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Famous Presbyterians

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Founding Fathers

Presbyterian Signers of
the Declaration of Independence:

Thomas McKean - Delaware
Matthew Thornton - New Hampshire
Abraham Clark - New Jersey
John Hart - New Jersey
Richard Stockton - New Jersey
William Floyd - New York
Philip Livingston - New York
James Smith - Pennsylvania
George Taylor - Pennsylvania
Benjamin Rush - Pennsylvania
James Wilson - Pennsylvania
John Witherspoon - New Jersey

Presbyterian Signers of
the Articles of Confederation:

Nathaniel Scudder - New Jersey
John Witherspoon - New Jersey
Thomas McKean - Delaware
John Walton - Georgia

Presbyterian Signers of the U.S. Constitution:
William Samuel Johnson - Connecticut
Gunning Bedford, Jr. - Delaware
James McHenry - Maryland
Jonathan Dayton - New Jersey
William Livingston - New Jersey
William Paterson - New Jersey
Hugh Williamson - North Carolina
William Blount - North Carolina
Alexander Hamilton - New York
Jared Ingersoll - Pennsylvania
James Wilson - Pennsylvania
John Blair - Virginia

Presbyterian Non-Signing Delegates
at the Constitutional Constitution:

James McClurg - Virginia
William C. Houston - New Jersey
William R. Davie - North Carolina
Alexander Martin - North Carolina

Presbyterian Senators in
First U.S. Federal Congress (1789-1791):

Jonathan Elmer - New Jersey
William Paterson - New Jersey
William Samuel Johnson - Connecticut

Presbyterian Representatives in
First U.S. Federal Congress (1789-1791):

Benjamin Bourne - Rhode Island
William Smith - Maryland
Hugh Williamson - North Carolina

Some Presbyterian
Comic Book Characters

- Wolfsbane
- Speedball / Penance
- Reverend Craig
- Mutator
Presbyterians constitute one of the major denominational families of the Protestant branch of the Christian faith. Scotland's state church, the Church of Scotland, is Presbyterian. Presbyterianism has been well-established in the United States since Colonial times, due to large numbers of Presbyterian immigrants from the British Isles as well as missionary evangelism on American soil. Presbyterians comprise 2.7% of the U.S. population (Kosmin/ARIS, 2001). The largest Presbyterian religious body in the U.S. is the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), with 3.6 million members.

Film and Television:
- John Wayne - actor, movie star
- Will Hays - led Hollywood's self-censorship: Motion Picture Production Code of 1930 ("Hays Code")
- Christopher Reeve - actor, movie star famous for his role as "Superman" (lapsed)
- David Letterman - late night talk show host
- Gower Champion - Broadway director, choreographer
- Dick Van Dyke - actor
- Roy Rogers - cowboy TV star
- Richard Burton - actor, movie star
- Jimmy Stewart - a.k.a. James Stewart; actor; star of such films as It's a Wonderful Life; Mr. Krueger's Christmas
- Shirley Temple - child star
- Fred Rogers - host of influential children's show "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood" (ordained Presbyterian minister)
- Debbie Reynolds - actress, singer
- Greer Garson - Academy Award-winning actress
- Carol Lawrence - actress
- Frank Gifford - football player and sportscaster
- Sandra Knight - TV and film actress who was married Jack Nicholson
- Colleen Townsend - Hollywood actress who became the wife of a Presbyterian minister and an author of religious books
- Brian DePalma - film director (born Catholic; raised Presbyterian; lapsed)
- Ralph Winter - movie producer: X-Men; Fantastic Four; Star Trek; etc. (devout Presbyterian)

- Ray Schultz - lead singer/bassist of the band Arenoskrap-Tech

- Mark Twain - influential American author
- William Faulkner - influential American author
- Lucy Maud Montgomery - Canadian novelist; Anne of Green Gables, etc.
- Beverly Cleary - children's book author (Ramona, Henry Higgins, Ralph the Mouse, etc.)
- Ralph Connor - early 1930s Canadian novelist; The Man from Glengarry; Glengarry School Days; The Foreigner; etc. (ordained)
- Frederick Buechner - author of fantasy novels and non-fiction religious books
- Sherwood Anderson - prominent American short story writer
- Margaret Wise Brown - influential children's book author: Goodnight Moon; The Runaway Bunny; etc. (non-churchgoer; Presbyterian father; Episcopalian mother)

- Clifford K. Berryman (1869-1949) - influential political cartoonist
- Curt Swan - influential comic book artist best known for drawing Superman (lapsed)

- David Brinkley - journalist, broadcaster
- E. L. Godkin - founder of influential weekly journal of political opinion The Nation

- James Watt - developed the steam engine (lapsed)
- Joseph Priestley - influential chemist, noncomformist minister
- Arthur Holly Compton - Nobel Prize-winning physicist who studied x-rays, gamma rays and nuclear energy
- Sally Ride - astronaut; first American woman in space
- John Glenn - astronaut, Senator

- Andrew Jackson - 7th U.S. President
- James Knox Polk - 11th U.S. President (converted from Presbyterian to Methodist)
- James Buchanan - 15th U.S. President
- Rutherford B. Hayes - 19th U.S. President
- Grover Cleveland - 22nd and 24th U.S. President
- Benjamin Harrison - 23rd U.S. President
- Woodrow Wilson - 28th U.S. President
- Dwight D. Eisenhower - 34th U.S. President
- Ronald Reagan - 40th U.S. President
- Jomo Kenyatta - president of Kenya
- Hendrik Verwoerd - prime minister of South Africa
- Dean Rusk - U.S. secretary of state
- Condoleezza Rice - U.S. Secretary of State under Pres. George W. Bush; prominent African-American scholar in international relations

- Aaron Burr - U.S. Vice-President under Jefferson; killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel
- Daniel D. Tompkins - U.S. Vice-President under Monroe
- John C. Calhoun - U.S. Vice-President under John Quincy Adams and Jackson
- John C. Breckinridge - U.S. Vice-President under Buchanan
- William A. Wheeler - U.S. Vice-President under Hayes
- Thomas A. Hendricks - U.S. Vice-President under Cleveland
- Adlai E. Stevenson - U.S. Vice-President under Cleveland
- Thomas R. Marshall - U.S. Vice-President under Wilson
- Charles G. Dawes - U.S. Vice-President under Coolidge
- Henry A. Wallace - U.S. Vice-President under F.D. Roosevelt
- Walter Mondale - U.S. Vice-President under Carter
- Dan Quayle - U.S. Vice-President under George H.W. Bush

- Lloyd Bentsen, Jr. - Democratic nominee for Vice President in 1988; 4-term U.S. Senator from Texas, Treasury Secretary
- Bob Dole- U.S. Senator from Kansas, Viagra spokesman; former Republican United States Senate Majority Leader; Republican nominee for President in the 1996
- Elizabeth Dole - U.S. Senator from North Carolina 2003-?; former head of American Red Cross; wife of U.S. presidential candidate Bob Dole
- John Foster Dulles - U.S. Secretary of State in the 1950s
- Christine Todd Whitman - Christie Todd Whitman is the former New Jersey governor; Republican, but opposes pro-life measures; head of EPA under Pres. G. W. Bush
- Dick Armey - U.S. Representative; conservative Republican from Texas
- Robert McNamara - U.S. secretary of defense; president of the World Bank
- Melvin Laird - U.S. secretary of defense
- Ian Paisley - minister and political leader in Northern Ireland
- Bill Frist - U.S. Senate Majority Leader
- Porter Goss - Director of the CIA
- George Akerson - first White House Press Secretary
- Robert Bacon- U.S. Ambassador to France (1909-1912)
- Marlin Fitzwater - White House Press Secretary (1987-1993)
- William E. Brock - U.S. Secretary of Labor (1985-1987)

- Warren Burger - Chief Justice of U.S. Supreme Court
- William O. Douglas - U.S. Supreme Court Justice (1939-1975)
- William Jennings Bryan - prosecutor in the famous Scopes Monkey Trial (about the teaching of evolution in schools)

Religious Leaders:
- John Knox - the founder of Scottish Presbyterianism
- Billy Sunday - popular American preacher
- Billy Graham - one of most popular Protestant preachers in 20th Century (raised Presbyterian, converted to Southern Baptist)
- Ruth Graham - wife of Billy Graham
- Henry Sloane Coffin - clergyman, author; moderator of General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. (1943-44)
- Daniel Defoe - influential English novelist; author of Robinson Crusoe
- Richard G. Butler - pastor and founder of Aryan Nations (white supremacist group)
- Peter Marshall - popular minister; U.S. Senate Chaplain; portrayed in book/movie A Man Called Peter
- Carl McIntyre - minister; anti-Communist; co-founded American and International Council of Churches in order to protest liberalism in National and World Councils of Churches
- Alexander Campbell - Former Presbyterian who became co-founder of the Churches of Christ (Stone-Campbell Restoration movement)
- John Glas - Scottish Presbyterian clergyman who was the founder of the offshoot denomination Sandemanianism (also known as "Glasites")
- Thomas Cartwright - father of English Presbyterianism
- Charles Stelzle - "apostle to labor"; American labor reformer; laid groundwork for National Council of Churches

- Donaldina Cameron - missionary, social activist; broke Chinese slave trade in the U.S.
- Elijah Lovejoy - an American who was martyred for the abolitionist cause (the effort to free the slaves)
- William Sheppard - African-American missionary; helped end terror and extortion used by rubber companies in the Belgian Congo

- Andrew Carnegie - American businessman, philanthropist; at one time the wealthiest man in the world
- Ross Perot - billionaire businessman; third-party U.S. Presidential candidate
- Sam Walton - founder of Wal-Mart, the world's largest retailer
- Philip Anschutz - billionaire businessman, founder of Qwest (regularly attends an Evangelical Presbyterian church)

Intelligence and Spycraft:
- J. Edgar Hoover - FBI director
- Alger Hiss - famous spy accused of spying for Soviet Union

- Rev. Aaron Burr - co-founder of Princeton University
- David Hume - influential Scottish philosopher

Additional Presbyterian Politicians:
Some additional U.S. Senators who were Presbyterians:
Lamar Alexander - Tennessee
George Allen - Virginia
Kit Bond - Missouri
Bill Bradley - New Jersey
Thomas Carper - Delaware
Mark Dayton - Minnesota
Jim DeMint - South Carolina
Michael Enzi (Mike Enzi) - Wyoming

Some additional U.S. Representatives who were Presbyterians:
Marsha Blackburn - Tennessee 7th
Shelley Moore Capito - West Virginia 2nd
Howard Coble - North Carolina 6th
Charlie Dent - Pennsylvania
John Duncan - Tennessee 2nd
Tom Feeney - Florida 24th
Katherine Harris - Florida 13th
Joel Hefley - Colorado 5th
Bob Inglis - South Carolina 4th

Some additional U.S. Governors who were Presbyterians:
Phil Bredesen - Tennessee
Mitch Daniels - Indiana (2005-?)
John G. Brady - Territorial Governor of Alaska (1897-1906)
Walter E. Clark - Territorial Governor of Alaska (1909-1913)

People who were NOT Presbyterians:
- Michael Faraday - scientist; discovered electrical induction (devout member of Sandemanians, an offshoot splinter group of Presbyterianism)

"Great Australian Presbyterians"

Source: Malcolm D. Prentis, "Great Australian Presbyterians: The Game" on Uniting Church in Australia: New South Wales website (; viewed 22 September 2005)
List of possible inclusions in "Great Australian Presbyterians" (classified by state or territory)

Thomas Muir (political convict)
John Hunter (Governor)
Rev. Dr John Dunmore Lang
Henry Carmichael (educator and wine-maker)
Dr Fattorini (doctor and elder)
Rev. William Ridley (minister, linguist and missionary)
Rev. Dr Wazir Beg (linguist and minister)
Col. Goodlet and 2 wives (business, lay leaders and benefactors)
Ross family (farmers, lay leaders and benefactors, Riverina)
Neil Livingston (business and founder of PFA)
John and Eliza Pottie (vet and social reformer)
James Mathers (City missionary)
Rev. W. M. Dill Macky (Minister and Orangeman)
George McCredie (engineer and elder)
P.D. McCormick (teacher, choir-leader and composer of Advance Aust Fair)
Sir James Burns (business and benefactor)
Sutherland Sinclair (Museum worker and youth leader)
Gen. Iven Mackay (engineer and soldier)
Dame Mary Gilmore (poet)
Sir Samuel McCaughey (farmer, irrigator and benefactor)
Rev. Ronald Macintyre (minister and theologian)
Bill Ferguson (union organiser, Aboriginal leader and lay leader)
Sir Alexander McCormack (surgeon)
Profs. Fred Chong and Bruce Mansfield (academics and lay leaders)
Ernie McIlveen (youth worker and character)
Dorothy Knox and Freda Whitlam (headmistresses)
Prof. Hans Mol (minister and sociologist)
Betty Cuthbert and Marjory Jackson (athletes)
Sir John Moore (judge)
Sir John Ferguson (judge and bibliographer)
Prof. Graeme Clark (bionic ear man)
Justice David Yeldham (Judge and lay leader)
Ken Duncan (photographer)

Angus MacMillan (explorer)
Rev. James Forbes (educator and minister)
Anne Drysdale (squatter)
Horatio Ellerman (squatter and minister)
Francis Ormond (business and benefactor)
John Green (Missionary) and Coranderrk Aboriginal community
Ann Fraser Bon (farmer and advocate for Aborigines)
Nathaniel Pepper and family (Aboriginal Christian leaders)
Rev. Friedrich Hagenauer, wife and son (missionaries and minister/boxer)
Morrison brothers (headmasters)
Murdoch family (Minister and journalist)
Rev John Mathew (minister, educator,anthropologist and poet)
Rev. John MacNeil (evangelist)
McCracken brothers (brewers)
W.G. Spence (Union leader)
H.V. McKay (Sunshine Harvesters)
Rev. Prof. J.L. Rentoul (Theological teacher and ecclesiastical politician)
Henry Handel Richardson (novelist)
The Earl of Hopetoun (Governor-General)
Brown Brothers of Milawa (wine-makers)
John Flynn (of the Inland)
John Shaw Neilson (poet)
The McKenzie sisters (Korean medical missionaries)
Elspeth Edgar (missionary)
Rev. Gordon Powell (minister and author)
Christina Jollie Smith (Communist)
Sir Robert Menzies and Belle Menzies (lawyer/politician and missionary)
James Balfour (business and lay leader)
Dame Nellie Melba and her father (soprano and builder)
Frank Crean (politician)
Sir Esler Barber (judge)
F. Maxwell Bradshaw (lawyer)
Daryl Dawson (judge)

Rev. Thomas Mowbray (minister and educator)
Mary McConnel (squatter's wife)
John Mortimer (squatter)
Sir Hugh Nelson and his father (Premier/elder and Minister)
A.J. Proudfoot (lawyer)
James Semple Kerr (educator)
Andrew Fisher (politician)
Rev. W. S. Frackleton (minister and litigant)
Robin Dods (architect)?
Flo Trotter Syer (nurse POW)
Rev. Fred McKay (minister and administrator)
Cheryl Kernot (teacher and politician)

David Elder (pastoralist)
Robert and Joanna Barr-Smith (pastoralist and benefactor)
Rev. Bob Love (linguist and missionary)
Ross and Keith Smith (aviators)?
Peter Dawson (singer)?
Dr Charles Duguid (doctor and advocate for the Aborigines)
John McLeay (politician)
Sen. Gordon Davidson (politician and lay leader)
Sir Lyle McEwan (grazier, politician and churchman)

John and Isabella Ferguson (doctor, civil servant and wine-growers)
Edward Fox Angelo and family (soldier, administrator and elder)
Georgiana Molloy (botanist)
Alan Mungulu (Aboriginal elder)
Sir Ron Wilson (Jurist and lay leader)

Rev. Archibald Macarthur
James Boag (brewer)?

John McDouall Stuart (explorer)
Aeneas and Jeannie Gunn (librarian/station manager and author)
Donald Mackay (explorer)
"Skipper" Partridge

Possible joint chapters:
"The Heretics" (Strong, Angus...)
"The Inlanders" (Flynn, McKay, Partridge...)
"The squatters" (Black, Drysdale, Curdie, Mortimer, Elder...)
"The Prime Ministers" (Fisher, Reid, Menzies, Fadden...)

Additional Notable Presbyterians (particularly in the United States and Australia) include:
Agnes Moorehead
Alexander Henderson
Archibald Alexander Hodge
Archibald Campbell Tait
Arthur Compton
Arthur Fadden
Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield
Brown Brothers
Carolyn B. Maloney
Charles Duguid
Charles Hodge
Charles Polk Jr.
Cornelius Van Til
David Hall
David Yeldham
Donald Rumsfeld
Ebe W. Tunnell
Edwin Armstrong
Eric Liddell
Friedrich Hagenauer
General Iven Mackay
George Nethercutt
George Reid
Glenn Hubbard
Helen Walton
Henry Bellmon
Henry Luce
Henry M. Jackson
Ida Lupino
J. Vernon McGee
J.L. Rentoul
Jack Kemp
James Kennedy
James Stewart
Jay Rockefeller
Jeanette MacDonald
Jeb Stuart Magruder
Jim Inhofe
Jim Talent
Jim Walton
John Cook
John Gresham Machen
John Hope
John Marshall Harlan
John McDouall
John McKinly
John Rankin
John Walton
Jon Kyl
Karen Hughes
Kenneth J. Grant
Lawton Chiles
Lyle McEwan Grazier
Marjorie Jackson
Mary Gilmore
Mary Slessor
McKenzie Sisters
Mel Watt
Melvin R. Laird
Nick Rahall
Norman Maclean
Norman Thomas
Patricia Heaton
Pattie Leckie
Peter Dodds McCormick
R. C. Sproul
Raymond Burr
Reubin O'Donovan Askew
Richard Shelby
Robert Dick Wilson
Robert Lewis Dabney
Robert Louis Stevenson
Robert P. Robinson
Roy Romer
Ruth Patterson
S. Robson Walton
Samson Occom
Shaw Neilson
Sherman W. Tribbitt
Skye McCole Bartusiak
Stonewall Jackson
Thomas R. Carper
Tim M. Babcock
Tiyo Soga
Walter W. Bacon
Will H. Hays
William Bruce Robertson
William Henry Sheppard
William Holt
Abraham Lincoln (?)

Biographies of Early American Presbyterians

The following names are from an extremely useful website, "Biographies of Early American Presbyterians." The people on the list are not necessarily famous, at least not today, but they are Presbyterians.

The site, with extensive details about these people, can be found here:

Rev. Jer. Abel (d. aft 1802)
Samuel Agnew, M.D.
Rev. William Aikman (1824-aft. 1905)
Rev. Timothy Alden (1771-1839)
Archibald Alexander, D.D., LL.D. (1772-1851)
Rev. Caleb Alexander (1755-1828)
Rev. David Alexander
Rev. Joseph Alexander, D.D. (d. 1809)
Francis Alison, D.D. (1705-1779)
Rev. Hector Alison (b. bef 1726)
Rev. Moses Allen (d. 1779)
Patrick Allison, D.D. (1740-1802)
Rev. Isaac Anderson (1780-1857)
Rev. James Anderson (1678-1740)
Samuel C. Anderson, Esq. (1788-1865)
John Anderson, D.D. (1767-1835)
Rev. John Andrews (b. pre 1794)
Rev. Jedediah Andrews (1674-1747)
Rev. Wells Andrews (1787-1867)
Amzi Armstrong, D.D. (1771-1827)
Rev. James Francis Armstrong (1750-1816)
Gen. John Armstrong (1720?-1795)
Rev. Thomas Arthur (1723-1751)
William Mayo Atkinson, D.D. (1796-1849)

Rev. James Baber (1794-1863)
Rev. Wilbur Backus (1788-1818)
Rev. Joseph Badger (1757-1846)
Charles Washington Baird, D.D. (1828- aft 1884)
Henry Martyn Baird, D.D., Ph.D. (1832-aft 1884)
Robert Baird, D.D. (1798-1863)
Samuel John Baird, D.D. (1817-aft 1884)
Rev. Thomas Dickson Baird (1773-1839)
Daniel Baker, D.D. (1791-1857)
Rev. James Balch (d. aft 1802)
Hezekiah Balch (d. 1810)
Rev. Hezekiah James Balch (d. 1776)
Stephen Bloomer Balch, D.D (1747-1833)
Thomas Bloomer Balch, D.D. (1793-1878)
Rev. Samuel Baldridge
Rev. Burr Baldwin (1790-1882)
Elihu Whittlesey Baldwin (1789-1840)
Matthias W. Baldwin (1795-1866)
Rev. Moses Baldwin (b pre 1738)
Rev. Theron Baldwin
Rev. Eliphalet Ball (d. 1797)
Rev. Francis S. Ballentine
Ephraim Banks (1791-1871)
Rev. Jonathan Barber (b pre 1735)
Rev. David Bard (1750-1815)
Rev. Isaac Bard (1797-1878)
Rev. Albert Barnes (1798-1870)
Rev. Hugh Barr (1790-1862)
Rev. Samuel Barr (b. pre 1765)
Rev. William H. Barr (1779-1843)
George Addison Baxter, D.D. (1771-1841)
Rev. Andrew Bay (pre 1728- aft 1776)
John Bayard (1738-1807)
Elias Baylis (d. 1776)
Rev. Charles Beatty (1712?-1772)
John Beatty, M.D. (d.1826)
Lyman Beecher, D.D. (1775-aft 1852)
Gov. Gunning Bedford (d. 1812)
Rev. Lyman Beecher (b 1779)
Rev. L. G. Bell (1788-1868)
Rev. Robert B. Belville (1790-1845)
Simeon Benjamin (1792-1868)
John G. Bergen, D.D. (1790-1872)
Rev. William Bertram (1674?-1736)
Matthew L. Bevan, Esq. (1777-1849)
Robert H. Bishop, D.D. (pre-1800)
Rev. James Black (ca. 1776-1860)
Rev. John Black (d. 1802)
Gideon Blackburn, D.D. (1772-1838)
Rev. Daniel Blain (1773-1814)
Andrew Blair (1789-1861)
Rev. John Blair (d. 1771)
Rev. John Durburrow Blair (1759-1823)
Rev. Samuel Blair (1712-1751)
Samuel Blair D.D. (1741-aft 1799)
Rev. William C. Blair (b. bef 1800)
James Blake (1791-1870)
Rev. Stephen Bliss
James Blythe, D.D. (1765-1842)
Hon. George Boal (b. 1796)
George Smith Boardman, D.D. (1796-1877)
Rev. William Boardman (1781-1818)
Rev. John Boggs (ca. 1780- ca. 1851)
John Boggs, M.D. (1787-1847)
Rev. David Bostwick (1721-1763)
Elias Boudinot (1740-1821)
Rev. George Bourne (1780-1845)
Francis Bowman, D.D. (1795-1875)
Rev. John Bowman (d. aft 1802)
Hon. James Bowne (1798-1883)
Rev. Abraham Boyd (1770-aft 1833)
Rev. Adam Boyd (1692-1768)
Rev. James Boyd (1774-1813)
Rev. John Boyd (abt 1769-1816)
Rev. David Brainerd (1718-1747)
Rev. John Brainerd (d.1781)
John Breckinridge, D.D. (1797-1841)
Rev. Robert Jefferson Breckinridge (1800-1871)
William Lewis Breckinridge, D.D., LL.D. (1803-1876)
Rev. John Brice (d. 1811)
Rev. John Brick
Rev. Thomas Bridge (b. pre-1675)
Horatio Nelson Brinsmade, D.D. (1798-1879)
Rev. Andrew Brown (d.1823)
Duncan Brown, D.D. (1771-1861)
Isaac V. Brown, D.D. (1784-1861)
Rev. James Moore Brown (1799-1862)
Rev. John Brown (1728?-1803)
John A. Brown (1788-1872)
Col. Joseph C. Brown (1784-aft 1842)
Matthew Brown, D.D., LL.D. (1776-1853)
Rev. Samuel Brown (1766-1818)
Rev. James Browne (b pre 1728)
Rev. Abner Brush (b pre 1738)
President James Buchanan (1791-1868)
Rev. James Buchanan (b. abt 1783-1843)
Samuel Buell, D.D. (1716-1798)
George Buist, D.D. (1770-1808)
Rev. Artemas Bullard
Rev. Joseph Bullen (abt 1753-1825)
Rev. Dyer Burgess (b. 1784)
Hon. Isaac G. Burnet (1784-1856)
Aaron Burr D.D. (1715-1757)
Rev. John Burtt (1789-1866)

David Caldwell, D.D. (1725-1824)
Rev. Elias Boudinot Caldwell (d. 1825)
Rev. James Caldwell (1734-1781)
Joseph Caldwell, D.D. (1773-1835)
Rev. Joseph Caldwll (b pre 1767)
Rev. Hugh Carlisle (d. aft. 1742)
Rev. Archibald Cameron (abt 1771-1836)
Allan Ditchfield Campbell, D.D. (1791-1861)
Rev. James Campbell (pre-1710-1781)
Rev. John Poage Campbell (1767-1814)
Joseph Campbell, D.D. (1776-1840)
Rev. William Graham Campbell (1799-1881)
Rev. John Carmichael (1728-1785)
James Carnahan, D.D. (1775-1859)
Rev. Samuel Carrick (b. 1760)
Daniel Lynn Carroll, D.D. (1797-1851)
William Carson (1794-1870)
Eli Washington Caruthers (1793-1865)
Rev. Wheeler Case (b pre 1738)
Dr. Robert Cathcart (1759-1849)
Rev. Samuel Cavin (b. abt 1701-1750)
Jeremiah Chamberlain, D.D. (1794-1850)
Rev. Robert Hett Chapman (1771-1833)
John Chester, D.D. (1785-1829)
William Chester, D.D. (1795-1865)
Rev. Benjamin Chestnut (b. pre 1730-1775)
Rev. John Flavel Clark (1784-1853)
Joseph Clark, D.D. (1751-1813)
Robert Clark (1774-1856)
Rev. John Close
Rev. James Coe (b. pre-1799)
Jonathan Cogswell, D.D. (1782-1864)
Rev. J.C. Coit (1799-1863)
Lyman Coleman, S.T.D. (1796-aft 1856)
Daniel Lewis Collier (1796-1869)
Hon. Oristus Collins (1792-aft 1884)
Rev. Ira Condit (1772-1836)
Robert W. Condit, D.D. (1795-1871)
Rev. Benjamin Conkline (b pre 1738)
Rev. Hugh Conn (1685?-1752)
Amasa Converse, D.D. (1795-1872)
Col. Edward Cook (1741-1808)
Rev. Thomas Cooley (b. pre 1755)
Rev. Robert Cooper (1732-1805)
Rev. Joseph Copes (1765-1822)
Rev. Wait Cornwell (b pre 1770)
Rev. John Coulter (1784-1867)
Samuel Hanson Cox, D.D. LL.D. (1793-aft 1863)
Rev. John Craig (1710-1774)
Rev. Alexander Craighead (d. 1766)
Rev. John Craighead (1742-1799)
Rev. Thomas Craighead (d. 1739)
Rev. Thomas Craighead (d. aft 1802)
Rev. Thomas B. Craighead (d. 1825)
Rev. Edward Crawford (b. pre 1756)
Rev. James Crawford (d. aft 1802)
S.W. Crawford, D.D. (1796-1876)
Rev. Robert Cross (1689-1766)
Samuel Crothers, D.D. (1783-1856)
John Finley Crowe, D.D. (1787-1860)
Rev. Alexander Cumming (1726-1763)
Rev. Charles Cummings (pre 1746-1812)
Charles Cummins, D.D. (1776-aft 1852)
Francis Cummins, D.D. (1752-1832)
Robert M. Cunningham, D.D. (d. 1839)
Rev. Jonathan Peter Cushing (1793-1835)
Rev. John Cuthbertson (d. 1791)
Cornelius C. Cuyler, D.D. (1783-1850)

Rev. Naphtali Daggett (b pre-1729)
Joshua Noble Danforth, D.D. (1792-1861)
Rev. John Darbe (b pre 1728)
Rev. James Davenport (1716-1757)
Rev. John Davenport
Robert Davidson, D.D. (1750-1812)
Samuel Davies D.D. (1723-1761)
Rev. Samuel Davis (b. bef. 1685)
Samuel S. Davis, D.D. (1793-1877)
Rev. William C. Davis
Rev. David Denny (b. pre 1772-1845)
Rev. Richard Denton (1603-1662)
William R. De Witt, D.D. (1792-1867)
Dr. Ebenezer Dickey (1772-1831)
Rev. William Dickey (1774-abt 1857)
Jonathan Dickinson (1688-1747)
Baxter Dickinson, D.D. (1795-1875)
James Dinsmore
Cornelius Lansing Dirck, D.D. (1785-1857)
Rev. Samuel Doak (1749-aft 1818)
Rev. Robert B. Dobbins
Rev. Thaddeus Dod (1740-1793)
Rev. Samuel Donald (d. aft 1802)
Rev. Donaldson (b. pre 1733)
George Duffield, D.D. (1732-1790)
George Duffield, D.D. (1794-1867)
William Dunbar, M.D. (1793-1847)
James Dunlap, D.D. (b. abt. 1753-1818)
Rev. Samuel Dunlap (b. pre 1718-abt 1779)
Rev. John Dunlevy
Hon. Williamson Dunn (1781-aft 1834)
Benjamin Woolsey Dwight, M.D. (1780-1850)

Rev. Samuel Eakin (b. pre 1743-1784)
Rev. Joseph Eastburn (1749-1828)
Rev. Johnston Eaton (1776-1847)
Rev. Sylvester Eaton (1790-1844)
James Edgar (b. 1744
John Todd Edgar, D.D. (1792-1860)
Rev. Thomas Edgar
Joseph S. Edie, M.D. (b. 1798)
Rev. Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758)
Rev. John Elder (1706-1792)
David Elliott, D.D., LL.D. (1787-1874)
Rev. John Millot Ellis (1793-1855)
Rev. Daniel Elmer (1690-1755)
Hon. Jonathan Elmer (1745-1817)
Rev. Jonathan Elmer (pre 1727-1807)
L.Q.C. Elmer, LL.D. (1793-1883)
Dr. Ezra Styles Ely (1786-1861)
Joseph Patterson Engles (1793-1861)
Rev. William M. Engles, D.D. (1797-1867)
Rev. Benjamin Erwin (b. pre-1780)
Rev. David Evans (d. 1751)
Rev. Robert Evans (d. 1727)
Rev. Thomas Evans
Charles Ewing, LL.D. (pre 1778-1832)
John Ewing, D.D. (1732-1802)

Ashbel Green Fairchild, D.D. (1795-1864)
Rev. George Faitoute (d. 1815)
Rev. William Montague Ferry (1795-1867)
Rev. Jacob Ten Eyck Field (1787-1866)
Rev. Robert Findley (b. pre 1769)
Hon. William Findley (1763-1846)
Hon. John Fine (1794-1867)
Gen. Clement A. Finley (b. 1797)
Rev. James Finley (1725-1795)
Rev. John Evans Finley (b. pre 1760)
Robert Finley, D.D. (1772-1817)
Rev. Robert W. Finley (b. pre 1775)
Samuel Finley, D.D. (1715-1766)
Rev. Samuel Finley (d. aft 1802)
Rev. Peter Fish (1751-1810)
Rev. William Henry Foote (1794-1869)
Rev. William Foster (d. 1780)

Andrew Galbraith (b. pre-1700)
Rev. Samuel Gelston (1692-1782)
Rev. George Gillespie (1683-1760)
Rev. Adam Baird Gilliland (1794-1885)
Rev. James Gilliland (1769-1845)
Rev. James Gilliland, Jr. (b. pre-1784)
Rev. Joseph Glass (1774-1821)
Rev. Benjamin Goldsmith (1735-1810)
John Goldsmith, D.D. (ca. 1795-1854)
Rev. Ebenezer Gould (b pre 1727)
Rev. William Graham (1745-1799)
Ashbel Green D.D., LL.D. (1762-1848)
Rev. Enoch Green (d. 1776)
Rev. Jacob Green (ca. 1724-1790)
John Cleve Green (1800-1875)
Col. Lewis Green (1791-1875)
Rev. Zachariah Green (1760-1858)
Rev. Nehemiah Greenman (pre-1728-1779)
Rev. Isaac Grier, Sr. (ca. 1768-1814)
Rev. James Grier (ca. 1752-1791)
John Nathan Caldwell Grier D.D. (1792-1880)
Rev. John Walker Grier (1789-1864)
Rev. Nathan Grier (1760-1814)
Hon. Robert Cooper Grier (1794-1870)
Rev. Robert Smith Grier (1790-1865)
Edward Dorr Griffin, D.D. (1770-1837)
Rev. Timothy Griffith (ca. 1717-1754)
Rev. Stephen Grover (1758-1836)
Robert C. Grundy, D.D. (1809-1865)
Rev. Peter Johnson Gulick (1797-1877)

Rev. Isaac Hadden (b. ca. 1800)
Rev. Benjamin Hait (ca. 1734-1779)
Rev. David Hale (b pre 1769)
Charles Hall, D.D. (1797-1853)
James Hall, D.D. (1744-1826)
Rev. Jeremiah Halsey (ca. 1735-1780)
Luther Halsey, D.D., LL.D. (1794-1880)
James Hamilton (1793-1873)
Rev. James Garland Hamner (1798-1887)
Rev. John Hampton (d. 1721)
Rev. John Hanna (b. pre-1740-1801)
Nehemiah Henry Harding, D.D. (1794-1849)
Rev. Solomon Hardy
Rev. John Harris (pre-1734-post-1779)
Hon. Benjamin Harrison (1833-aft 1887)
Elias Harrison, D.D. (1790-1863)
Jephtha Harrison, D.D. (1795-1863)
Rev. Joseph Cabell Harrison (1793-1860)
Rev. Joshua Hart (ca. 1741-1829)
Eurotas P. Hastings (1791-1866)
Thomas Hastings (1784-1872)
Edwin F. Hatfield, D.D. (1807-1883)
John Duffield Hay (1775-1830)
Philip Courtlandt Hay, D.D. (1793-1860)
Rev. Daniel Hayden (1781-1835)
Frisby Henderson (1767-1845)
John Henderson (1755-1841)
Rev. Joseph Washington Henderson (pre-1758-post-1824)
Rev. Thomas Henderson (b. pre 1750)
Thomas Henderson (1798-1863)
Thomas Henderson, M.D. (pre-1759-post 1797)
Alfred Hennen (1786-1870)
Alexander Henry, Esq. (1766-1847)
Rev. Hugh Henry (ca 1728-1763)
Rev. John Henry (b. pre 1690)
Joseph Henry, LL.D. (1799-1878)
Rev. Robert Henry (pre-1732-1767)
Thomas Charleton Henry, D.D. (1790-1827)
Rev. John Herrick
Francis Herron, D.D. (1774-1860)
Nathanael Hewitt, D.D. (1788-1867)
Rev. George Hill (1764-1822)
William Hill, D.D. (1769-1852)
Rev. James Hillhouse (d. 1835)
Charles Hodge, D.D., LL.D. (1797-1878)
Hugh L. Hodge, M.D. (1796-1873)
Rev. William Hodge (d. aft 1802)
James Hoge, D.D. (1784-1863) Great-grandson of an ancestor.
Rev. John Hoge (ca. 1723-1807)
Rev. John Blair Hoge (1790-1826) Great-grandson of an ancestor.
Moses Hoge, D.D. (1752-1820) Grandson-in-law of an ancestor.
Rev. Samuel Davies Hoge (1791-1826) Great-grandson of an ancestor
Horace Holden, Esq. (1793-1862)
Rev. William Hollinghead (b. pre 1753)
Daniel Holmes (1789-1858)
Rev. Henry Hook (b. pre 1698)
James S. Hopkins (1799-1873)
Josiah Hopkins, D.D. (1785-1862)
Hon. Samuel Miles Hopkins, LL.D. (1772-1837)
Rev. Theodore W. Hopkins (b. 1841)
Rev. Azariah Horton (1715-1777)
Rev. Ezra Horton (b pre 1738)
Rev. Simon Horton (1711-1786)
Rev. Alexander Houston (pre 1743-1785)
Rev. Matthew Houston (d. aft 1802)
Rev. John Howe (pre 1775-1856)
Rev. Joseph P. Howe
Rev. Howell ap Howell (d. abt. 1717)
Rev. Nathaniel Hubbell (ca. 1703-ca. 1745)
Rev. James Hughes (b ca. 1768-1821)
Rev. Thomas Edgar Hughes (ca. 1778-1838)
Rev. Holloway Whitefield Hunt
Rev. James Hunt (pre-1740-1793)
Rev. Thomas Poage Hunt (1794-1876)
Rev. Andrew Hunter (b. pre 1726-aft 1760)
Rev. Andrew Hunter (b. pre 1753-1823)
Rev. Alexander Huston (b. pre 1740-1785)
Rev. Simeon Hyde (d. 1783)

James Inglis, D.D. (1777-1820)
Rev. Nathanael Irwin (1756-1812)
President Andrew Jackson (b. 1767)
Rev. Robert Wilson James (1793-1841)
Hon. Samuel Shryock Jamison (1797-ca.1875)
Jacob J. Janeway, D.D. ( 1774-1858)
Rev. Jacob Jennings, M.D. (1744-1813)
Obadiah Jennings, D.D. (1778-1832)
William Jessup, LL.D. (1797-1868)
Rev. Timothy Johnes (1717-1794)
Cyrus Johnston, D.D. (1797-1855)
Rev. James Harvey Johnston (1798-1876)
Rev. Robert Johnston (1774-1861)
Rev. Eliphalet Jones (1641-1731)
Hon. Joel Jones (1795-1860)
Joseph Huntington Jones, D.D. (1797-1868)
Rev. Malachi Jones (d. 1729)
Rev. Benjamin Judd
George Junkin, D.D., LL.D. (1790-1868)

Isaac Stockton Keith, D.D. (pre 1755-1813)
Rev. Robert Keith (pre 1753-1784)
Rev. Isaac Kellar (1789-1867)
Rev. James Kemper (1753-1834)
Rev. Robert Kennedy (1778-1843)
Rev. Samuel Kennedy (pre 1729-1787)
Rev. Charles H. Kennon (1786-1816)
Rev. Jacob Ker (pre 1740-1795)
Rev. Nathan Ker (pre 1740-1804)
Hon. John Kerr (b. 1796)
Rev. William Kerr (1777-1823)
Rev. Abner Williamson Kilpatrick (1793-1844)
Rev. Andrew King (pre 1755-1815)
Barnabas King, D.D. (1780-1862)
Rev. John King (pre 1756)
Rev. Richard Hall King (d. 1825)
Walter King, Esq. (1786-1852)
Rev. William Montgomery King (1796-1882)
Rev. Samuel Kirkland (b. ca. 1745)
Jacob Kirkpatrick, D.D. (1785-1866)
Rev. John Kirkpatrick (1787-1842)
Rev. William Kirkpatrick (pre 1738-1769)
John Knox, founder of Scottish Presbyterianism (1505-1572)
Rev. John Knox (1799-1880)
Rev. William P. Kuypers (b pre 1789)
Rev. Joseph Lamb (b. pre- 1697)
Rev. Sylvester Larned (1796-1819)
James Latta, D.D. (1732-1801)
Rev. James Henry Cosden Leach (1791-1866)
Rev. Samuel Leake (pre 1746-1775)
Rev. William States Lee (b. pre 1800-aft 1872)
Rev. Nash Legrand (ca. 1768-1814)
Rev. Lewis (b. pre 1734)
Rev. John Linn (1749-1820)
John Blair Linn, D.D. (1777-1804)
Rev. William Linn (1752-1808)
Rev. Thomas Lippincott (1791-1869)
Rev. Henry Little
Rev. John Lodor (1796-1864)
Rev. James Long (pre 1756)
Eleazar Lord (c. 1784-c. 1865)
John G. Lowrey, Esq. (b 1780)
Hon. Walter Lowrie (1774-1868)
Rev. George Lucky (pre-1785-post 1819)
Joseph Henry Lumpkin LL.D. (1799-1867)
Rev. Thomas Lumpkin (b pre 1789-1810)
Rev. John Lyle (ca. 1756-1807)
Rev. John Lyle (1769-1825)
Rev. Matthew Lyle (1767-1827)
Rev. James Lyon (pre 1741-post 1785)

Rev. Thomas Harris Maccaule (pre-1756-ca.1796)
Charles Macalester (1798-1873)
Samuel Eusebius Maccorkle, D.D. (1746-1811)
Rev. Elisha Macurdy (1763-1845)
James Magraw, D.D. (1775-1835)
Rev. William Mahon (1760-1818)
Rev. Francis Makemie (d. 1708)
Rev. John Maltby (pre 1727-1771)
Francis Markoe (pre 1771-1848)
Rev. Thomas Marquis (c1757-1827)
Rev. Robert Marshall (1760-1833)
Rev. Samuel Vance Marshall (1798-1860)
William Stockton Martien (1798-1861)
Rev. John Martin (b pre-1736)
Samuel Martin, D.D. (1767-1845)
Rev. Nathaniel Mather (b pre-1727-1748)
John Matthews, D.D. (1772-1848)
William Maxwell, LL.D. (1784-1857)
Joseph A. Maybin (1795-1876)
Rev. Hugh McAden (b pre-1735-1781)
Rev. Samuel McAdow (1760-1844)
Rev. William L. McCalla (1788-1859)
Thomas McCauley, D.D., LL.D. (pre 1786-ca.1842)
Hon. William McCay (pre 1791-1841)
William McClean (1778-1846)
Alexander McClelland, D.D. (1794-1864)
Rev. Donald McCloud (d. 1821)
Rev. John McCloud (b. pre 1721)
Rev. Andrew McClure (b pre 1766)
John McClure (1784-1841)
John McCluskey, D.D. (1795-1880)
David McConaughy, D.D., LL.D. (1775-1852)
Samuel Eusebius McCorkle, D.D. (b. 1746)
Rev. John McCrery (pre 1747-1800)
Rev. John McCue (d. 1818)
Rev. John McDonald
Rev. Alexander McDowell (pre-1720-1782)
John McDowell (1736-1809)
Francis McFarland, D.D. (1788-1871)
Rev. Collin McFarquahr (abt. 1729-1822)
Rev. Robert McGarrough (1771-
Rev. William McGee (d. aft 1802)
Rev. Daniel McGill (d. 1724)
Rev. James McGready (d. aft 1802)
Rev. James McGregor (pre-1698)
William Holmes McGuffey, D.D., LL.D. (1800-1873)
Rev. Charles McKnight (b. pre 1720-1778)
Dr. John McKnight (1754-1823)
Rev. John McLeod (bef 1750-aft 1773)
John McMillan, D.D. (1752-1833)
Rev. McMordie (b. pre 1733)
Rev. Richard McNemar
Rev. George McNish (d. 1722)
Rev. John McPherrin (1757-1822)
Rev. Thomas McPherrin
Alexander McWhorter, D.D. (1734-1807)
Rev. Bononi Y. Messenger
Rev. Alexander Miller (b pre 1747)
Rev. Samuel Miller
Rev. John Mines (ca. 1777-ca. 1849)
David Montfort, D.D. (1790-1860)
Rev. Francis Montfort (1782-1855)
Rev. Peter Montfort (1784-1865)
Rev. John Montgomery (ca. 1753-1818)
Rev. Joseph Montgomery (b. pre 1739)
Rev. Moor (d. 1733)
Rev. James B. Morrow (ca. 1800-1842)
James Muir, D.D. (pre 1769-1820)

Dr. Charles Nisbet (1736-1804)
Rev. Sampson Occum (b pre 1739)
Rev. John Orme (b. pre 1703)
Rev. Ethan Osborn (1758-1858)

Rev. Thomas Paine (b. pre 1728)
Rev. Joseph Park (b pre 1732)
Rev. Noyes Parris (b. pre 1704)
Rev. John Paul (1706?-1739)
Rev. George Phillips (b. pre-1677)
Mr. William Pickles
Rev. John Pierson (1689-1770)
Rev. John Pitkin (1794-aft 1888)
Rev. Nicholas Pittinger (bef 1790-1831)
Rev. Andrew W. Poage (b. bef 1797)
Rev. Thomas Poage (pre 1770-1793) (grandson of an ancestor)
Rev. Samuel Pomeroy (1686-1744)
Rev. Alexander Porter (b. 1770)
Rev. Francis H. Porter (d. aft 1828)
Rev. Elam Potter (b pre 1745)
James Power D.D. (1746-aft 1817)
Rev. Ebenezer Prime (1700-1779)
Nathaniel Scudder Prime, D.D. (1785-1856)

Rev. Samuel Graham Ramsey (1771-1817)
Rev. William Ramsey (1754-1771)
Rev. Adam Rankin (b pre 1766)
Rev. John Rankin (d. aft 1802) Father-in-law of a collateral relative.
Rev. Samuel Rannels (1765-1817)
Rev. Moses Raymond (1798-1875)
Thomas Read, D.D. (1746-1823)
Rev. Ezra Reeve (b pre 1739)
Rev. Abner Reeves (b pre 1735)
Rev. Nathaniel Reeves
Rev. William Shields Reid (1778-1853)
Rev. David Rice (b. abt 1741-1816)
Rev. John Holt Rice (b abt 1777)
James Richards, D.D. (1767-1843)
Rev. William Richardson (b. pre-1738 - aft 1763)
Rev. John Roan (b. pre 1724-1775)
Rev. Samuel B. Robertson (d. aft 1802)
Rev. James Robinson (abt 1769 - aft 1847)
Rev. John Robinson (bef 1773-aft 1800)
Rev. William Robinson (b pre 1722)
Rev. William Robinson
John Rodgers D.D. (1727-1811)
Azel Roe, D.D. (d.1815)
Rev. David Rose (b pre 1745-1799)
Rev. John Ross
Rev. Thomas Russell (b pre 1769)

Rev. Samuel Sackett (b pre 1731)
Rev. Nathanael Welshard Sample (b. pre 1779-1834)
Rev. Richard Sankey (b pre 1715-1788)
Rev. George M. Scott
Rev. John W. Scott (b. pre 1780)
Rev. John W. Scott, D.D. (1800-1883)
Rev. Samuel T. Scott (b. pre 1782-1827)
Rev. William Nelson Scott (1789-1857)
Rev. Andrew A. Shannon (pre-1789-1842)
Rev. Samuel Shannon (d. 1822)
Rev. William Sickles (1795-1864)
Rev. John Slemons (b. pre 1756)
Rev. Caleb Smith (1723-1762)
John Blair Smith D.D. (1756-1799)
Rev. Joseph Smith (b. pre 1690)
Rev. Joseph Smith (pre-1747-1792)
Rev. Joseph Smith (1796-1868)
Robert Smith D.D. (1723-1793)
Samuel Stanhope Smith D.D., LL.D. (1750-1819)
Rev. Thomas Smith
Rev. William B. Smith
Rev. James Snodgrass (d. 1846)
Rev. Gilbert Tennent Snowden (d. 1797)
Rev. Nathanael Randolph Snowden (b. pre 1767-1850)
Rev. Benjamin F. Spilman (1796-1859)
Rev. Thomas A. Spilman
Gardiner Spring, D.D. (b. 1785)
James Sproat, D.D. (1722-1793)
Rev. William Speer (1764-1829)
Rev. Elihu Spencer (1721-1784)
Rev. Samuel Stanford (bef 1775-1828)
Rev. Archibald Steel
Robert Steel, D.D. (1794-1862)
Rev. Robert Steele (d. 1810)
Rev. James White Stephenson (pre 1769-1832)
Rev. William Steward (b. pre 1703)
Rev. Barton W. Stone
Rev. John Storrs (b pre1767)
Rev. Richard Salter Storrs (b pre 1788)
Rev. Alexander Straith (c 1761-1837)
Rev. Julian M. Sturtevant

Rev. Benjamin Talmadge (b pre1734-ca. 1786)
Rev. Joseph Tate (pre 1728-1774)
Rev. Nathaniel Taylor (d. 1710)
Rev. James Templeton (b. bef 1755)
Rev. Terah Templin (d. aft 1802)
Rev. Gilbert Tennent (1703-1765)
Rev. William Tennent, Sr. (1673-1745)
Rev. William Tennent, Jr. (1705-1777)
William Mackay Tennent, D.D. (d. 1810)
Rev. Thane (b. pre 1734)
Rev. William Thom (pre 1751-1773)
Rev. Thomas Thomas (pre-1800-1831)
Rev. Amos Thompson (1730-1804)
Rev. John Thompson (d. 1753)
Rev. John Thompson (1772-1859)
Rev. Francis Thornton (1795-1880)
Rev. William Throop (b pre 1728)
Rev. Richard Treat (1708-1778)
Rev. Isaac Tull (d. aft 1802)
Rev. James Tuttle (1742-1770)

Rev Hugh Vance (1735-1791)
Rev. James Vance (ca. 1776-aft 1829)
Rev. Henry Vandeman
Rev. James Waddell (1739-1805)
Rev. Zachariah Walker (b. pre 1643)
Rev. Mathew Green Wallace (1776-1854) Son of of of an ancestor.
Rev. William Claiborne Walton (1793-1834)
Rev. Cyrus L. Watson
Rev. Samuel Waugh (b. pre 1756)
Rev. James Welch (b. pre 1773)
Rev. Noah Wetmore (b pre 1767)
Rev. Ebenezer White (b. pre-1727-1756)
Rev. Reuben White
Rev. Silvanus White (1704-1782)
Rev. George Whitefield
Rev. Joshua Williams (b pre 1767)
Rev. Simon Williams
Rev. William Williams (pre-1697-1760)
Jane Smith Williamson (1803-1895)
Rev. Thomas Smith Williamson (1800-1872)
Rev. William Williamson (1762-1839 )
Rev. William Williamson (ca. 1764-1848)
Rev. James Wilson
James P. Wilson, D.D. (1769-1830)
Rev. John Wilson (b. before 1682)
Joshua L. Wilson, D.D. (1774-1846)
Rev. Matthew Wilson (1731-1790)
Rev. Peter Wilson (d. 1799)
Rev. Robert Wilson (1772-1822)
Robert G. Wilson, D.D. (1768-1851) Son-in-law of an ancestor.
Rev. Samuel Wilson (1754-1799)
Samuel B. Wilson D.D. (1783-1869)
Rev. William Wilson (pre 1770) Husband of granddaughter of an ancestor.
John Witherspoon D.D., LL.D. (1722-1794)
Rev. Robert Witherspoon
Rev. George Spafford Woodhull (d. 1834)
John Woodhull, D.D. (b. abt 1748)
Rev. Nathan Woodhull (1756-1810)
Rev. William Woodhull (b pre 1748)
Rev. Samuel Woods (abt 1783-1815)
Rev. Aaron Woolworth (ca 1764-1821)
Rev. David Youngs (1719-1752)


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