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With his "Singreale Chronicles," Calvin Miller became is of the few practicing Baptists who has ever published mainstream science fiction or fantasy. He worked as a Baptist preacher for 30 years and has taught at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas.

Miller's fiction strongly reflects his Baptist beliefs, but many of his books have been widely appreciated by non-Baptists as well. The "Singreale Chronicles" has appeal for religious or nonreligious readers, and has been published by both the mainstream national press (Harper & Row San Francisco) and an Evangelical Christian publisher (Crossway Books).

In addition to his novels, Miller has also written poetry and religious books. Most of his work, including his "Singer Trilogy" of novels based on New Testament events, has wide appeal to Christians in general.


Singreale Chronicles

This is a fantasy series featuring a Hobbit-like race and Christian allegory.

Guardians of the Singreale (Vol. 1)
Harper & Row San Francisco, 1982. Reprinted in a revised edition by Crossway Books, 1994.

Star Riders of Ren (Vol. 2)
Harper & Row San Francisco, 1982. Reprinted in a revised edition by Crossway Books, 1993.

War of the Moonrhymes (Vol. 3)
Harper & Row San Francisco, 1982. Reprinted in a revised edition by Crossway Books, 1994.

The Singer Trilogy

The Singer Trilogy consists of of three short novels that were first published by Evangelical publisher Inter-Varsity Press. The series is a retelling of New Testament events, including the ministry of Jesus and the founding of the early Church. It is best classified as religious historical fiction. A compilation of all three books was published by Evangelical publisher Minstrel in 1989. The stories, and the year they first appeared, are:

The Singer, 1975
The Song, 1977
The Finale, 1979

Non-Fiction Religious and Poetry Books by Calvin Miller

  • A Covenant for All Seasons: The Marriage Journey
  • A Requiem for Love
  • An Owner's Manual for the Unfinished Soul
  • Disarming the Darkness: A Guide to Spiritual Warfare
  • Images of Heaven: Reflections on Glory
  • Into the Depths of God
  • My Friend & My King
  • Snow
  • Spirit, Word, and Story: A Philosophy Of Marketplace Preaching
  • The Celebrate Jesus Millenium Bible KJV
  • The Christ We Knew
  • The Divine Symphony
  • The Empowered Communicator: 7 Keys to Unlocking an Audience
  • The Empowered Leader: 10 Keys to Servant Leadership
  • The NIV Fruit of the Spirit Bible
  • The Unchained Soul
  • Until He Comes: Daily Inspirations for Those Who Await the Savior
  • Wind


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NOTE: Calvin Miller the author is not to be confused with Calvin Miller, the little brother of the main character in Orson Scott Card's award-winning fantasy Alvin Maker series, including Alvin Journeyman and Heartfire. Card's use of this name is probably a coincidence, and is not thought to be homage to a fellow Christian fantasy novelist.

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