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The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Character
Mark Bloodwynd
of the Justice League

From: "Bloodwynd" page on Wikipedia.org website (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bloodwynd; viewed 15 May 2006):
Bloodwynd is a fictional character in the DC Comics universe. He was a member of the Justice League for a time. He first appeared in Justice League America prior to the Death of Superman.

Bloodwynd is an accomplished sorcerer. He can also summon the spirits of the dead, which give him life energy and increased power.

Bloodwynd is the descendant of a group of African-American slaves of a man named Jacob Whitney. These slaves created the magical Blood Gem and used it to kill Whitney. The Blood Gem was passed down among the slaves' descendants. Unbeknownst to them, the Blood Gem was a gateway to another dimension, and the demon Rott claimed the souls of those killed by the Gem's magic.

In recent times, Rott sucked Bloodwynd into the Gem and mind controlled the Martian Manhunter into impersonating him. Using Bloodwynd's identity, the Manhunter joined the Justice League as one of their more mysterious members. When the JLA fought Doomsday alongside Superman, Blue Beetle realized Bloodwynd's identity when his cryptic teammate was incapacitated by fire, to which the Martian Manhunter was especially vulnerable. Once the Martian Manhunter was freed of the mental control, the Justice League battled Rott and freed Bloodwynd. Bloodwynd joined the League, though he distanced himelf from his teammates, which led to his resigning from the team.


From: "New Christian JLA member" message board, started 5 May 2005 on official DC Comics website (http://dcboards.warnerbros.com/web/thread.jspa?threadID=2000023085; viewed 15 May 2006):
Posted: May 5, 2005 7:53 PM

I propose DC adds a new superhero to the JLA. His name is Shepard [Shepherd] and he fights injustice and evil in a Christian way.

His powers would essentially be a the addition of the powers of Firestorm and Superman.

While the JLA fights to protect earth from alien threats, Shepard's focus would be to protect innocents such as unborn children.

What does everyone think?

Posted: May 6, 2005 3:09 AM

I am a Christian and pro-choice [i.e., "for widespread legalization of abortion"]. There is a reason there is no Christian superhero. Same reason as there is no real Jewish or Hebrew religious only (yes please don't hit me with Bloodwynd, etc.) that flaunt their religion or fight for religious belief specific notions. It's because they would be offensive to many, if not most, of the readership.

Besides -- Zauriel, Bloodwynd, Wonder Woman, the Spectre, the Quintet, etc., etc., are all based on or are slaves to religious beliefs, but none actively flaunt it, or debate which is correct, so a hard-line Christian super hero would probably not sit too well.

From: "Sacreligious amd anti-Christian Comic characters" forum discussion, started 28 February 2007 on official DC Comics website (http://dcboards.warnerbros.com/web/thread.jspa?threadID=2000107545&start=45&tstart=15; viewed 20 July 2007):

Posted: Mar 1, 2007 3:19 PM

Hey! Let's not forget the Demons Three, Shuma-Gorath, Dormammu, Umar, Mephisto, the Supreme Satanish, Satana, Eclipso, Blackheart, Witch Woman, Lilith, Set, Damballah, Brother Voodoo, Bloodwynd, Felix Faust, Faust, the Enchantress, Prince Ra-Man, Taboo, Doctor Glitternight, Diablo, the Gargoyle, Belasco, Baron Mordo, Zom, the Black Knight, Fate, the Endless, and the list goes on and on!

DC and Marvel can both proudly proclaim: Our comics are all sacrilegious, all the time!

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