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The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Character
Angelo Bend
Angle Man
a DC Comics super-villain

In Catwoman #s 56-57 (2006), Angle Man and Film Freak discovered the address and alias being used by Catwoman. The pair of villains invade her home, render the babysitter unconscious and take Catwoman's newborn baby Helena captive. Catwoman races to her home and manages to subdue Angle Man and Film Freak, securing the safety of her daughter. But the villains still know details of Catwoman's personal life, which they threaten to use to return to harm her or her child. Catwoman calls in the superheroine Zatanna, who has the magical ability to alter people's memories. Zatanna owes Catwoman a favor, because Zatanna violated Catwoman's own mind in order to cause Catwoman to turn away from her life of crime. The scene below occurs after Zatanna arrives at Catwoman's home, where Catwoman has Angle Man and Film Freak tied up, ready for Zatanna's "mindwipe" treatment.

Angle Man and prayer Left: After being captured by Catwoman, a captive Angle Man mocks the arrival of Zatanna, who is rumored to have a penchant for altering the minds of supervillains in order to turn them away from their evil ways:

What are you going to do? Turn me into someone pure of heart who says is prayers by night?

[Source: Catwoman #58, published by DC Comics (2006), page 6; written by Will Pfeifer, pencilled by David Lopez, inked by Alvaro Lopez; reprinted in Catwoman: The Replacements, DC Comics (2007), page 120.]

Text from this scene, in which Zatanna uses her powers to cause Angle Man to recall his history, so that she can find and alter a few select memories. From: Catwoman #58, published by DC Comics (2006), pages 2-9; written by Will Pfeifer, pencilled by David Lopez, inked by Alvaro Lopez; reprinted in Catwoman: The Replacements, DC Comics (2007), pages 116-123:

[Catwoman rips the tape off Angle Man's mouth. Sound effect: "RRRIP"]

Angle Man (Angelo Bend): OWW! You must think that was pretty funny, right? Well keep laughing. Laugh it up. Because pretty soon, Catwoman or Irena Dubrovna or whatever your name is . . . It's going to be nothing but tears for you. Tears over the way an obscure criminal named Angle Man ruined your life. Tears over the way he drowned you in misery. Tears over the way he let every murderous lunatic within a hundred miles know just where to find you. You . . . and your baby.

[Catwoman rips the tape off the piece of tape that was covering Angle Man's eyes. Sound effect: "RRRIP"]

Angle Man (Angelo Bend): OWW!

Catwoman (Selina Kyle): As usual, you've got everything wrong.

Zatanna: You have it all . . . backwards.

Angle Man: You. You're that magician. What's your name? Satanik?

Zatanna: Zatanna.

Angle Man: Right. Zatanna. But what do you-- Oh, I get it. I know why you're here. I've heard about you. I heard about what you did to Doctor Light.

Zatanna: Really? I'm impressed. The underground must have quite the--

Catwoman's infant baby Helena: [Heard from the next room] Waaaahh...

Zatanna: Ybab, pots . . . [Zatanna begins a magical incantation, backwards "Baby, stop". But Catwoman quickly uses her hand to cover Zatanna's mouth and prevent her from finishing the spell. Catwoman doesn't want Zatanna using magic to quiet her baby.]

Catwoman: Dont. Don't you dare... I'll take care of her. You take care of them.

Catwoman (thinking): It wasn't easy, calling her of all people, but I didn't see any other way. Well, there was a more final option... But I don't want to go down that path. Not again. Not ever. Angle Man, Angelo Bend. Whatever he calls himself. He found out who I was pretending to be. The name I was hiding behind. He has a big mouth. He'll talk for sure. He'll talk, someone will listen, and God only knows what might happen to my baby. All because he knows who I am. But Zatanna, she can go into his head. She can work her magic in there and really do a number on his mind. I know she can. She did it to me.

Angle Man: So it's just you and me, eh, witchy woman? Work your magic. Cast your spell. Fire up that mojo. I'm sure that's why "Irena" called you here, right? What are you going to do? Turn me into some one pure of heart who says his prayers by night? Go ahead. This whole villain thing isn't really working out. Nothing is, to tell you the truth. I could use a magical change of mind.

Zatanna: I don't do that. Not anymore. I just want to find one single, solitary dangerous fact buried somewhere in there, and take it away.

Angle Man: Let me guess. You want Catwoman's real name -- or at leats the one she's currently hiding behind. Fine. Take it. While you're at it, take everything else, too. Make me forget everything I know. I'll start back at square one.

Zatanna: Eb teiuq! [Casting a spell: "Be quiet!"]

Angle Man: Uhh...

Zatanna: I told you-- You have it all backwards. I don't want you to forget. Just the opposite, in fact. I want you to . . . rebmemer. ["Remember" spelled backwards.]

[With the snap of her fingers and a quick spell, Zatanna has rendered Angle Man speechless. She now begins to work deeper magic, and we see the memories she is probing from his mind.]

Angle Man's thoughts: [while he remembers his life history as a super-villain] Wonder Woman. One of the big ones. The really big ones. The Big Three. And I took her on. I didn't win, of coures. But just facing her down counts for something, right? Right? The Flash. You know? The fastest man alive? I fought him, too. In fact, it was one of his enemies -- one of those damned Rogues -- who ruined my life.

[We see a memory of Angle Man many years ago, clean-shaven and dressed in a white shirt and tie. He is packing hurridly. A knock is heard at his door.]

Angle Man: God . . . Oh, God . . .

Replicant: Don't make this any harder on yourself, Angle Man. Where is it?

Angle Man thinking: Guy named Replicant. Stole his name from 'Blade Runner.' And that's not all he stole.

[WWe see a memory of Angle Man holding his powerful (magical?) angle. Replicant sees it and then absorbs it into himself.]

Replicant: Ah.

Angle Man: You . . . You're letting me live?

Replicant: I'm in a good mood. Count your blessings. Oh . . . and leave town. Now.

Angle Man: [Speaking to Zatanna in the present.] After that, nothing was ever the same.

Zatanna: How so?

Angle Man: Listen. I wasn't always the loser you see before you. I used to have an angle that bent space and time. It bent time. Time! Who else do you know who can do that? Can you?

Zatanna: What? I... No... I...

Angle Man: Of course not. Nobody can. But I could, and I could've used that ability to become one of the big guns. One of the really big guns. Instead, I had to grab the few gimmick angles I had left and make do. Eventually, I ended up here in Gotham, playing second fiddle to a bunch of has-beens and never-weres. Then she [Catwoman] joined. It was Cold's idea. But everyone went along with it. Everyone but me.

[We see Catwoman joining the group of villains that Angle Man was a part of. In the next panel we see Catwoman lying dead on the pavement, an angle embedded in her bleeding head.]

Angle Man: So I killed her. Of course, that didn't take. Still not sure how she pulled it off, but it put me back at square one. No money, no weapons, no prospects. And the only thing I have for an 'arch enemy' . . . is some non-powered bitch with a baby.

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