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Robert Don Hughes is an author and ordained a Southern Baptist. He has written fantasy and science fiction novels for the mainstream, and non-fiction for the Evangelical market. He has the distinction of being one of only a handful of practicing Baptists who has written science fiction or fantasy published in the mainstream market. He recently worked as a missionary in Africa.

Dr. Hughes is currently an associate Professor of Communication and Mass Media at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. He also serves as the Associate Vice President for External Programs. The main areas of his teaching are cross-cultural missions and mass communications.


Pelman the Powershaper

    1. Prophet of Lamath
    2. The Wizard in Waiting
    3. The Power and the Prophet

Wizard and Dragon

    1. The Forging of the Dragon
    2. The Faithful Traitor
    3. ?? (not published yet)

Evangelical science fiction/fantasy

  • The Fallen: A Novel (Broadman & Holman Publishers: February 1995)
  • The Eternity Gene (Broadman & Holman Publishers: June 1999)
  • Gabriel's Trumpet (currently out of print)
Broadman & Holman Publishers is owned by Lifeway Christian Resources, which is the publishing arm of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Description of The Eternity Gene from the publisher:

The Fallen Are Back with a Vengeance!
    Every time Jack Brennen gets the feeling he's been there, done that, he's usually right. That's because Brennen, the main character in author Robert Don Hughes novel The Eternity Gene, can add "time traveler" to his extensive pastoral resume.
    The Eternity Gene picks where Hughes' sci-fi novel The Fallen left off, only this time Brennen's not as easily fooled by his demonic captors, in spite of the alien disguises that mask their intent and true selves from the rest of humanity. Abducted for a second time on a wintry country road, Brennen finds himself amongst thousands of other human captives.
    Even as Brennen tries to decipher what the demons intend to do with them, he wages an internal war as to why God would allow him to be taken again by The Fallen -- a multi-faceted group of demons who are as at war with one another as they are with The Guardians and those of the faith.
    Traveling from time zone to time zone, the demon tribes the UMMO and the Grays both covet the possession of Brennen, who may hold keys to the future -- and the past -- that both sides need to defeat the other. Never sure whether he is living the moment or reliving the past, Brennen is never sure to trust -- including his memories of events, relationships and reality. Calling on God through fervent prayer is Brennen's only defense from the demonic factions.
    Weaving in spiritual warfare and the potent capabilities of science and technology, Robert Don Hughes provides readers with an unexpected twist. As readers soon discover, the unlikely collection of human specimens that have accumulated in the caverns of the UMMO's insect-like snares will share a common purpose: the isolation of a gene that holds the key to a person's predisposition to the faith.
    Amidst humans from every continent and historical period, Brennen discovers scientist Randolph Donaldson. Donaldson, a scientist in the government funded Human Genome Project, has been abducted to work on extending human life indefinitely. If humans are immortal, reason the demons, why would they need God?
    But Donaldson's knowledge extends further into genetic research, culminating in the discovery of the "faith" gene. Brennen knows he and Donaldson must escape their captors before they can utilize the genetic research to destroy mankind. It's only then that Brennen learns the truth about the fullness of God's grace and protection.
    Even as the demons bear down on the escaping humans, Brennen finds himself hoisted from the wreckage of the demonic space craft. In that moment, Brennen meets the eyes of Jesus and weeps in shame for ever doubting His love, wisdom and care, while relishing his tender words, "I've got you....I've always got you."
    When technology and theology meet, the result is The Eternity Gene.

Evangelical non-fiction

  • Plays That'll Preach
  • A Real Live Missionary
  • Satan's Whispers: Breaking the Lies That Bind - This book has been adopted for use by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.
  • Talking to the World in the Days to Come

From Del Rey Internet Newsletter, Issue #31:
Q: Whatever happened to Lyndon Hardy, and Robert Don Hughes? I liked both authors--have they stopped publishing?
A: ...Robert Don Hughes was away for awhile--in Africa, I think--on missionary work. He has returned and the last I heard, he planned to concentrate on writing; beyond that, we don't know.


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