flying robot horse.
- Musashi - A super powered Japanese warrior hero.
- Seneca - Superstrong Native American hero.
- Xiuhtecutli - Aztec styled Mexican warrior woman with solar powers.
- Osiris - Egyptian hero wearing golden armor, believed he was Osiris re-incarnate.

From: "C" page on "Cosmic Teams" website (http://www.mykey3000.com/cosmicteams/cosmic/c.html; viewed 30 June 2007):

The Cadre are a group of Earth villains originally assembled by the alien Overmaster. The Overmaster claimed to be a 580 million year-old alien who needed to determine humanity's fitness to survive. He transformed various humans to serve as his agents...

Via the man called the Immortal, the Overmaster recruited and empowered individuals from around the globe. The Immortal claimed to be the legendary Prester John, the Crusader who built an empire in the east and possessed the Philosopher's Stone. The Immortal used the Overmaster's gifts to amass an army of great pre-industrial warriors:

- The Druid II, a conqueror from England who had previously encountered Justice League Europe (JLI v.2 #57)
- Mahayogi, a Hindu wraith and servant of the goddess Shiva. Mahayogi was an agent of the organization which empowered the JLE member, Maya.
- Mohammed Ibn Bornu of the Moslem Equestrian Empire of Kanem-Bornu
- Musashi, a Japanese swordsman
- Osiris, who claims to be the most recent incarnation of that Egyptian god
- Phalanx, a Roman foot soldier with the ability to multiply
- Seneca, a Native American warrior
- Xiuhtecutli, an Aztec warrior woman with the power of the sun

Not all the members of this "Cadre of the Immortal" shared the same principles, however. This group was formed under the Immortal's promise that they would rid the world of all modern technology and restore it to its ancient ways. When the Immortal revealed that their powers came from advanced technology, many of them turned on him. The Mahayogi tried to protect Maya from the Immortal's control and was slain. Seneca and Osiris defected and aided the JLI. Bornu departed in disgust. The Immortal perished in the end, consumed by the Overmaster's wrathful power. Those Cadre members whose whose cultures or goals were militaristic (Druid, Musashi, Phalanx, Xiuhtecutli) stayed true to the Overmaster's cause and were joined by many others... (JLI v.2 #63-64)

Table from: http://www.mykey3000.com/cosmicteams/cosmic/c.html:

Cadre of the Immortal
Member 1st app. Affiliation Status & Info
The Immortal (Prester John)Justice League Int'l v.2 #63J.L.I. v.2 #63-64Deceased J.L.I. v.2 #64
Ewald Olafson Justice League America #80JLA #Deceased J.L. America #85
MahayogiJustice League Int'l v.2 #52J.L.I. v.2 #63-64Deceased J.L.I. v.2 #64
DruidJustice League Int'l v.2 #57J.L.I. v.2 #63-64, Judgment DayActive in villainy
OsirisJustice League Int'l v.2 #62J.L.I. #63-64Reformed; active in adventuring
Mohammed Ibn BornuJustice League Int'l v.2 #63J.L.I. v.2 #63-64Active in adventuring; seen JLA #108
MusashiJustice League Int'l v.2 #63J.L.I. v.2 #63-64, Judgment DayActive in villainy
PhalanxJustice League Int'l v.2 #63J.L.I. v.2 #63-64, Judgment DayActive in villainy
SenecaJustice League Int'l v.2 #63J.L.I. v.2 #63-64Reformed; active in adventuring
XiuhtecutliJustice League Int'l v.2 #63J.L.I. v.2 #63-64, Judgment DayActive in villainy

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