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Jain Temples in U.S. States

NOTE: The information used to create the tables on this page was obtained from independent Jain web sites, and is not comprehensive. Perhaps the best,most up-to-date source of information on Jain religious centers in the United States is the Harvard Pluralism Project's Directory of Religious Centers (which has not been used as a source for this page).

Jains live primarily in India. Some Jains have emigrated to other countries, such as the United States and Canada. There are more Jain temples and groups in the United States than in any other country outside India.

Below is a list of all fifty U.S. states, and counts of how many Jain temples, if any, are in each. Many of these are shared Hindu/Jain temples, and the name given may be for the Jain group attached to the temple, and not the actual temple itself. This is only a list of temples; there are additional Jain societies, centers and groups in the U.S. without a temple.

StatePopulationNumber of
California 29,760,0212San Jose: Jain Center of Northern California
Buena Park: Jain Center of Southern California
New York 17,990,4555Elmhurst: Jain Center of America
Crefzille: Jain Society of Buffalo
Londonville: Jain Society of Capital District, Albany NY
Pittsford: Jain Society of Rochester
Plainview: Jain Center of Long Island
Texas 16,986,5102Houston: Jain Society of Houston
Richardson: Jain Society of North Texas
Florida 12,937,9261West Palm Beach: Jain Society of Southern Florida
Pennsylvania 11,881,6432Monroeville: Jain Center of Pittsburgh
Allentown: Jain Sangh of Allentown
Illinois 11,430,6021Bartlett: Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago
Ohio 10,847,1151Cincinnati: Jain Center of Cincinnati and Dayton
Michigan 9,295,2971Farmington Hills: Jain Society of Greater Detroit
New Jersey 7,730,1883Essex Fall: Jain Society of New Jersey
Blairstown: Siddhachalam/International Mahavir Jain Mission
Pennsauken: The Jain Sangh of New Jersey
North Carolina 6,628,6372Morrisville: Jain Study Center of N. Carolina (Raleigh)
Charlotte: Jain Study Group of Charlotte
Georgia 6,478,2162Augusta: Hindu Temple Society of Augusta (Hindu/Jain)
Atlanta: Jain Group of Atlanta
Virginia 6,187,358----
Massachusetts 6,016,4251Wellesley: Jain Center of Greater Boston
Indiana 5,544,159----
Missouri 5,117,073----
Wisconsin 4,891,769----
Tennessee 4,877,185----
Washington 4,866,692----
Maryland 4,781,4681Silver Springs: Jain Society of Metropolitan Washington
Minnesota 4,375,0991Minneapolis: Jain Center of Minnesota
Louisiana 4,219,973----
Alabama 4,040,587----
Kentucky 3,685,296----
Arizona 3,665,228----
South Carolina 3,486,7031Simonville: Jain Group of Greenville
Colorado 3,294,394----
Connecticut 3,287,116----
Oklahoma 3,145,585----
Oregon 2,842,321----
Iowa 2,776,755----
Mississippi 2,573,216----
Kansas 2,477,574----
Arkansas 2,350,725----
West Virginia 1,793,477----
Utah 1,722,850----
Nebraska 1,578,385----
New Mexico 1,515,069----
Maine 1,227,928----
Nevada 1,201,833----
New Hampshire 1,109,252----
Hawaii 1,108,229----
Idaho 1,006,749----
Rhode Island 1,003,464----
Montana 799,065----
South Dakota 696,004----
Delaware 666,168----
North Dakota 638,800----
District of Columbia 606,900----
Vermont 562,758----
Alaska 550,043----
Wyoming 453,588----

Source: List of Jain temples, by Premchand (July 1996) from web page: "Jain Centers, Temples and Organizations". State population data are from the U.S. Census Bureau for 1990.

Jain Centers

The following table indicates which states have one or more Jain center, society or group (they may or may not have a temple), according to the JAINA web site (August 15, 1999).
StatePopulationJain Temple?
California 29,760,021
New York 17,990,455
Texas 16,986,510
Florida 12,937,926
Pennsylvania 11,881,643
Illinois 11,430,602
Ohio 10,847,115
Michigan 9,295,297
New Jersey 7,730,188
North Carolina 6,628,637
Georgia 6,478,216
Virginia 6,187,358
Massachusetts 6,016,425
Indiana 5,544,159
Missouri 5,117,073
Wisconsin 4,891,769
Tennessee 4,877,185
Washington 4,866,692 --
Maryland 4,781,468
Minnesota 4,375,099
Louisiana 4,219,973
Alabama 4,040,587 --
Kentucky 3,685,296 --
Arizona 3,665,228
South Carolina 3,486,703 --
Colorado 3,294,394 --
Connecticut 3,287,116
Oklahoma 3,145,585
Oregon 2,842,321
Iowa 2,776,755 --
Mississippi 2,573,216 --
Kansas 2,477,574 --
Arkansas 2,350,725 --
West Virginia 1,793,477
Utah 1,722,850 --
Nebraska 1,578,385 --
New Mexico 1,515,069 --
Maine 1,227,928 --
Nevada 1,201,833 --
New Hampshire 1,109,252 --
Hawaii 1,108,229 --
Idaho 1,006,749 --
Rhode Island 1,003,464 --
Montana 799,065 --
South Dakota 696,004 --
Delaware 666,168 --
North Dakota 638,800 --
Vermont 562,758 --
Alaska 550,043 --
Wyoming 453,588 --

Jain centers are in 25 of the 50 U.S. states. As is typical with recent immigrant groups, Jains centers tend to be only in major metropolitan areas, where enough Jain families live to form a center. Few Jain centers exist in the less populated areas of the U.S., especially in the Western states.



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