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Famous Zoroastrians
Famous Parsis, Influential, Celebrity Zoroastrians

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  • Zoroaster - Founder of Zoroastrianism. Ranked as the 93rd most influential person in world history on in Hart's book The 100
  • Cyrus the Great (580-529 BC) - founder of Persian Empire
  • Darius I of Persia - king of Persia
  • Xerxes the Great (519-465 BC) - king of Persia
  • Freddie Mercury - British rock star. Front man for the band Queen. (lapsed)
  • Zubin Mehta - World famous conductor. Currently with Israel Philharmonic. Has led the New York Philharmonic, the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Montreal Symphony.
  • Rohiton Mistry - Novelist
  • Firdaus Kanga - Writer; author and star of the movie Sixth Happiness.
  • Dadabhoy Navroji - a co-founder of modern India, alongside Gandhi and Nehru
  • Feroze Gandhi - prominent Indian politician; husband of Indira Gandhi; might have become Prime Minister if he hadn't died suddenly in 1960
  • Soli J. Sorabjee - India's attorney general
  • Farrukh Dhondy - Channel 4 editor and scriptwriter (Britain)
  • Dadabhai Naoroji - MP for Finsbury 1892-95. Liberal. Britain's first Asian MP.
  • Mancherjee Bhownagree - MP for Bethnal Green 1895-1905. Tory. Britain's second Asian MP.
  • Shapurji Saklatvala - MP for Battersea 1922-29. Socialist. Britain's 3rd Asian MP.
  • Sam Maneckshaw - Field Marshal
  • Homi Jehangir Bhabha - physicist; founder of India's nuclear program
  • Tata family - one of the world's richest families with holdings in steel and manufactured products in India
  • Bharat Ratna J.R.D. Tata - Indian industrialist. Founded Tata Airlines, India's first major airline. In 1991 he received the Bharat Ratna, India's highest civilian award.
  • Adi Godrej and Godrej family - "well known for manufacturing household items and healthcare products"
  • Farokh Engineer - world-class cricketer
  • Byram Avari - world champion yachtsman
  • Alexander Bard - Swedish musician and philosopher
  • Bejan Daruwala - famous Indian astrologer (lives in Washington D.C. area)
  • Persis Khambatta (1950-1998) - actress (best known as "Lieutenant Ilia", the bald Deltan woman in Star Trek: The Motion Picture
  • John Abraham - Bollywood Actor
  • Bapsi Sidhwa - writer whose books include story of Parsi girl entranced by American culture in An American Brat
  • Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji - musician, composer


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