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Famous Jews

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Some Jewish
Comic Book Characters

- The Thing
- Shadowcat
- Magneto
- Harley Quinn
- Colossal Boy
- Doc Samson
- Moon Knight
- Atom Smasher
- Sasquatch
- Justice
- Bernie Rosenthal
- The Two-Gun Kid
- Songbird
- Sabra
- Ragman
- Seraph
- Ramban
- Acidic Jew
- Microchip
- Legion
- Hayoth
- Volcana
- Arsenic
- Dust Devil
- Masada
- Temper
- Houston
- Firestorm
- Greenberg the Vampire
- The Minx
- Captain Marvel Jr.
- Doctor Fate
- The Phantom Stranger
- The Atom
- Manimal
- Quicksilver
- Scarlet Witch
- Magen David
- Menorah Man
- Minyan Man
- Shabbas Queen
- Dreidel Maidel
- Yarmulkah Youth
- Matza Woman
- Mendy and the Golem
- Mothman (Arthur)
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List of Converts to Judaism

Source: Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_converts_to_Judaism; viewed 10 November 2005)

Because Judaism is not an actively proselytizing religion, conversion is a relatively uncommon occurrence. This article endeavours to list some notable people who have converted, or are believed to have converted, to Judaism. The article does not differentiate between the different branches of Judaism, but doesn't list people who married a Jewish spouse without converting. Still, these conversions (except for the Biblical ones) are not recognized by the Orthodox Jewish division because the converted did not undertake to follow the rules of halacha.

(A number of prominent figures, such as Madonna, have recently become followers of Kabbalah, a body of Jewish mystical teaching, but do not consider themselves - and are not considered - Jewish.)

Aquila (Acylas)
Avtalyon, rabbinic sage in the early pre-Mishnaic era
Christian Anfinsen, chemist
Tom Arnold, actor (upon marrying Roseanne Barr)
Bishop Bodo, confessor to Louis the Pious
Elizabeth Brewster, Canadian poet
Sarah Brown, actress
Bulan, king of the Khazars
Kate Capshaw, actress (upon marrying Steven Spielberg)
Nell Carter, singer and actress
Connie Chung, news anchor (upon marrying Maury Povich)
Sammy Davis, Jr., entertainer
Jacqueline du Pre [Jacqueline du Pré], musician (upon marrying Daniel Barenboim)
Isla Fisher, model (upon marrying Sacha Baron Cohen)
Aaron Freeman, journalist and comedian
Lord George Gordon, nobleman and politician
Gudit, queen of Damot
Henry Hill, FBI informant
Elizabeth Hulette, pro wrestling valet
Jethro, priest of Midian and father-in-law of Moses
Carolyn Jones, actress (upon marrying Aaron Spelling)
Jon Juaristi, linguist and political essayer
Felicity Kendal, actress
Cameron Kerry (reconvert)
Jamaica Kincaid, author
Mathilde Krim, AIDS researcher and educator, founder of amFAR
Julius Lester, children's author
Elliott Maddox, baseball player
Makeda, queen of Sheba
Anne Meara, actress and comic
Adah Isaacs Menken, stage actress
Marilyn Monroe, actress (upon marrying Arthur Miller)
Dhu Nuwas, king of Yemen
Martha Nussbaum, philosopher
Obadiah the Proselyte (nee Johannes), priest and composer
Onkelos, Hebrew scholar and translator
Valentine Potocki, Polish count
Ruth, great-grandmother of King David
Laura Schlessinger, radio personality
Arnold Schoenberg (reconvert)
Norma Shearer, actress (upon marrying Irving Thalberg)
Shemaya, rabbinic sage in the early pre-Mishnaic era
Elizabeth Taylor, actress (upon marrying Eddie Fisher)
Chris Van Allsburg, children's writer
Jackie Wilson, soul singer
Mare Winningham, actress-singer
Nikki Ziering, model (upon marrying Ian Ziering)
Jean-Paul Sartre - French existentialist philosopher, dramatist, novelist and critic

Famous Jews from Various Lists:

The names of famous Jews listed below come from the lists shown under "related websites" in the box at the top of this page. These are fairly reliable lists, but there may be inaccuracies. (In some cases, names have been moved to a list of "People who are not Jewish".) In any case, many of the resources which were compiled into the list below take a broad, inclusive approach to defining who is Jewish. The list below includes Jews who actively practice the religion of Judaism, secular Jews, ethnic-only Jews, and Jews who are active adherents of a religion other than Judaism. Detailed religious biographies of many of these individuals can be found here.
Brad Meltzer
A. J. Levin
A. J. Liebling
Aaron Aheyta (El Hefe) of NOFX
Aaron Brown
Aaron Carter
Aaron Comess
Aaron Copeland
Aaron Feinberg
Aaron Harnik
Aaron Himelstein
Aaron Jay Kernis
Aaron Kamin of The Calling
Aaron Klug
Aaron Lopez
Aaron Siskind
Aaron Sorkin
Aaron Spelling
Aaron T. Beck
Aaron ben Moses ben Asher
Abba Arika
Abba Eban
Abba Kovner
Abba Mari
Abbie Hoffman
Abby Travis
Abe Attell
Abe Beame
Abe Fortas
Abe Foxman
Abe Saperstein
Abel Kiviat
Abel Meeropol
Abigail Van Buren
Abner 'Longy' Zwillman
Abraham Cahan
Abraham Emanuel
Abraham Foxman
Abraham Isaac Kook
Abraham Joshua Heschel
Abraham Mapu
Abraham Maslow
Abraham Pais
Abraham Polonsky
Abraham Ribicoff
Abraham Robinson
Abraham Serfaty
Abraham Sinkov
Abraham Zapruder
Abraham Zelmanowitz
Abraham ibn Daud
Abraham ibn Ezra
Ace Frehley
Ad-Mike D (Michael Diamond) of The Beastie Boys
Ad-Rock (Adam Horowitz) of The Beastie Boys
Ada Lovelace
Adam Arkin
Adam Brody
Adam Czerniakow
Adam Duritz of Counting Crows
Adam Gardner
Adam Gaynor
Adam Goldberg
Adam Green
Adam Horovitz
Adam Horwitz
Adam Levine
Adam Michnik
Adam Sandler
Adam Schiff
Adam Schlesinger
Adam Shapiro
Adam Stern
Adam Worth
Adam Yauch
Adele Goldberg
Adele Goldstine
Adin Steinsaltz
Adolf Abraham Halevi Fraenkel
Adolf von Baeyer
Adolph Gottlieb
Adolph Green
Adolph Ioffe
Adolph Ochs
Adolph Sutro
Adolph Zukor
Adolphus Solomons
Adrien Brody
Adrienne Rich
Aemilia Lanyer
Ahad Ha'am
Aharon Kotler
Aharon Lichtenstein
Akiba Eger
Akiba Rubinstein
Al Alvarez
Al Capp
Al Davis
Al Franken
Al Gross
Al Hirschfeld
Al Jolson
Al Kasha
Al Kooper of Blood, Sweat and Tears and The Blues Project
Al Lewis
Al Michaels
Al Neiman
Al Rosen
Al Waxman
Alain Chabat
Alan Arkin
Alan Berg
Alan Bergman
Alan Brinkley
Alan Colmes
Alan Dershowitz
Alan Feinberg
Alan Freed
Alan Gelfand
Alan Greenspan
Alan Guth
Alan Heeger
Alan J Heeger
Alan J. Pakula
Alan J. Perlis
Alan Jay Lerner
Alan King
Alan Menken
Alan Oppenheimer
Alan Paul
Alan Sherman
Alan Sokal
Alan Turing
Albert Abraham Michelson
Albert Axelrod
Albert Bernstein
Albert Brooks
Albert Einstein
Albert Goldbarth
Albert Hammond Jr of the Strokes
Albert Kahn
Albert Lasker
Albert Libchaber
Albert Michelson
Albert S. Bregman
Albert Sabin
Albert Schatz
Albert Von Tilzer
Alberto Moravia
Alex Band of The Calling
Alex Borstein
Alex Chiu
Alex Greenwald of Phantom Planet
Alex North
Alex Winter
Alexander Belyavsky
Alexander Harkavy
Alexander Julian
Alexander Khalifman
Alexander Luria
Alexander Mutnick
Alexander Shulgin
Alexei Alexeevich Abrikosov
Alexei Sayle
Alfred Adler
Alfred Dreyfus
Alfred Eisenstaedt
Alfred G. Gilman
Alfred Hajos
Alfred Kazin
Alfred Knopf
Alfred Lion
Alfred Lowenstein
Alfred Mordechai
Alfred Newman
Alfred Schnittke
Alfred Schutz
Alfred Stieglitz
Alfred Tarski
Alfred Taubman
Alfred Uhry
Ali G
Ali MacGraw
Alice B. Toklas
Alice Miller
Alicia Ostriker
Alicia Silverstone
Alix Dobkin
Alla Nazimova
Allan Arbus
Allan Arkush
Allan Sherman
Allard K. Lowenstein
Allen Arbus
Allen Covert
Allen Funt
Allen Garfield
Allen Ginsberg
Allen Klein
Allison Gopnik
Ally Sheedy
Allyson Schwartz
Alphonse Lazard
Alter Esselin
Alyson Hannigan
Amanda Bynes
Amanda Peet
Amber Benson
Amedeo Modigliani
Amira Hass
Amitai Etzioni
Amos Gitai
Amos Oz
Amos Tversky
Amram Gaon
Amy Alcott
Amy Goodman
Amy Heckerling
Amy Irving
Amy Levy
Amy Pascal
Amy Weisberger
Amy Winehouse
Anan ben David
Anatol Rapoport
Anatole Litvak
Andre Citroen
Andre Gregory
Andre Kertesz
Andre Lwoff
Andre Previn
Andre Weil
Andrea Dworkin
Andrei Codrescu
Andrei Lilienthal
Andrei Shleifer
Andrew "Dice" Clay
Andrew Bergman
Andrew Fastow
Andrew Goodman
Andrew Grove
Andrew Meltzoff
Andrew Sachs
Andrew Shue
Andrew Strominger
Andrew V. Schally
Andrew Vajna
Andrew Viterbi
Andy Grove
Andy Hertzfeld
Andy Kaufman
Andy Kulberg of The Blues Project
Andy Shernoff of The Dictators
Ani DiFranco
Ann Landers
Anna Freud
Anna Halprin
Anna Held
Anna Seghers
Anna Smashnova
Anna Sokalaw
Anna Sokolow
Anne Frank
Anne Meara
Anne Roiphe
Annette Strauss
Annie Duke
Annie Leibovitz
Annie Sprinkle
Anouk Aimee
Antal Dorati
Anthony Beilenson
Anthony Ervin
Anthony Field
Anthony Hecht
Anthony Newley
Anthony Sher
Anthony Weiner
Anton LaVey
Anton Rubinstein
Anton Walbrook
Antoni Slonimski
Antony Wolfe
Ari Fleischer
Arie Eldad
Ariel Durant
Ariel Sharon
Arielle Dombasle
Arkady Strugatsky
Arlen Specter
Arlo Guthrie (married into Jewish family)
Armand Hammer
Armin Shimerman
Arne Jacobsoen
Arnie Kantrowitz
Arno Allan Penzias
Arno Penzias
Arnold 'Red' Auerbach
Arnold Brunner
Arnold Denker
Arnold Newman
Arnold Rosner
Arnold Rothstein
Arnold Schoenberg
Aron Nimzowitsch
Art Garfunkel
Art Heyman
Art Modell
Art Rupe
Art Spiegelman
Arthur Berger
Arthur Bisguier
Arthur Blank
Arthur Chaskalson
Arthur Danto
Arthur Fiedler
Arthur Hayes Sulzberger
Arthur Hiller
Arthur J. Goldberg
Arthur Koestler
Arthur Kopit
Arthur Korn
Arthur Kornberg
Arthur Laurents
Arthur Miller
Arthur Murray
Arthur Rock
Arthur Rothstein
Arthur Rubinstein
Arthur Schwartz
Arthur Seligman
Arthur Spingarn
Arthur Sulzberger, Jr.
Arthur Sulzberger, Sr.
Arthur Szyk
Arthur Zimmermann
Artie Shaw
Artur Schnabel
Arye Gross
Aryeh Kaplan
Aryeh Neier
Asher ben Jehiel
Ashley Montagu
Astral Projection
August Belmont
Avi Wigderson
Aviva Kempner
Avraham B. Yehoshua
Avraham Itzjak Kook
Avraham Marcus Klingberg
Avraham Stern
Avram Goldstein
Ayn Rand
Ayre Gross
Azriel Hildesheimer
Azriel Rosenfeld
B la Kun
Bahya ibn Paquda
Bailey Gatzert
Barbara Bach
Barbara Bain
Barbara Barrie
Barbara Boxer
Barbara Ehrenreich
Barbara Hershey
Barbara Streisand
Barbara Tuchman
Barbara Tversky
Barbara Walters
Barbi Benton
Barbra Streisand
Barnett Newman
Barney Dreyfuss
Barney Frank
Barney Kessel
Barney Ross
Barney Rossett
Barney Sedran
Barry Cohen
Barry Diller
Barry Goldwater
Barry Gordon
Barry Greenstein
Barry Levinson
Barry Manilow
Barry Mann
Barry Mazur
Barry Melton
Barry Miller
Barry Newman
Barry Scheck
Barry Sonnenfeld
Bart Berman
Baruch Blumberg
Baruch Epstein
Baruch Goldstein
Baruch Kimmerling
Baruch Spinoza
Baruch de Spinoza
Baruj Benacerraf
Battling Levinsky
Bea Arthur
Beastie Boys
Beatrice Alexander
Bebe Neuwirth
Beck Hansen (Jewish ancestry)
Bela Fleck
Bela Kun
Bela Schick
Bella Abzug
Ben Cardin
Ben Cohen
Ben Davidson
Ben Dunkelman
Ben Folds
Ben Foster
Ben Hecht
Ben Katchor
Ben Kingsley
Ben Kweller
Ben L. Salomon
Ben Moreel
Ben Rosen
Ben Roy Mottelson
Ben Savage
Ben Shahn
Ben Sidran
Ben Sira
Ben Stein
Ben Stiller
Benjamin 'Bugsy' Siegel
Benjamin A. Gilman
Benjamin Disraeli
Benjamin F. Jonas
Benjamin Frankel
Benjamin L. Cardin
Benjamin Lees
Benjamin Masten
Benjamin N. Cardozo
Benjamin Netanyahu
Bennett Cerf
Benny Bass
Benny Friedman
Benny Goodman
Benny Leonard
Benny Lom
Benny Morris
Benoit Mandelbrot
Beny Alagem
Ber Borochov
Berek Joselewicz
Bernard Bailyn
Bernard Berenson
Bernard Gimbel
Bernard Gorcey
Bernard Gordon
Bernard Herrmann
Bernard Katz
Bernard Lewis
Bernard Lown
Bernard M. Baruch
Bernard Malamud
Bernard-Henri Levy
Bernhard Horwitz
Bernie Ecclestone
Bernie Fine
Bernie Kopell
Bernie Marcus
Bernie Sanders
Bert Berns
Bert Lahr
Bertold Goldschmidt
Bertram Turetzky
Bess Myerson
Bette Greene
Bette Midler
Betty Comden
Betty Friedan
Beverly Sills
Bezalel Ashkenazi
Bibbe Hansen
Bill Bernbach
Bill Dana
Bill Finger
Bill Goldberg
Bill Gradison
Bill Graham
Bill Kristol
Bill Lustig
Bill Macy
Bill Maher
Bill Nye
Bill Rosenberg
Bill Stern
Bill Vockeroth
Billy Crystal
Billy Eisenberg
Billy Halop
Billy Joel
Billy Steinberg
Billy Wilder
Binyamin Ze'ev Kahane
Blanche Knopf
Bo Belinsky
Boaz Keysar
Boaz Yakin
Bob Arum
Bob Balaban
Bob Berg
Bob Brozman
Bob Dishy
Bob Dylan (Robert Zimmerman)
Bob Filner
Bob Frankston
Bob Kahn
Bob Kane
Bob Kaufman
Bob Kraft
Bob Merrill
Bob Nastanovich of The Silver Jews
Bob Saget
Bob Tisch
Bob Weinstein
Bob Woodward
Bobby Colomby of Blood, Sweat and Tears
Bobby Fischer
Bobby Slayton
Bonnie Franklin
Boris Alterman
Boris Becker
Boris Berezovsky
Boris Gulko
Boris Karloff
Boris Pasternak
Boris Sagal
Boris Spassky
Boris Strugatsky
Boris Thomashevsky
Brad Ausmus
Brad Delson
Brad Garrett
Brad Gilbert
Brad Sherman
Brad Wilk
Bram Cohen
Branko Lustig
Brenda K. Starr
Brent Spiner
Brett Gurewitz of Bad Religion
Brett Ratner
Brian Brater
Brian Cashman
Brian Chase of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs (maybe Jewish)
Brian David Josephson
Brian Epstein
Brian Gottfried
Brian Lane (Harvey Freed), manager of Yes
Brian Michael Bendis
Brian Pillman
Brian Rosenworcel
Brian Wandell
Brian Yale
Brian Yandrisovitz
Broncho Billy Anderson
Bronislaw Geremek
Bronson Pinchot
Brooke Burke
Bruce Fleisher
Bruce Geller
Bruce Kovner
Bruce Kulick
Bruce Paltrow
Bruce Perens
Bruce Ratner
Bruce Schneier
Bruce Sundlun
Bruce Vilanch
Bruce Wasserstein
Bruno Bettelheim
Bruno Kreisky
Bruno Schulz
Bruno Walter
Bryan Singer
Buck Henry
Bud Abbott
Bud Selig
Budd Schulberg
Buddy Blue (Buddy Seigel) of The Beat Farmers
Buddy Hackett
Buddy Myer
Buddy Rich
Budy Hackett
Bugsy Siegel
Burt Bacharach
Burt Balaban
Burton Baskin
Burton Lane
Burton Richter
Byron Janis
C.A.R Hoare
Cal Abrams
Calvin Klein
Cameron Kerry
Camille Dreyfus
Camille Pissarro
Camillo Berneri
Camryn Manheim
Capers Funnye Jr
Caprice Bourret
Carl Bernstein
Carl Djerassi
Carl Icahn
Carl Koller
Carl Laemmle
Carl Laemmle Jr
Carl Levin
Carl Rakosi
Carl Reiner
Carl Sagan
Carly Simon
Carol Gilligan
Carol Harris-Shapiro
Carol Kane
Carol Kaye
Carol Leifer
Carole Bayer Sager
Carole King
Carolyn Drake
Carolyn Jones
Carolyn Leigh
Carolyn Mervis
Carrie Brownstein of Sleater-Kinney
Carrie Fisher
Cary Grant
Casimir Funk
Casper Weinberger
Cass Elliot
Cecil B. DeMille
Cesar Milstein
Chaim Grade
Chaim Herzog
Chaim Michael Dov Weissmandl
Chaim Potok
Chaim Rumkowski
Chaim Soutine
Chaim Topol
Chaim Weizmann
Chandra Levy
Chantal Akerman
Charles Babbage
Charles Bernstein
Charles Birger
Charles Bronfman
Charles Denner
Charles Fefferman
Charles Ginsburg
Charles Goren
Charles Grodin
Charles Guggenheim
Charles Herbert
Charles Kelman
Charles Krauthammer
Charles Lazarus
Charles Lubin
Charles Revson
Charles Reznikoff
Charles Schumer
Charles Strauss
Charles Strouse
Charles Weissmann
Charles Yanofsky
Charles-Valentin Alkan
Charley Goldman
Charlie Kaufman
Charlie Watts
Charlotte Buresova
Charlotte Rae
Chester Kallman
Chic Hecht
Chico Marx
Chris Barron
Chris Berman
Chris Blackwell
Chris Kattan
Chris Klein
Chris Robinson
Chris Stein of Blondie
Chris Van Allsburg
Chris Weitz
Christian B. Anfinsen
Christopher Baron
Christopher Columbus
Christopher Guest
Chuck Barris
Chuck Schumer
Cindy Margolis
Cindy Sherman
Claire Bloom
Clarice Lispector
Clark Howard
Claude Cohen-Tannoudji
Claude E. Shannon
Claude Lelouch
Claude Levi-Strauss
Clem Snide
Clement Greenberg
Cliff Gorman
Clifford Odets
Clive Davis
Cloris Leachman
Cole Hauser
Concetta Kirschner of Princess Superstar
Connie Chung
Conrad Veidt
Corbin Bernsen
Corey Feldman
Corey Fischer
Corey Haim
Cornel Wilde
Country Joe and the Fish
Courtney Love
Craig David
Craig Lucas
Cristian Castro
Cristie Kerr
Curly Howard
Curt Sachs
Cy Coleman
Cynthia Nixon
Cynthia Ozick
Cynthia Weil
Cyril M. Kornbluth
Dalia Rabikovich
Dan Abrams
Dan Bern
Dan Bernstein
Dan Bricklin
Dan Clowes
Dan Daniel
Dan Futterman
Dan Glickman
Dan Hedaya
Dan Lilker
Dan Slobin
Dan Spitz of Anthrax
Dan Stamper
Dana International
Dana Rosenblatt
Dani Levy
Daniel Al-Kumisi
Daniel Barenboim
Daniel Bell
Daniel Boorstin
Daniel Clowes
Daniel Cohn-Bendit
Daniel Day-Lewis
Daniel De Leon
Daniel Ellsberg
Daniel Handler
Daniel Harrwitz
Daniel Kahneman
Daniel Kleppner
Daniel Levitin
Daniel Libeskind
Daniel M. Lewin
Daniel Miller
Daniel Nathans
Daniel Pearl
Daniel Pipes
Daniel Rona Israeli
Daniel S. Goldin
Daniel Schorr
Daniel Sleator
Daniel Stern
Daniel Suher
Daniel Wildenstein
Daniel Yanofsky
Danielle Steel
Danielle Steele
Dankmar Adler
Danny Abse
Danny Elfman
Danny Goldberg
Danny Kaye
Danny Klein of The J. Geils Band
Danny Schayes
Danny Shuler of Biohazard
Dara Torres
Darin Howard Pontell
Darius Milhaud
Darren Aronofsky
Darren Star
Daryl Sabara
Daryn Kagan
Dave Attell
Dave Berg
Dave Frishberg
Dave Mustaine of Megadeth (Christian with a Jewish mother)
Dave Nazworthy
Dave Osborne
Dave Winer
David "Mickey" Marcus
David Abramovich Dragunsky
David Amram
David Arquette
David Avidan
David Baddiel
David Baltimore
David Beckham
David Belasco
David Ben-Gurion
David Berkowitz
David Berman of The Silver Jews
David Blaine
David Bluthenthal
David Bohm
David Brenner
David Brin
David Bronstein
David Brooks
David Brudnoy
David Bryan (David Rashbaum) of Bon Jovi
David Camden DeLeon
David Charvet
David Copperfield
David Cross
David Diamond
David Dubinsky
David Duchovny
David Einhorn
David Erik Nelson
David Finkelstein
David Freiberg
David Frum
David Geffen
David Gelernter
David Goodis
David Greenglass
David Grisman
David Gross
David H Koch
David Halberstam
David Horowitz
David J. Stern
David Janowski
David Janssen
David Johansen
David Krumholtz
David Ladd
David Lee
David Lee Roth of Van Halen
David Levy Yulee
David M. Kreps
David M. Rubenstein
David Mamet
David Marcus
David Marks
David May
David Merrick
David Morris Lee
David Navon
David Nunez Cardozo
David O. Russell
David Olere
David Parnas
David Paymer
David Raksin
David Ricardo
David Riesman
David Rivel
David Rose
David Rosen
David Rosenhan
David Sarnoff
David Schneider
David Schwimmer
David Segal
David Seymour
David Sklansky
David Steinberg
David Suchet
David Wain
David Warner
David Was
David Wechsler
David Weiss
David Weiss Halivni
David Wolf
David Zucker
Dean Kamen
Dean Malenko
Dean Simon
Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Deborah Lipstadt
Deborah Tannen
Debra Messing
Debra Winger
Dee Snider of Twisted Sister
Dee Snyder
Deena Drossin
Deena Kastor
Delmore Schwartz
Demi Moore
Denise Bloch
Denise Levertov
Denise Scott Brown
Dennis Franz
Dennis Gabor
Dennis Prager
Diana Deutsch
Diane Arbus
Diane Ravitch
Diane Warren
Diane von Furstenberg
Dianne Feinstein
Dick Hyman
Dick Morris
Dick Savitt
Dick Shawn
Dimitri Tiomkin
Dinah Shore
Dmitri Klebanov
Doc Pomus
Dolph Schayes
Dominika Peczynski of Army of Lovers
Don Adams
Don Danneman of The Cyrkle
Don Francisco
Don Hewitt
Don Kirschner, mastermind of The Archies
Don Rickles
Don Siegel
Don Was Was/Not Was
Donald A. Glaser
Donald Fagen of Clem Snide
Donald Fisher
Donald Knuth
Donald Margulies
Donald Roeser
Donna Dubinsky
Donna Karan
Donny Most
Donovan Leitch
Doris Bloom
Doris Roberts
Doris Ulmann
Doron Zeilberger
Dorothy Fields
Dorothy Moskowitz
Dorothy Parker
Dorothy Stowe
Doug Heir
Douglas D. Osheroff
Douglas Fairbanks
Douglas Fairbanks Sr.
Douglas Feith
Douglas Hofstadter
Douglas Lenat
Dov Zakheim
Dovber of Mezeritch
Dunash ben Labrat
Dustin Diamond
Dustin Hoffman
Dutch Schultz
Dyan Cannon
Dylan Klebold
E. L. Doctorow
Ed Ames
Ed Asner
Ed King
Ed Koch
Ed Newman
Ed Rendell
Ed Rosenthal
Ed Snider
Ed Wynn
Eddie Cantor
Eddie Carmel
Eddie Daniels
Eddie Fisher
Eddie Gottlieb
Eddie Kaye Thomas
Edgar Bronfman Jr.
Edgar Bronfman Sr.
Edgar G. Ulmer
Edgardo Mortara
Edith Head
Edith Stein
Edmond H. Fischer
Edmond Safra
Edmund Husserl
Edna Ferber
Edsger Dijkstra
Eduard Bernstein
Edwar G. Robinson
Edward Bernays
Edward E. Kramer
Edward Feigenbaum
Edward Fredkin
Edward G. Robinson
Edward Kasner
Edward Lasker
Edward Levi
Edward Rendell
Edward Rosewater
Edward S. Salomon
Edward Sapir
Edward Teller
Edward Witten
Edward Zorinsky
Edward Zwick
Edwin H. Land
Edwin Lowe
Edwin Salpeter
Edythe Broad
Efim Geller
Efraim Elrom
Efraim Sevela
Efrem Zimbalist Jr.
Egon Brunswik
Ehud Barak
El Lissitzky
Elaine May
Elan Atias of the Wailers
Elayne Boosler
Eleazar Kalir
Elena Lappin
Elfriede Jelinek
Eli Broad
Eli Cohen
Eli E Hertz
Eli Pariser
Eli Wallach
Elias Canetti
Elias Levy
Elias Stein
Elie Mechnikov
Elie Metchnikoff
Elie Wiesel
Eliezer Ben Yehudah
Eliezer Ben-Yehuda
Eliezer ben Nathan
Elijah Moshinsky
Elijah Vilna
Elijah ben Solomon
Elimelech of Lezhinsk
Eliot Engel
Eliot Feld
Eliot Spitzer
Elisabeth Shue
Eliyahu Eliezer Dessler
Eliza Schneider
Elizabeth Berkley
Elizabeth Glaser
Elizabeth Loftus
Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Wurtzel
Elizebeth Friedman
Ellen Barkin
Ellen Goodman
Ellen Greene
Ellen Markman
Ellie Greenwich
Elliot Easton
Elliot Goldenthal
Elliot Gould
Elliot Maddox
Elliot N. Dorff
Elliot Sharp
Elliot Spitzer
Elliott Abrams
Elliott Erwitt
Elliott Gould
Elmer Bernstein
Elmer Rice
Elvis Presley
Emanuel Ax
Emanuel Lasker
Emanuel Schiffers
Emeric Pressburger
Emil Hirsch
Emil Kleber
Emil Post
Emil Sutovsky
Emile Berliner
Emile Durkheim
Emilio G. Segr
Emilio G. Segre
Emma Goldman
Emma Lazarus
Emma Samms
Emmanuel Cellar
Emmanuel Levinas
Emmy Noether
Emmy Rossum
Emperor Norton
Eric Avery
Eric Bazilian
Eric Bloom
Eric Cantor
Eric Carmen
Eric Foner
Eric Fromm
Eric Ghint of NOFX
Eric H Lenneberg
Eric Lander
Eric Melvin of NOFX
Eric R. Kandel
Eric Schenkman
Eric Wolf
Erica Jong
Erich Fried
Erich Fromm
Erich Muhsam
Erich Segal
Erich Von Stroheim
Erich Wolfgang Korngold
Erik Erikson
Erik Eriksson
Erik Per Sullivan
Erland Josephson
Ernest Bloch
Ernest Frank Benjamin
Ernest Gold
Ernest Gruening
Ernest Klein
Ernest Lehman
Ernest Nagel
Ernestine Rose
Ernie Grunfeld
Ernst Bloch
Ernst Chain
Ernst Lubitch
Ernst Lubitsch
Ernst Toch
Ervin R. Hafter
Erving Goffman
Erwin Chargaff
Erwin Panofsky
Estee Lauder
Estelle Getty
Estelle Parsons
Esther Epstein
Esther Friedman
Esther Lederberg
Ethan Coen
Ethan Zohn
Ethel Rosenberg
Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy
Eugene Garfield
Eugene Ionesco
Eugene Kleiner
Eugene Levy
Eugene Meyer
Eugene Ormandy
Eugene Volokh
Eugene Wigner
Eugenio Calabi
Eva Hesse
Eva Mozes
Evan Balaban
Evan Lowenstein
Evan Rachel Wood
Evan Seinfeld of Biohazard
Evan Wolfson
Eve Arnold
Eve Ensler
Eve Fertig
Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick
Evelyn Fox Keller
Eydie Gorme
Ezer Weizman
Fannie Hurst
Fanny Brice
Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel
Fat Mike
Felix Bloch
Felix Bressart
Felix Frankfurter
Felix Mendelssohn
Felix Tikotin
Ferdinand Cohn
Ferdinand Lassalle
Ferdy Mayne
Fiorello H. LaGuardia
Fisher Stevens
Flavius Josephus
Florence P. Kahn
Florenz Ziegfeld
Forrest J. Ackerman
Fran Drescher
Fran Lebowitz
Frances Slanger
Francis Salvador
Franco Modigliani
Francois Jacob
Frank Collin
Frank De Pass
Frank Gehry
Frank Israel
Frank Lautenberg
Frank Licht
Frank Loesser
Frank Luntz
Frank Oz
Frank Rich
Frank Rosenblatt
Frank Shuster
Frank Silvera
Frank Wolff
Franklin M. Fisher
Franz Boas
Franz Kafka
Franz Kline
Franz Oppenheimer
Franz Rosenzweig
Franz Schreker
Franz Waxman
Fred Ebb
Fred Hellerman
Fred Hersch
Fred Lipsius
Fred Lukoff
Fred Reinfeld
Fred Savage
Fred Silverman
Fred Zinneman
Fred Zinnemann
Freddie Prinze Jr.
Freddie Prinze Sr.
Freddie Prinze, Sr.
Frederick Jacobi
Frederick Knefler
Frederick Loewe
Frederick Reines
Frederick Wiseman
Frida Kahlo
Friedrich Schorr
Fritz Feld
Fritz Freleng
Fritz Haber
Fritz Heider
Fritz Kreisler
Fritz Lang
Fritz Leiber
Fritz Lipmann
Fritz London
Fritz Perls
Fritz Reiner
Fritzi Massary
Fyvush Finkel
Fyvush Finkle
Gabe Kaplan
Gabe Kapler
Gabriel Kaplan
Gabriel Lippmann
Gabriel Macht
Gabriel Riesser
Gabriela Mistral
Gabriela Szabo
Gabrielle Carteris
Gaby Hoffmann
Garry Kasparov
Garry Marshall
Garry Shandling
Garry Winogrand
Gary Ackerman
Gary Auerbach
Gary Becker
Gary Bettman
Gary Gulman
Gary Hirsch of Country Joe and the Fish
Gary Kasparov
Gary Lucas
Gary Marcus
Gary Schandling
Gavin Rossdale of Bush
Geddy Lee (Gary Lee Weinrib) of Rush
Gene Barry
Gene Saks
Gene Simmons (Chaim Witz) of KISS
Gene Ween
Gene Wilder
Genrikh Yagoda
Georg Cantor
Georg Solti
George Akerlof
George Axelrod
George Boolos
George Burns
George Cukor
George Cukor.
George Dantzig
George David Weiss
George Gershwin
George Jessel
George Koltanowski
George Lakoff
George London
George Michaels
George Mikes
George Olah
George Oppen
George Perle
George Polya
George Rochberg
George S. Kaufman
George Segal
George Seldes
George Sidney
George Soros
George Steiner
George Szell
George Wald
George Waldbott
George Weinberg
George Zweig
George de Hevesy
Georges Charpak
Ger Rebbes
Gerald Abrahams
Gerald Edelman
Gerald Jay Sussman
Gerald Soffen
Gerald Stern
Geraldo Rivera
Gerda Lerner
Gerry Goffin
Gertrude Elion
Gertrude Stein
Gerty Cori
Gerty Theresa Cori
Giacomo Meyerbeer
Gil Kane
Gil Shaham
Gilbert Adrian
Gilbert Gottfried
Gilda Radner
Gina Gershon
Giora Feidman
Gisela Gresser
Gisela Kahn Gresser
Giselle Fernandez
Giulio Racah
Gladys Bronwyn Stern
Glen Jacobs
Glen Phillips
Gloria Allred
Gloria Leonard
Gloria Steinem
Gluckl of Hamelin
Golda Meir
Goldie Hawn
Gordon Bunshaft
Gordon Gould
Gouldman of 10CC
Grace Murray Hopper
Grace Paley
Graham Gouldman
Greg Graffin
Greg Hetson
Greg Richling
Gregg Turner
Gregory Chaitin
Gregory Pincus
Gregory Smith
Grigori Perelman
Grigory Zinoviev
Groucho Marx
Guggenheim family
Guido Alberto Fano
Gummo Marx
Gustav Ludwig Hertz
Gustav Mahler
Gustave Solomon
Gwyneth Paltrow
Gy rgy Ligeti
Gyorgy Ligeti
Gypsy Boots
Gyula Breyer
H. David Politzer
H. Robert Horvitz
H.A. Rey
Hadassah Lieberman
Haim Saban
Hal Abelson
Hal Blaine
Hal David
Hal Linden
Halpern Jeff
Handsome Dick Manitoba (Richard Blum) of The Dictators
Hank Azaria
Hank Greenberg
Hank Sapoznik
Hannah Arendt
Hannah Szenes
Hanns Eisler
Hans Adolf Krebs
Hans Berliner
Hans Bethe
Hans Conried
Hans Jonas
Hans Krasa
Hans Krebs
Harlan Ellison
Harmony Korine
Harold Abrahams
Harold Arlen
Harold Bloom
Harold Brodkey
Harold Brown
Harold Clurman
Harold Gould
Harold J. Stone
Harold Kroto
Harold Kushner
Harold Pinter
Harold Prince
Harold Ramis
Harold Robbins
Harold Rosen
Harold Varmus
Harpo Marx
Harris Barton
Harrison Ford
Harry Cohn
Harry Connick Jr.
Harry Golombek
Harry Houdini
Harry Litwack
Harry Markowitz
Harry Oppenheimer
Harry Shearer
Harry Turtledove
Hart Bochner
Harvey Atkin
Harvey Brooks
Harvey Fierstein
Harvey Keitel
Harvey Korman
Harvey Kurtzman
Harvey Milk
Harvey Pekar
Harvey Weinstein
Harvye Korman
Hasdai Crescas
Hattie Carnegie
Hayden Epstein
Haym Salomon
Haym Solomon
Hedy Lamarr
Heidi Fleiss
Heinrich Heine
Helal Hassenfeld
Helen Berman
Helen Frankenthaler
Helen Hunt
Helen Levitt
Helen Slater
Helen Suzman
Helena Kagan
Helena Rubinstein
Helene Cixous
Helene Mayer
Helmut Newton
Hendrik S. Houthakker
Henny Youngman
Henri Bergson
Henri Moissan
Henry Brant
Henry Daniell
Henry Dreyfus
Henry Dreyfuss
Henry Gilman
Henry Goodman
Henry Grunwald
Henry Hassenfeld
Henry Horner
Henry Jaglom
Henry Kissinger
Henry Koster
Henry Kravis
Henry La Guardia
Henry Morgenthau Jr.
Henry Roth
Henry Spira
Henry Waxman
Henry Winkler
Henry Wittenberg
Herb Alpert
Herb Gardner
Herb Gray
Herb Hyman
Herb Kohl
Herb Lubalin
Herb Ritts
Herb Stempel
Herbert A. Hauptman
Herbert Aptheker
Herbert Becker
Herbert C. Brown
Herbert Feigl
Herbert Fleishhacker
Herbert Friedman
Herbert Gasser
Herbert H. Lehman
Herbert Lehman
Herbert Lom
Herbert Marcuse
Herbert P. Grossman
Herbert Robbins
Herbert Ross
Herbert Samuel
Herbert Simon
Herbert Wise
Herbie Mann
Herman Branover
Herman Goldstine
Herman Heijermans
Herman Mark
Herman Minkowski
Herman Steiner
Herman Wouk
Hermann Broch
Hermann Cohen
Hermann Muller
Herschel Grynszpan
Hershel Bernardi
Hilary Putnam
Hilary Rosen
Hillel II
Hillel Slovak of the Red Hot Chili Peppers
Hillel ben Eliakim
Hillel ben Naphtali Zevi
Hillel the Elder
Hilly Crystal
Hinda Miller
Horace Goldin
Howard Ashman
Howard Becker
Howard Berman
Howard Braham
Howard Cosell
Howard Da Silva
Howard Fast
Howard Fineman
Howard Kane
Howard Kaylan
Howard Lederer
Howard Metzenbaum
Howard Metzenbaum 
Howard Morris
Howard Nemerov
Howard Schultz
Howard Stern
Howard Temin
Howard Zieff
Howard Zinn
Howell Raines
Howie Epstein
Howie Mandel
Hubert Dreyfus
Hugo Gernsback
Hugo Munsterberg
Hugo Weisgall
Hugo von Hofmannsthal
Hyman Epstein
Hyman Golden
Hyman Rickover
I. F. Stone
I. L. Peretz
I. P. Meshkovsky
Ian Ziering
Ibn Tibbon
Ida Kaminska
Ida Rosenthal
Idina Menzel
Ignac Helfy
Ignatz von Kolisch
Igor Olshansky
Igor Tamm
Ilan Ramon
Ilene Rosenzweig
Illeana Douglas
Ilya Ehrenburg
Ilya Prigogine
Immanuel Jakobovits
Immanuel Velikovsky
Immanuel ben Solomon
Immanuel the Roman
Imre Kertesz
Ira Einhorn
Ira Gershwin
Ira Glass
Ira Kaplan of Yo La Tengo
Ira Levin
Irina Levitina
Irv Rubin
Irvin Kershner
Irvin Rock
Irving Berlin
Irving Chernev
Irving Howe
Irving Jaffee
Irving Janis
Irving Kahn
Irving Kristol
Irving Layton
Irving Millman
Irving Mills
Irving Penn
Irving Robbins
Irving Stowe
Irving Thalberg
Irving Wallace
Irwin Allen
Irwin Cotler
Irwin Jacobs
Irwin Kershner
Irwin Rose
Irwin Shaw
Isaac Abendana
Isaac Asimov
Isaac Babel
Isaac Bashevis Singer
Isaac Berger
Isaac Boleslavsky
Isaac Carasso
Isaac Deutscher
Isaac Emanuilovich Babel
Isaac Gimbel
Isaac Hays
Isaac Isaacs
Isaac Kashdan
Isaac Klein
Isaac Larian
Isaac Luria
Isaac Mizrahi
Isaac Rosenberg
Isaac Stern
Isaac ben Solomon Luria
Isaak Levitan
Isabel Fonseca
Isabelle Peretz
Isador Straus
Isadore S. Jachman
Isadore Singer
Isaiah Berlin
Ish Kabibble
Isidor Gunsberg
Isidor Isaac Rabi
Isidor Rabi
Isidor Rayner
Isidore Isou
Ismar Schorsch
Israel Asper
Israel Galili
Israel Horowitz
Israel Isidor Elyashev
Israel Kirzner
Israel Shahak
Israel Tal
Israel Zangwill
Israel ben Eliezer
Israeli politicians
Issachar Berend Lehmann
Isser Harel
Issy Smith
Italo Svevo
Itzhak Perlman
Itzik Feffer
Ivan Boesky
Ivan Chernyakhovsky
Ivan Reitman
Ivan Sag
Ivor Cutler
Izaak Kolthoff
J. D. Salinger
J. Geils
J. Robert Oppenheimer
J.D. Salinger
J.J. French (John Segal) of Rainbow and Twisted Sister
Jaap Van Praag
Jac Holzman
Jack Abramoff
Jack Albertson
Jack Arnold
Jack Benny
Jack Black
Jack Cohen
Jack Cohn
Jack Gilford
Jack Goldstein
Jack H. Jacobs
Jack Kid Berg
Jack Kirby
Jack Klugman
Jack Lang
Jack Larson
Jack Ruby
Jack Steinberger
Jack Straus
Jack Tramiel
Jack Warner
Jack Yellen
Jackie Collins
Jackie Cooper
Jackie Fox
Jackie Kallen
Jackie Mason
Jackie Presser
Jackie Wilson
Jaclyn Smith
Jacob A. Marinsky
Jacob Abendana
Jacob Beck
Jacob Bekenstein
Jacob Druckman
Jacob Emden
Jacob Epstein
Jacob Ettlinger
Jacob Frank
Jacob Freedman
Jacob Fuerstenberg
Jacob H. Gilbert
Jacob Hecht
Jacob Henry Schiff
Jacob Javits
Jacob Neusner
Jacob Rabinow
Jacob Schiff
Jacob Sverdlov
Jacob Sverdlov 
Jacob Viner
Jacob Wolfowitz
Jacob ben Asher
Jacobo Zabludovsky
Jacqueline Susann
Jacques Brauthbar of Phantom Planet
Jacques Derrida
Jacques Halevy
Jacques Lipchitz
Jacques Offenbach
Jake Carey of The Flamingos
Jake Guzik
Jake Gyllenhaal
Jakob Dylan
Jakob Moreno
James Caan
James Franck
James Franco
James Goldman
James Grauerholz
James H. Wilkinson
James Horner
James Joseph Sylvester
James Karen
James L. Brooks
James Lapine
James Levine
James Lipton
James Marshall
James Schlesinger
James Shapiro of Veruca Salt
James Toney
James W. Cooley
James Wolfensohn
Jami Gertz
Jamie Lee Curtis
Jamie-Lynn DiScala
Jan Brzechwa
Jan Lechon
Jan Schakowsky
Jane Bowles
Jane Harman
Jane Ira Bloom
Jane Seymour
Jane's Addiction
Janet Jagan
Janet Margolin
Janet Suzman
Janet Weiss of Sleater-Kinney
Janis Ian
Janos Starker
Janusz Korczak
Jared Diamond
Jaron Lanier
Jaron Lowenstein
Jarret Meyer
Jascha Heifetz
Jason Alexander
Jason Isaacs
Jason Kay of Jamiroquai
Jason Lezak
Jason Robert Brown
Jason Schwartzman of Phantom Planet
Jason Schwartzmann
Jay Adler
Jay Beckenstein
Jay Black (David Blatt) of Jay and the Americans
Jay Chiat
Jay Fiedler
Jay Fielder
Jay Heimowitz
Jay Jay French
Jay Levy
Jay Livingston
Jay Roach
Jay Schulberg
Jay Sebring
Jay Siegel of The Tokens
Jay and the Americans
Jean E. Sammet
Jean Lafitte
Jean-Marie Lustiger
Jean-Pierre Aumont
Jean-Pierre Barda of Army of Lovers
Jeannie Berlin
Jef Raskin
Jeff Agoos
Jeff Barry, producer of the Archies
Jeff Bass
Jeff Chandler
Jeff Cohen
Jeff Garlin
Jeff Goldblum
Jeff Greenfield
Jeff Halpern
Jefferson Airplane
Jeffery Kramer
Jeffrey D. Ullman
Jeffrey Katzenberg
Jeffrey Mogil
Jeffrey Nathan
Jeffrey Sachs
Jeffrey Schoenberg
Jeffrey Tambor
Jennifer Connelly
Jennifer Grey
Jennifer Jason Leigh
Jenny Joseph
Jenny Saffran
Jeremy Boorda
Jeremy Dyson
Jeremy Glick
Jeremy Leven
Jeremy Michael Boorda
Jeremy Paul Kagan
Jeremy Piven
Jeroen Krabbe
Jerome Bruner
Jerome Friedman
Jerome Horwitz
Jerome Howard
Jerome Isaac Friedman
Jerome Kagan
Jerome Karle
Jerome Kern
Jerome Lawrence
Jerome Lyle Rappaport
Jerome Robbins
Jerome Rothenberg
Jerome Saganovich
Jerome Siegel
Jerome Y Lettvin
Jerrold Nadler
Jerry A. Hausman
Jerry Bock
Jerry Bruckheimer
Jerry Butler
Jerry E. Abramson
Jerry Fodor
Jerry Goldsmith
Jerry Greenfield
Jerry Herman
Jerry Leiber of Leiber and Stoller; Jay and the Americans
Jerry Levin
Jerry Lewis
Jerry Orbach
Jerry Reinsdorf
Jerry Ross
Jerry Rubin
Jerry Sadowitz
Jerry Schatzberg
Jerry Seinfeld
Jerry Sheindlin
Jerry Springer
Jerry Stiller
Jerry Tokofsky
Jerry Weiss of Blood, Sweat and Tears
Jerry Wexler
Jerry Zucker
Jerzy Kosinski
Jerzy Kosinsky
Jesse Douglas
Jesse Eisenberg
Jesse L. Lasky
Jessica Savitch
Jessica Walter
Jesus Christ/Jesus of Nazareth
Jill Clayburgh
Jill Matthews
Jill Sobule
Jill St. John
Jim Abrahams
Jim Croce
Jim Dine
Jim Jarmusch
Jim Shapiro
Jim Steinman
Jimmy Jacobs
Jo Davidson
Joan Collins
Joan Macklin Silver
Joan Rivers
Joaquin Phoenix
Joe Berinson
Joe Besser
Joe Bob Briggs
Joe Choynski
Joe Conason
Joe Dassin
Joe Frank
Joe Gittleman
Joe Haldeman
Joe Klein
Joe Kubert
Joe Lieberman
Joe May
Joe McDonald
Joe Pasternak
Joe Rosenthal
Joe Shuster
Joe Simon
Joe Slovo
Joel Benjamin
Joel Coen
Joel Engel
Joel Gertner
Joel Grey (birth name: Joel Katz)
Joel Hirschhorn
Joel Roth
Joel Schumacher
Joel Sherman
Joel Siegel
Joel Silver
Joel Spingarn
Joel Stein
Joel Steinberg
Joel Teitelbaum
Joey Baron
Joey Bishop
Joey Cornblit
Joey Kramer of Aerosmith
Joey Ramone of the Ramones
Johann Jacoby
Johann Lowenthal
Johann Strauss
Johannes Zuckertort
John Backus
John Bahcall
John Banner
John Deutsch
John Forsythe
John Frankenheimer
John Garfield
John Harsanyi
John Hertz
John Houseman
John Hyrcanus I
John Kander
John Kemeny
John Kerry
John L. Levitow
John Landis
John Lautner
John M. Deutch
John McCarthy
John Monash
John Ordroneaux
John Podhoretz
John Safran
John Schlesinger
John Schwarz
John Sloboda
John Traynor of Jay and the Americans
John W. Tukey
John Zorn
John the Baptist
John von Neumann
Johnny Carter of The Flamingos
Johnny Clegg
Johnny Mandel
Johnny Marks
Jon Favreau
Jon Fishman of Phish
Jon Lovitz
Jon Moss of Culture Club
Jon Robin Baitz
Jon Stewart
Jon Turteltaub
Jon Woronoff
Jonah Goldberg
Jonas Salk
Jonathan Ahdout
Jonathan Ames
Jonathan Harris
Jonathan Kaye
Jonathan Kellerman
Jonathan Kozol
Jonathan Larson
Jonathan Lipnicki
Jonathan Miller
Jonathan Pollard
Jonathan Richman, solo artist and manager of the Velvet Underground
Jonathan Sachs
Jonathan Safran Foer
Jonathan Silverman
Jordan Rudess
Jorge Sampaio
Jorie Graham
Jorma Kaukonen of Jefferson Airplane
Josef Nassy
Josef Von Sternberg
Joseph Albo
Joseph Brodsky
Joseph Caro
Joseph Chaikin
Joseph Erlanger
Joseph Friedman
Joseph Gerber
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Joseph Greenberg
Joseph Heller
Joseph Isaac Schneersohn
Joseph Jacobs
Joseph Klausner
Joseph Kruskal
Joseph L. Goldstein
Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Joseph Lelyveld
Joseph Lieberman
Joseph Mankiewicz
Joseph Prushinowski
Joseph Pulitzer
Joseph Schenck
Joseph Schildkraut
Joseph Schmidt
Joseph Simon
Joseph Soloveitchik
Joseph Stiglitz
Joseph Trumpeldor
Joseph Weizenbaum
Joseph Wolpe
Josephine Earp
Josh Charles
Josh Groban
Josh Mostel
Josh Schwartz
Josh Silver
Joshua A. Norton
Joshua Bell
Joshua Fishman
Joshua Lederberg
Joshua Lionel Cowen
Joshua Malina
Joshua Micah Marshall
Joshua Redman
Joshua Schachter
Joyce Maynard
Jozef Israels
Juca Chaves
Judah Benjamin
Judah Folkman
Judah Leob Gordon
Judah Low ben Bezalel
Judah Magnes
Judah Monis
Judah P. Benjamin Senator
Judah Touro
Judah ha-Nasi
Judah haNasi
Judah the Maccabee
Judd Hirsch
Judd Nelson
Judea Pearl
Judge Judy
Judge Wapner
Judi Bari
Judit Polgar
Judith A. Resnik
Judith Butler
Judith Godreche
Judith Jarvis Thomson
Judith Krantz
Judith Leiber
Judith Light
Judith Malina
Judith Miller
Judith Sheindlin
Judith Steinberg Dean
Judy Blume
Judy Chicago
Judy Holliday
Judy Kaye
Judy Kuhn
Jule Gregory Charney
Jule Styne
Jules Dassin
Jules Feiffer
Jules Harlow
Jules Pascin
Julian (Pesach) Stryjkowski (Stark)
Julian Beck
Julian Rotter
Julian Schnabel
Julian Schwinger
Julian Tuwim
Juliana Marguiles
Julianna Margulies
Julie Kavner
Julie Taymor
Juliet Landau
Julius Axelrod
Julius L. Meier
Julius Lester
Julius Lilienfeld
Julius O. Adler
Julius Rosenberg
Julius Rosenwald
Julius Schwartz
Julius Vogel
Julius and Ethel Rosenberg
June Allyson
Juri Lotman
Justin Berfield
Justin Frankel
Justine Frischmann of Elastica
K.D. Lang
Kal Mann
Karen O of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs (maybe Jewish)
Karl Djerassi
Karl Gustav Jacobi
Karl Jay Shapiro
Karl Landsteiner
Karl Marx
Karl Popper
Karl Pribram
Karl Radek
Karl Shapiro
Karl Targownik
Karla Bonoff
Kasimir Fajans
Kate Bornstein
Kate Capshaw
Kate Hudson
Katey Sagal
Katharine Dukakis
Katharine Graham
Katherine Graham
Kathie Lee Gifford
Kathy Acker
Katie Couric
Keena Rothhammer
Keith Clark
Keith Gordon
Keith Joseph
Keith Morris
Keith Reid of Procol Harum
Ken Goodman
Ken Holtzman
Ken Mehlman
Ken Ober
Ken Olin
Ken Perlin
Kenneth Appel
Kenneth Arrow
Kenneth Cole
Kenneth Iverson
Kenneth Koch
Kenneth Roth
Kenny Aaronson
Kenny Bernstein
Kenny G
Kenny Vance
Kerri Strug
Kevin Costner
Kevin Dubrow
Kevin Godley of 10CC
Kevin Kline
Kevin Mitnick
Kevin Nash
Kevin Pollak
Kevin Youkilis
King Ad-Rock
King Django
King Saul
Kinky Friedman
Kirk Douglas
Kitty Carlisle
Kitty Dukakis
Kivie Kaplan
Kleo Thomas
Konrad Bloch
Konrad Zuse Builder
Kristen Nygaard
Krystyna Skarbek
Kurt Eisner
Kurt Gerron
Kurt Koffka
Kurt Lewin
Kurt Weil
Kurt Weill
L on Blum
Lainie Kazan
Lajos Venetianer
Laraine Newman
Larry Adler
Larry Brown
Larry David
Larry Ellison
Larry Evans
Larry Fine
Larry Gelbart
Larry Harlow
Larry Kaplan
Larry Kert
Larry King
Larry Kramer
Larry Miller
Larry Page
Larry Peerce
Larry Rivers
Larry Summers
Larry Tesler
Lasar Segall
Laszlo Szabo
Laura Nyro
Laura Prepon
Laura Schlessinger
Lauren Bacall
Laurence H. Tribe
Laurence Harvey
Laurence Tisch
Laurent Fabius
Laurent Schwartz
Lawrence Harvey
Lawrence Kasdan
Lawrence Klein
Lawrence Kohlberg
Lawrence Rabiner
Lawrence Schimel
Lawrence Summers
Lazar Berman
Lazar Gulkowitsch
Lazar Kaganovich
LeRoy Diamond
Lea Thompson
Leah Goldberg
Lee Adams
Lee Felsenstein
Lee Friedlander
Lee Grant
Lee J. Cobb
Lee Konitz
Lee Krasner
Lee Oskar of WAR
Lee Phillips
Lee Rocker
Lee Ross
Lee Smolin
Lee Strasberg
Lee Strassberg
Len Adleman
Len Barry
Len Berman
Lenny Baker
Lenny Bruce
Lenny Kaye
Lenny Kravitz
Lenny Krayzelburg
Lenore Jacobson
Leo Baeck
Leo Frank
Leo Gorcey
Leo Haas
Leo Ornstein
Leo Penn
Leo Rosten
Leo Sternbach
Leo Strauss
Leo Szilard
Leon Askin
Leon Blum
Leon Brittan
Leon Cooper
Leon Dyer
Leon Festinger
Leon Fleisher
Leon Golub
Leon Kirchner
Leon Klinghoffer
Leon M. Lederman
Leon Max Lederman
Leon Schlesinger
Leon Trotsky
Leon Uris
Leon of Modena
Leona Helmsley
Leonard A. Lauder
Leonard Baskin
Leonard Bernstein
Leonard Bloomfield
Leonard Chess of the Chess Brothers
Leonard Cohen
Leonard Frey
Leonard Goldenson
Leonard Katzman
Leonard Keysor
Leonard Kleinrock
Leonard Maltin
Leonard N Stern
Leonard Nimoy
Leonard Rose
Leonard Rosenman
Leonard Slatkin
Leonard Stern
Leonard Susskind
Leonid Levin
Leonid Stein
Leopold Blumenberg
Leopold Dukes
Leopold Godowsky Jr.
Leopold Karpeles
Leopold Mannes
Leopold Newman
Leopold Zunz
Les Moonves
Lesley Gore
Leslie Cagan
Leslie Feinberg
Leslie Hore-Belisha
Leslie Howard
Leslie Lamport
Leslie Valiant
Leslie West (Leslie Weinstein) of Mountain
Leslie Wexner
Lev Alburt
Lev Davidovich Landau
Lev Kamenev
Lev Landau
Lev Leviev
Lev Polugaevsky
Lev Vygotsky
Levi Eshkol
Levi Meyerle
Levi Strauss
Levi ben Gershon
Levy Myers Harby
Lew Tendler
Lew Wasserman
Lewis A. Coser
Lewis Black
Lewis Charles Levin
Lewis Milestone
Lewis R. Goldberg
Lhasa de Sela
Liev Schreiber
Lilli Palmer
Lillian Copeland
Lillian Hellman
Lilyan Tashman
Lina Stern
Lincoln Kirstein
Linda Creed
Linda Lavin
Linda Lingle
Linda McCartney
Lindsay Vuolo
Lindsey Vuolo
Lion Feuchtwanger
Lionel Bart
Lionel Trilling
Lip Pike
Lisa Bonet
Lisa Edelstein
Lisa Kudrow
Lisa Loeb
Lise Meitner
Lisette Model
Liz Claman
Liz Lerman
Lizzie Grubman
Lloyd Kaufman
Lol Creme of 10CC
Lon Myers
Lorenz Hart
Lorenzo da Ponte
Lori Berenson
Lorin Maazel
Lorne Greene
Lorne Michaels
Lorraine Gary
Lotfi Zadeh
Lou Adler
Lou Boudreau
Lou Jacobi
Lou Reed
Louis 'Lepke' Buchalter
Louis Amberg
Louis Auster
Louis B. Mayer
Louis Bush
Louis D. Brandeis
Louis Finkelstein
Louis Ginzberg
Louis I. Kahn
Louis Jacobs
Louis Kid Kaplan
Louis Mordell
Louis Moreau Gottschalk
Louis Nizer
Louis Sachar
Louis Simpson
Louis Slotin
Louis Wirth
Louis Zukofsky
Louise Gluck
Louise Lasser
Louise Nevelson
Louise Post of Veruca Salt
Louise Rainer
Louise Wener
Lucky Lehrer
Lucky Oceans (Reuben Gosfield) of Asleep at the Wheel
Lucy Kaplansky
Ludwig B rne
Ludwig Borne
Ludwig Lewisohn
Ludwig Wittgenstein
Ludwig Zamenhof
Ludwig von Mises
Luise Rainer
Lukas Foss
Luke Ford
Luther Adler
Lyle Alzado
Lyle Berman
Lynn Ahrens
Lynn Margulis
M. J. Nurenberger
MC Paul Barman
MC Serch
MCA (Adam Yauch) of The Beastie Boys
MH Abrams
Madeleine Albright
Madeleine M. Kunin
Madeline Albright
Madeline Kahn
Maggie Gyllenhaal
Magic Dick (Richard Salkovitz) of The J. Geils Band
Malcolm Fraser
Malcolm Glazer
Malcolm McLaren
Malcolm Rifkind
Malva Schaleck
Mama Cass Elliot (Ellen Naomi Cohen) of The Mamas and the Papas
Man Ray
Mandy Patinkin
Manfred Mann
Manuel Blum
Manuel M. Noah
Marc Blitzstein
Marc Bolan of T-Rex
Marc Chagall
Marc Cohn
Marc Ecko
Marc Jacobs
Marc Lawrence
Marc Leon Nerlove
Marc Maron
Marc Platt
Marc Rich
Marc Shaiman
Marc Singer
Marc Spitz
Marc Wallice
Marcel Breuer
Marcel Dalio
Marcel Dassault
Marcel Hillaire
Marcel Marceau
Marcel Proust
Marcel Reich-Ranicki
Marcia Clark
Marcia Falk
Marcus Goldman
Marcus Loew
Marcus Raskin
Mare Winningham
Marek Borowski
Margaret Bourke-White
Margaret Geller
Marge Piercy
Margret Rey
Marianne Faithfull
Marilyn Bergman
Marilyn Hacker
Marilyn Monroe
Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco
Mario Davidovsky
Mario Levi
Mark Ames
Mark Bass
Mark Cuban
Mark Evanier
Mark Feuerstein
Mark Frankel
Mark Granovetter
Mark Harelik
Mark Helprin
Mark Kac
Mark Knopfler
Mark Knopler of Dire Straits
Mark Levine
Mark Linn-Baker
Mark Roth
Mark Rothko
Mark Rubin of The Bad Livers
Mark Sandman
Mark Spitz
Mark Stern
Mark Strand
Mark Swartz
Mark Taimanov
Mark Volman
Mark Zonder
Mark Zuckerberg
Marla Sokoloff
Marlee Matlin
Marshall Goldberg
Marshall Holman
Marshall Nirenberg
Marshall Sahlins
Marta Kauffman
Martha Farah
Martha Nussbaum
Martin Balsam
Martin Buber
Martin Davis
Martin Deutsch
Martin Fleischmann
Martin Frost
Martin Garbus
Martin Hellman
Martin Kamen
Martin Karplus
Martin Kove
Martin Kruskal
Martin Landau
Martin Lewis Perl
Martin Nodell
Martin Perl
Martin Ritt
Martin Rodbell
Martin S. Feldstein
Martin Seligman
Martin Sherman
Marty Balin
Marty Balin Singer
Marty Balin of Jefferson Airplane
Marty Feldman
Marty Fried of The Cyrkle
Marty Friedman of Megadeth
Marty Glickman
Marty Hogan
Marty Kaplan
Martyn Latsis
Marv Albert
Marv Levy
Marv Wolfman
Marvin Goldstein
Marvin Hamlisch
Marvin Harris
Marvin Mandel
Marvin Miller
Marvin Minsky
Marvin Pontiac
Mary Antin
Mary Kay Bergman
Mary Magdalene
Mary Rodgers
Mary Travers
Mathias Bush
Mathieu Schneider
Mathilde Krim
Matisyahu (Matthew Miller)
Mats-Peter Sernrot
Matt Drudge
Matt Stone
Matthew Bloom
Matthew Broderick
Matthew Broderick actor
Matthew Messelson
Matthew Rabin
Matvei D. Berman
Matyas Rakosi
Maureen Lipman
Mauri Rose
Maurice Girodias
Maurice Greenberg
Maurice Podoloff
Maurice R Greenberg
Maurice Rose
Maurice Sendak
Maurice Wilkes
Maurice Zbriger
Maurice baron de Hirsch
Mauritz Stiller
Maury Povich
Maury Yeston
Max Apple
Max Baer
Max Baer Jr.
Max Black
Max Born
Max Brod
Max Fleischer
Max Frankel
Max Geldray
Max Grodenchik
Max Horkheimer
Max Jacob
Max Levchin
Max Linder
Max Maven
Max Nordau
Max Ophuls
Max Perutz
Max Reinhardt
Max Schuster
Max Steiner
Max Stirner
Max Tishler
Max Warburg
Max Warshaw
Max Weber
Max Weinberg
Max Weinberg of E Street Band and the Max Weinberg Seven on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien"
Max Weinreich
Max Yasgur
Maxie Rosenbloom
Maxim Litvinov
Maximilian Heller
Maxine Kumin
Maya Deren
Mayer Amschel Rothschild
Mayim Bialik
Meir Berlin
Meir Kahane
Meir Simcha of Dvinsk
Mel Allen
Mel Blanc
Mel Brooks
Mel Lastman
Mel Mermelstein
Mel Torme
Mel Ziegler
Melanie Blatt of All Saints
Melanie Mayron
Melissa Gilbert
Melissa Hiatt
Melissa Rivers
Melville Shavelson
Melvin Calvin
Melvin Frank
Melvin Krulewitch
Melvin Schwartz
Melvyn Allen
Melvyn Douglas
Menachem Begin
Menachem Mendel Beilis
Menachem Mendel Schneerson
Menahem Golan
Menahem Mendel Beilis
Menasseh ben Israel
Meredith Monk
Merton Miller
Mervyn LeRoy
Meyer Feldberg
Meyer Lansky
Meyer Schapiro
Mezz Mezzrow
Mia Kirshner
Michael Albert
Michael Balcon
Michael Bennett
Michael Bloomberg
Michael Bloomfield
Michael Bolton
Michael Brecker
Michael Callan
Michael Chabon
Michael Chertoff
Michael Curtiz
Michael Danby
Michael Dell
Michael Diamond
Michael Douglas
Michael Eisenstein
Michael Eisner
Michael Epstein
Michael Feinstein
Michael Feldman
Michael Freedman
Michael Gottlieb
Michael Hayes
Michael Heidelberger
Michael Hordern
Michael Howard
Michael Ian Black
Michael Isikoff
Michael Kamen
Michael Kidd
Michael Kinsley
Michael Kors
Michael Kubovy
Michael Landon
Michael Lerner
Michael Mann
Michael Medved
Michael Milken
Michael O. Rabin
Michael Posner
Michael Rapaport
Michael Rosenbaum
Michael S. Brown
Michael Sandel
Michael Savage
Michael Schwerner
Michael Showalter
Michael T. Weiss
Michael Thomas
Michael Tilson Thomas
Michael Tilson-Thomas
Michael Tucker
Michael Vartan
Michael Wilder
Michael Winner
Michel Kikoine
Michel Thomas
Michele Lee
Michelle Stein-Evers
Michelle Trachtenberg
Mick Green
Mick Jones
Mick Jones of the Clash
Mickey Appleman
Mickey Cohen
Mickey Hart of The Grateful Dead
Mickey Ruskin
Mickey Schwerner
Midge Decter
Miguel Najdorf
Mike "The Mouth" Matusow
Mike Binder
Mike Bloomfield
Mike Burkett of NOFX
Mike Cammalleri
Mike D
Mike Davidow
Mike Diamond
Mike Einziger
Mike Gordon of Phish
Mike Hartman
Mike Jacobs
Mike Klein
Mike Leigh
Mike Lieberthal
Mike Mainieri
Mike Nichols
Mike Portnoy
Mike Rossman
Mike Stoller of Leiber and Stoller; Jay and the Americans
Mike Wallace
Mike Yellen
Mikhail Botvinnik
Mikhail Fridman
Mikhail Gurevich
Mikhail Khodorkovsky
Mikhail Koltsov
Mikhail Tal
Miklos Radnoti
Mila Kunis
Milena Kunis
Milford H. Wolpoff
Mili Avital
Milos Forman
Milt Gabler
Milt Gross
Milton Ager
Milton Babbitt
Milton Berle
Milton Friedman
Milton Glaser
Milton Hershey
Milton Shapp
Mina Loy
Mindy Cohn
Mira Furlan
Mischa Elman
Mitch Kapor
Mitch Leigh
Mitchell Feigenbaum
Mitchell Parish
Mo Ostin
Moe Berg
Moe Dalitz
Moe Howard
Moisei Uritsky
Moisei Vainberg
Moller Eli
Moni Ovadia
Monica Lewinsky
Montague Glass
Monty Hall
Mordecai Kaplan
Mordecai Myers
Mordecai Richler
Mordecai Sheftall
Mordechai Gvirtig
Mordechai Richler
Mordechai Vanunu
Mordechaj Anielewicz
Morey Amsterdam
Morgan Pressel
Morley Safer
Morris Bright
Morris Cohen
Morris Halle
Morris Lapidus
Morris Louis
Morris Markin
Morris Michtom
Morris Raphael Cohen
Morris Swadesh
Mort Sahl
Mort Shuman
Mort Weisinger
Mort Zuckerman
Mortimer Adler
Mortimer Mishkin
Morton Feldman
Morton Gould
Morton Shulman
Moses Alexander
Moses Chaim Luzzato
Moses Gomberg
Moses Haim Montefiore
Moses Howard
Moses Maimonides
Moses Mendelssohn
Moses Montefiore
Moses Sofer
Moses de Leon
Moshe Bar
Moshe Dayan
Moshe Feinstein
Moshe Feldenkrais
Moshe Greenberg
Moshe Katsav
Moshe Marzouk
Moshe Sharett
Moshe Yaalon
Moss Cass
Moss Hart
Muriel Rukeyser
Muriel Siebert
Murray Gell-Mann
Murray Perahia
Murray Rothbard
Myer Prinstein
Myron Scholes
Naaman Belkind
Nachman Krochmal
Nachman of Breslav
Nadine Gordimer
Nadine Strossen
Naftali Zvi Yehuda Berlin
Nan Goldin
Nancy Lieberman
Nancy Meyers
Nancy Spero
Nancy Spungen
Nancy Walker
Naomi Wolf
Nat Holman
Natalie Appleton of All Saints
Natalie Goldberg
Natalie Portman
Natalie Schafer
Natan Shcharansky
Natan Tenenbaum
Natasha Lyonne
Nathan Divinsky
Nathan Mayer Rothschild
Nathan Milstein
Nathan Swartz
Nathanael West
Ned Block
Ned Glass
Nehemiah Cohen
Neil Diamond
Neil Gaiman
Neil Gillman
Neil Goldschmidt
Neil Postman
Neil Sedaka
Neil Simon
Neil Walk
Nell Carter
Nelly Sachs
Nelson Algren
Nelson Goodman
Neriah a prophet
Neve Campbell
New Found Glory
Nicholas Meyer
Nick Berg
Nick Carter
Nick Gregory
Nick Valensi of the Strokes
Nick Zinner of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs (maybe Jewish)
Nicole Appleton of All Saints
Nicole Hollander
Niels Bohr
Niels Henrik David Bohr
Nigel Lawson
Nigella Lawson
Nikki Reed
Nikki Schieler Ziering
Nikki Ziering
Nikolai Fraiture 
Nina Gordon and Veruca Salt
Nina Hartley
Nissim Ezekiel
Nissim of Gerona
Nita Lowey
Noah Cantor
Noah Taylor
Noah Wyle
Noah Wylie
Noam Chomsky
Noam Elkies
Nora Ephron
Norbert Weiner
Norbert Wiener
Norm Coleman
Norm Crosby
Norma Shearer
Norman Abramson
Norman Cantor
Norman Cohn
Norman Corwin
Norman Fell
Norman Finkelstein
Norman Gerschwind
Norman Gimbel
Norman Granz
Norman Greenbaum
Norman Hackerman
Norman Lamm
Norman Lear
Norman Levinson
Norman Mailer
Norman Norell
Norman Ornstein
Norman Podhoretz
Norman Sisisky
Nosson Zvi Finkel
Obadiah ben Abraham of Bertinoro
Obadiah ben Jacob Sforno
Oded Fehr
Ole-Johan Dahl
Olga Sosnovska
Oliver Hudson
Oliver Sacks
Oliver Stone
Olivia Goldsmith
Omri Katz
Orlando Bloom
Oscar Goldstein
Oscar Goodman
Oscar Hammerstein
Oscar Hammerstein II
Oscar Handlin
Oscar Homolka
Oscar Levant
Oscar Straus
Oscar Zariski
Osip Mandelshtam
Oskar Klein
Oskar Morawetz
Oskar Morgenstern
Ossie Schectman
Ossip Bernstein
Oswald Jacoby
Otto Klemperer
Otto Loewi
Otto Maria Carpeaux
Otto Meyerhof
Otto Preminger
Otto Stern
Otto Wallach
Otto Weininger
Ovadia A. Vaknin
Ovadia Yosef
P.F. Sloan
Paddy Chayefsky
Page Falkenberg
Paige Davis
Pamela Dennis
Pat Smear
Patricia Arquette
Patrick Marber
Paul Auster
Paul Baran
Paul Benacerraf
Paul Berg
Paul Celan
Paul Cohen
Paul Dukas
Paul Ehrlich
Paul Ekman
Paul Erd s
Paul Erdos
Paul Francis Webster
Paul Frees
Paul Glaser
Paul Greengard
Paul Halmos
Paul Heyman
Paul Johann Ludwig Heyse
Paul Krassner
Paul Krugman
Paul Lazarsfeld
Paul Lukas
Paul Mazursky
Paul Michael Glaser
Paul Muni
Paul Newman
Paul Radin
Paul Rand
Paul Reichmann
Paul Reiser
Paul Reubens
Paul Rudd
Paul Samuelson
Paul Shaffer
Paul Simon
Paul Stanley
Paul Stookey
Paul Strand
Paul Tagliabue
Paul Warburg
Paul Weitz
Paul Wellstone
Paul Wilson of The Flamingos
Paul Winchell
Paul Wittgenstein
Paul Wolfowitz
Paula Abdul
Paula Tallal
Paulette Goddard
Pauline Friedman
Pauline Trigere
Paulo Costanzo
Pauly Shore
Pavel Axelrod
Peaches (Merrill Nisker)
Pee Wee Herman
Peggy Lipton
Percy Faith
Perry Farrell of Jane's Addiction and Porno for Pyros
Perry Green
Persi Diaconis
Pete Brown, songwriter for Cream
Pete Sampras
Peter Barnes
Peter Bart
Peter Baume
Peter Bentley
Peter Berg
Peter Blau
Peter Bogdanovich
Peter Cincotti
Peter Coyote
Peter David
Peter Deutsch
Peter Eisenman
Peter Elias
Peter Falk
Peter Feldman
Peter Gallagher
Peter Gay
Peter Goldmark
Peter Green (Peter Greenbaum) of Fleetwood Mac
Peter Himmelman
Peter Hyams
Peter Ivany
Peter J. Weinberger
Peter Lax
Peter Lorre
Peter Mandelson
Peter Mark Richman
Peter Max
Peter Munk
Peter Neufeld
Peter Revson
Peter Riegert
Peter S. Beagle
Peter Sellers
Peter Singer
Peter Strauss
Peter Svidler
Peter Wolf of The J. Geils Band
Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary
Petre Roman
Phil Chess of the Chess Brothers
Phil Harris
Phil Katz
Phil Ochs
Phil Silvers
Phil Spector
Philip Anschutz
Philip Glass
Philip Guston
Philip Kaufman
Philip Levine
Philip M. Klutznick
Philip Roth
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Philipp Frank
Philippe Halsman
Phillip Klutznick
Philo Judaeus
Phineas Horowitz
Phoebe Cates
Phoebe Snow
Phoebus Levene
Phyllis Bennis
Pierre Darmon
Pierre Mendes-France
Pierre Monteux
Pierre Salinger
Pinchus Kremegne
Piper Laurie
Popa Chubby
Preston R Tisch
Primo Levi
Princess Superstar
Pyotr Leonidovich Kapitsa
Quentin Kopp
Quinn Martin
R. Stephen Berry
R.B. Kitaj
R.H. Thomson
Rabbenu Gershom
Rabbi Akiva
Rabbi Menachem Mendel
Rabbi Shmuel
Rabbi Yochanan
Rachael Sage
Rachel Dratch
Rachel Maddow
Rachel Weisz
Rahm Emanuel
Ralph Alpher
Ralph Baer
Ralph Bakshi
Ralph Bass
Ralph Lauren
Ralph Roberts
Ram Dass
Rami Jaffe
Ramzi Abed
Randall Batinkoff
Randi Rhodes
Randy Brecker of Blood, Sweat and Tears
Randy Grossman
Randy Newman
Randy Poffo
Raoul Bott
Raoul Journo
Raul Hilberg
Rav Ashi
Rav Yosef
Ray Arcel
Ray Benson of Asleep at the Wheel
Ray Evans
Ray Jackendoff
Ray Solomonoff
Raymond Federman
Raymond Kurzweil
Raymond Scott
Raymond Teller
Raymond Zussman
Rea Mochiach
Rebecca Walker
Red Auerbach
Red Buttons
Red Holzman
Red Rodney
Regina Spektor
Reinhard Bendix
Reinhard Selten
Rena Sofer
Rene Dreyfus
Renee Richards
Reuben Fine
Reuben Greenberg
Reuben Mattus
Rhea Perlman
Ricardo Cortez
Rich Robinson
Richard Adler
Richard Alpert
Richard Avedon
Richard Axel
Richard Bellman
Richard Belzer
Richard Benjamin
Richard Boone
Richard Brauer
Richard Brooks
Richard Courant
Richard Danielpour
Richard Dreyfuss
Richard Feynman
Richard Fleischer
Richard Foos
Richard Frenkiel
Richard Goldstone
Richard Hell (Richard Myers)
Richard Hofstadter
Richard Howard
Richard Ivry
Richard Karp
Richard Kind
Richard Kline
Richard L. Neuberger
Richard L. Simon
Richard Levin
Richard Lewis
Richard Lewontin
Richard Meier
Richard Meier 
Richard Meltzer of The Dictators; Blue Oyster Cult
Richard Neutra
Richard P. Feynman
Richard P. Stanley
Richard Perle
Richard Reti
Richard Rodgers
Richard Rogers
Richard Schiff
Richard Serra
Richard Sherman
Richard Simmons
Richard Sohl
Richard Stallman
Richard Stone
Richard Tucker
Richard Willstatter
Rick Chertoff
Rick Moranis
Rick Ross
Rick Rubin of Def Jam
Ricki Lake
Ricky Jay
Rikki Lake
Rita Levi-Montalcini
Rita Rudner
River Phoenix
Roald Hoffmann
Rob Bourdon
Rob Cohen
Rob Glaser
Rob Hyman
Rob Malda
Rob Morrow
Rob Reiner
Rob Schneider
Rob Wexler
Robbie Krieger
Robbie Roberts
Robbie Robertson of The Band
Robby Benson
Robby Krieger of The Doors
Robert A. M. Stern
Robert Adler
Robert B. Solomon
Robert Barany
Robert Bloch
Robert Briscoe
Robert Capa
Robert Clary
Robert De Niro
Robert Downey, Jr.
Robert E. Rubin
Robert Epstein
Robert Evans
Robert F. Furchgott
Robert Fano
Robert Fogel
Robert Frank
Robert Furchgott
Robert Gordis
Robert Greenwald
Robert Heilbroner
Robert Hofstadter
Robert Horvitz
Robert King Merton
Robert Klein
Robert Langer
Robert Lansing
Robert Lee Morris
Robert Lowie
Robert Maxwell
Robert Merton
Robert Moses
Robert Novak
Robert Nozick
Robert Oppenheimer
Robert Rauschenberg
Robert Reich
Robert Rosenthal
Robert Rossen
Robert S. Strauss
Robert Schimmel
Robert Schwartzman
Robert Shapiro
Robert Shaye
Robert Sherman
Robert Silverberg
Robert Siodmak
Robert Siodmark
Robert Smigel
Robert Solow
Robert Sternberg
Robert Wexler
Robert Wise [May not be Jewish]
Robert Wuhl
Robert Z. Leonard
Robert Zemeckis
Robert Zimmerman
Robin Morgan
Robin Shahar
Robin Washington
Rod Morgenstein
Rod Serling
Rod Steiger
Rodney Dangerfield
Rodney Frelinghuysen
Roger Corman
Roger Rees
Roger W. Straus Jr.
Roman Abramovich
Roman Dzindzichashvili
Roman Jakobson
Roman Polanski
Ron Arad
Ron Blomberg
Ron Field
Ron Jeremy
Ron Leibman
Ron Mael
Ron Mix
Ron Perelman
Ron Perlman
Ron Popeil
Ron Rifkin
Ron Silver
Ron Sommer
Ron Wyden
Ron Ziegler
Ronald Dworkin
Ronald Goldman
Ronald Lauder
Ronald O. Perelman
Ronnie Gilbert
Rosa Luxemburg
Rosalie Abella
Rosalind Franklin
Rosalyn Sussman Yalow
Rosalyn Tureck
Rosalyn Yalow
Rosanna Arquette
Rose Kushner
Rose Michtom
Roseanne Barr
Ross Bleckner
Ross Friedman
Ross the Boss
Roy Bittan
Roy Blumenfeld of The Blues Project
Roy C. Bennett
Roy Chernock
Roy Cohn
Roy Lichtenstein
Roy Neuberger
Roz Chast
Rube Goldberg
Rudi Gernreich
Rudolf Friml
Rudolf Schoenheimer
Rudolf Spielmann
Rudolf Vrba
Rudolph A. Marcus
Rudolph Charousek
Rudolph Serkin
Rudy Boschwitz
Rufus Isaacs
Rupert Murdoch
Russ Feingold
Russel Feingold
Russell Mael
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Ruth Barcan Marcus
Ruth Cohn
Ruth Handler
Ruth Westheimer
Ryan Miller
S. J. Perelman
Saadia Gaon
Saadia ben Joseph al-Fayumi
Sacha Baron Cohen
Sacha Baron-Cohen
Sada Jacobson
Saharon Shelah
Salima Pasha
Sally Jessy Raphael
Salo Flohr
Salomon Bochner
Salomon Morel
Salomone Rossi
Salvador Luria
Sam Dash
Sam Dreben
Sam Fuller
Sam Glucksberg
Sam Goldwyn
Sam Jaffe
Sam Katz
Sam Katzman
Sam Levine
Sam Lynch
Sam Mendes
Sam Raimi
Sam Seder
Sam Waksal
Sam Wanamaker
Sam Wannamaker
Sammy Cahn
Sammy Davis Jr.
Sammy Fain
Samson Raphael Hirsch
Samuel Avital
Samuel Berger
Samuel Blum
Samuel Bronfman
Samuel Byck
Samuel Eilenberg
Samuel Fuller
Samuel Goldwyn
Samuel Gompers
Samuel Goudsmit
Samuel H. Shapiro
Samuel Hirsch
Samuel Holdheim
Samuel I Newhouse Jr
Samuel Irving Newhouse
Samuel J. LeFrak
Samuel J. Popeil
Samuel Kolstein
Samuel Lehrman
Samuel Reshevsky
Samuel Sachs
Samuel Usque
Samuel ben Judah ibn Tibbon
Sander Levin
Sandra Bernhard
Sandy Berger
Sandy Koufax
Sandy Lerner
Sandy Levin
Sandy Nelson
Sandy Pearlman of Blue Oyster Cult
Sandy Weill
Sandy Yagoda
Sanford Berman
Sanford J. Grossman
Sanford Meisner
Sara DeCosta
Sara Gilbert
Sara Jane Moore
Sara Jessica Parker
Sara Whalen
Sarah Aaronsohn
Sarah Bernhard
Sarah Bernhardt
Sarah Foner
Sarah Gertrude Millin
Sarah Hughes
Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Sarah Silverman
Sascha Knopf
Sasha Cohen
Saul Alinsky
Saul Bellow
Saul Kripke
Saul Lieberman
Saul Rubinek
Saul Steinberg
Saul Sternberg
Saul of Tarsus
Saviely Tartakover
Scarlett Johansson
Scott Caan
Scott Cohen
Scott Glenn
Scott Ian of Anthrax
Scott Kempner
Scott Levy
Scott Storch
Scott Turow
Scott Walker
Scott Weinger
Scott Wolf
Sean Flynn-Amir
Sean Paul
Sean Penn
Selma Blair
Selman Waksman
Semyon Alapin
Semyon Furman
Senator Dianne Feinstein
Senda Berenson
Senor Abravanel
Serge Gainsbourg
Serge Stavisky
Sergei Eisenstein
Sergei Slonimsky
Sergey Brin
Seth Green
Seth Justman of The J. Geils Band
Seymore Butts
Seymour Cassel
Seymour Hersh
Seymour I. Rubinstein
Seymour L. Essrog
Seymour Martin Lipset
Seymour Papert
Shabtai Tzvi
Shafi Goldwasser
Shalom Aleichem
Shalom Harlow
Shari Lewis
Sharon Osbourne
Shaul Mofaz
Shawn Green
Shawn Levy
Shawn Stern
Shecky Greene
Shel Silverstein
Sheldon Adelson
Sheldon Glashow
Sheldon Harnick
Sheldon Lee Glashow
Sheldon Leonard
Shell Silverstein
Shelley Berkley
Shelley Berman
Shelley Morrison
Shelley Winters
Shelly Manne
Shemp Howard
Sherwin Wine
Sherwood Schwartz
Shia LaBeouf
Shimon Peres
Shimon ben Shetach
Shiri Appleby
Shirley Polykoff
Shirley Porter
Shirley Povich
Shlomo Ben Yosef
Shlomo Carlebach
Shmuel Howard
Shmuel Yosef Agnon
Shneur Zalman of Liadi
Sholem Aleichem
Sholem Asch
Sholom Dovber
Shraga Feivel Mendlowitz
Shrimp Howard
Shulamit Ran
Sid Caesar
Sid Einfeld
Sid Gillman
Sid James
Sid Luckman
Sid Tepper
Sidney Altman
Sidney Blumenthal
Sidney Franklin
Sidney Hillman
Sidney Hook
Sidney Kimmel
Sidney Kingsley
Sidney Lumet
Sidney Pollack
Sidney Reilly
Sidney Sheldon
Sidney Shulemson
Siegbert Tarrasch
Siegfried Sassoon
Sigmund Freud
Sigmund Romberg
Silvan Shalom
Silvia Sidney
Simeon Dimanstein
Simeon bar Yohai
Simon Bamberger
Simon Guggenheim
Simon Kuznets
Simon Ramo
Simon Rex
Simon Wiesenthal
Simon Wiesenthal 
Simon Winawer
Simon bar Kokhba
Simon bar Kokhba Judean
Simon ben Yohai
Simon of Galilee
Simone Signoret
Simone Veil
Simone Weil
Sir Hermann Gollancz
Sir James Goldsmith
Sir John Monash
Sir Roy Welensky
Skip Bertman
Slash (Saul Hudson)
Sol LeWitt
Sol Schiff
Sol Star
Sol Yurick
Sollie McElroy of The Flamingos
Solomon Asch
Solomon Bush
Solomon Etting
Solomon Feferman
Solomon Golomb
Solomon H. Snyder
Solomon Kullback
Solomon Lefschetz
Solomon Mikhoels
Solomon Passy
Solomon Schechter
Solomon Zeitlin
Solomon ben Yehuda ibn Gabirol
Sophie Okonedo
Sophie Tucker
Sorrell Booke
Soupy Sales
Spencer Dryden of Jefferson Airplane
Spike Jonze
Srul Irving Glick
St. Teresa of Avila
Stan Freberg
Stan Getz
Stan Lee
Stan Lynch of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Stanford Ovshinsky
Stanislaw Jerzy Lec
Stanislaw Ulam
Stanley Bing
Stanley Cavell
Stanley Cohen
Stanley Donen
Stanley Druckenmiller
Stanley Fish
Stanley H. Hyman
Stanley Kramer
Stanley Kubrick
Stanley Kunitz
Stanley Levison
Stanley Marcus
Stanley Milgram
Stanley Miller
Stanley Mosk
Stanley Prusiner
Stanley Schachter (Stanley Schacter)
Steely Dan
Stefan Grossman
Stefan Zweig
Stella Adler
Stella McCartney
Stephanie Zimbalist
Stephen Belson
Stephen Bladd of The J. Geils Band
Stephen Dorff
Stephen Elliott
Stephen Fry
Stephen Furst
Stephen G. Breyer
Stephen Hill
Stephen Jay Gould
Stephen Lang
Stephen Macht
Stephen Malkmus of The Silver Jews
Stephen Perkins
Stephen S. Wise
Stephen Schwartz
Stephen Solarz
Stephen Sondheim
Stephen Spender
Stephen Spielberg
Stephen Wiesner
Steve Ballmer
Steve Barri
Steve Berlin
Steve Bond
Steve Ellman
Steve Goldsmith
Steve Guttenberg
Steve Israel
Steve Katz of Blood, Sweat and Tears and The Blues Project
Steve Lacy
Steve Lawrence
Steve Reich
Steve Rothman
Steve Schiff
Steve Stone
Steve Wynn
Steven Adler
Steven Bochco
Steven Cojocaru
Steven Engel
Steven Hill
Steven Levitt
Steven Levy
Steven M. Bornstein
Steven Page of The Barenaked Ladies
Steven Pinker
Steven Seagal
Steven Spielberg
Steven T. Katz
Steven Weber
Steven Weinberg
Stockard Channing
Stu Ungar
Stuart Damon
Stuart Rosenberg
Studs Terkel
Sue Bird
Sumner Redstone
Super Dave Osborne
Susan Block
Susan Davis
Susan Faludi
Susan Jacoby
Susan Polgar
Susan Rothenberg
Susan Sontag
Susan Strassberg
Susanna Hoffs of The Bangles
Susannah Hoffs
Suzanne Pleshette
Suzyn Waldman
Syd Nathan
Sydney Brenner
Sydney Pollack
Sylvain Sylvain (Sylvain Mizrahi) of The New York Dolls
Sylvan Goldman
Szmul Zygielbojm
Tab Hunter
Tadeus Reichstein
Tamara de Lempicka
Tanya Reinhart
Tanya Roberts
Taylor Dayne (Leslie Wonderman)
Taylor Negron
Ted Koppel
Ted Kotcheff
Ted Lewis
Ted Raimi
Tera Patrick
Terry Gross
Terry Winograd
Terry Zwigoff
The Barenaked Ladies
The Beastie Boys
The Flamingos
The Knack
The Silver Jews
The Tokens
Theda Bara
Theo Epstein
Theodor Adorno
Theodor Herzl
Theodor Reik
Theodore Bikel
Theodore Maiman
Theodore von Karman
Thomas Gold
Thomas Gould
Thomas Kuhn
Thomas L. Friedman
Thomas Nagel
Thomas Newman
Tiffany Cohen
Tim Blake Nelson
Tim Wise
Tina Louise
Tiny Tim (Herbert Khaury)
Tobias Asser
Todd Barry
Todd Haynes
Todd Homer
Todd Solondz
Tom Arnold
Tom Baker
Tom Bosley
Tom Lantos
Tom Lehrer
Tommy Ramone
Tommy Rettig
Tony Curtis
Tony Goldwyn
Tony Kornheiser
Tony Kushner
Tony Leon
Tony Levin
Tony Martin
Tony Randall
Tony Roberts
Tori Spelling
Tovah Feldshuh
Tracey Ellis Ross
Tracy Pollan
Trevor Rabin (Trevor Rabinowitz) of Yes
Trina Robbins
Trina Schart Hyman
Tristan Tzara
Tuli Kupferberg
Tullio Levi-Civita
Two-Gun Cohen
US military
Ulric Neisser
Ulrich Neisser
Umberto Cassuto
Uri Caine
Uri Geller
Uri Orlev
Uriah P. Levy
Uriel Acosta
Uriel Weinreich
Ursula Bellugi
Uziel Gal
V. Volodarsky
Vaiben Solomon
Vanessa Carlton
Vasily Smyslov
Vassily Grossman
Vera Katz
Vic Hershkowitz
Vic Morrow
Vicki Valentine
Victor Borge
Victor David Brenner
Victor Garber
Victor Gruen
Victor L. Berger
Victor Moritz Goldschmidt
Victor Niederhoffer
Victor Vekselberg
Victor Weisskopf
Victor Young
Vidal Sassoon
Viktor Frankl
Viktor Korchnoi
Virgin Mary
Vitaly Lazarevich Ginzburg
Vizhnitz Rebbes
Vladimir Antonov-Ovseenko
Vladimir Ashkenazi
Vladimir Ashkenazy
Vladimir Gusinsky
Vladimir Horowitz
Vladimir Jabotinsky
Vladimir Zhirinovsky
W. Michael Blumenthal
Waldo Frank
Wallace Berman
Wallace Shawn
Walter Abish
Walter Annenberg
Walter Becker
Walter Benjamin
Walter Braunfels
Walter Gilbert
Walter Kaufmann
Walter Koenig
Walter Kohn
Walter Lippmann
Walter Matthau
Walter Mischel
Walter Mosley
Walter Winchell
Walters Barbara
Walther Rathenau
Wanda Landowska
Warren Rudman
Warren Zevon
Wassily Leontief
Wendy Wasserstein
Werner Klemperer
Wesley Clark
Wesley Kane Clark
Wilhelm Steinitz
Will Eisner
Will Self
William Castle
William Cohen
William F. Friedman
William Feller
William Finn
William Fox
William Friedkin
William Gaines
William Goetz
William Goldman
William Hartston
William Herschel
William James Sidis
William Kahan
William Kapell
William Klein
William Kristol
William Kunstler
William Labov
William Powell
William Rosenberg
William S. Paley
William Safire
William Schuman
William Shatner
William Shawn
William Steig
William Stein
William Wyler
Willie "The Lion" Smith
Winona LaDuke
Winona Ryder
Wladyslaw Szpilman
Wolf Blitzer
Wolfgang Pauli
Woody Allen
Wynona Ryder
Ya'acov Al-Kirkisani
Yaakov Agam
Yair Bacharach
Yakov I. Perelman
Yakov Smirnoff
Yakov Smirnov
Yankel Rosenbaum
Yaphet Kotto
Yasmine Bleeth
Yechiel Michel Epstein
Yefim Bronfman
Yehoshua Bar-Hillel
Yehoshua Porath
Yehuda Amichai
Yehuda Halevi
Yehudi Menuhin
Yeshayahu Liebowitz
Yevgeny Primakov
Yigal Amir
Yip Harburg
Yisrael Lipkin Salanter
Yisrael Meir Kagan
Yitschak Rabin
Yitzchok Hutner
Yitzhak Rabin
Yitzhak Shamir
Yohanan ben Zakkai
Yona Yakir
Yoni Netanyahu
Yosef Karo
Yosef Trumpeldor
Yuri Averbakh
Yuval Gabay
Yves Montand
Zac Posen
Zach Braff
Zal Yanovsky of The Lovin' Spoonful
Zander Schloss
Ze'ev Jabotinsky
Zecharias Frankel
Zeke Carey of The Flamingos
Zelda Rubinstein
Zellig Harris
Zelman Cowen
Zeppo Marx
Zero Mostel
Zev Siegal
Ziggy Ellman
Zoe Wanamaker
Zora Arkus-Duntov
Zsofia Polgar
Zvi Griliches

Jewish Politicians

Source: The Political Graveyard website (http://politicalgraveyard.com/group/jewish.html; viewed 10 November 2005)

Visit The Political Graveyard website for extensive biographical and professional details about these individuals.

Ben Erdreich (b. 1938)
William Lehman (b. 1913)
Frank S. Lyons
Philip Phillips (1807-1884)
Joseph M. Proskauer (b. 1877)

Ernest Henry Gruening (1887-1974)
Richard Carl Rothenburg (1868-1949)

Walton H. Bachrach (1904-1989)
Samuel G. Coppersmith (b. 1955)
Michael Goldwater (1821-1903)
Morris Goldwater (1852-1939)
Gerald Ellis Rosen (b. 1951)
Sam Steiger (b. 1929)

Walton H. Bachrach (1904-1989)
Samuel G. Coppersmith (b. 1955)
Michael Goldwater (1821-1903)
Morris Goldwater (1852-1939)
Gerald Ellis Rosen (b. 1951)
Sam Steiger (b. 1929)

Anthony Charles Beilenson (b. 1932)
Harold Aaron Berliner (b. 1899)
Howard Lawrence Berman (b. 1941)
Barbara Levy Boxer (b. 1940)
Stephen Gerald Breyer (b. 1938)
Sala Galant Burton (1925-1987)
Daniel S. Cooper (b. 1930)
Melvyn Douglas (1901-1981)
Dianne Goldman Berman Feinstein (b. 1933)
Roberta Frances Fiedler (b. 1937)
Robert Filner (b. 1942)
Jonas Martin Frost (b. 1942)
Michael Goldwater (1821-1903)
Louis E. Goodman (1892-1961)
Daniel Hamburg (b. 1948)
Jane F. Harman (b. 1945)
Florence Prag Kahn (1866-1948)
Julius Kahn (1861-1924)
Quentin Kopp (b. 1930)
John Hans Krebs (b. 1926)
Thomas Peter Lantos (b. 1928)
Maurice Larry Lawrence (1926-1996)
Edgar Coleman Levey (1881-1962)
Meldon Edises Levine (b. 1943)
Julian William Mack (1866-1943)
Milton Marks (1920-1998)
Louis Burt Mayer (1885-1957)
Edward Selig Salomon (1836-1913)
Lynn Schenk (b. 1945)
Brad J. Sherman (b. 1954)
Henry Arnold Waxman (b. 1939)
Howard Eliot Wolpe III (b. 1939)
James David Zellerbach (1892-1963)

Simon Guggenheim (1867-1941)
Kenneth Bentley Kramer (b. 1942)
Ira Louis Quiat (b. 1892)
Hubert Mayer Safran (b. 1930)

Nathan Aaron (1905-1974)
William Michael Citron (1896-1976)
Samuel Gejdenson (b. 1948)
Herman Paul Kopplemann (1880-1957)
Curtis Levine (b. 1947)
Joseph Isadore Lieberman (b. 1942)
Samuel H. Malkan (b. 1893)
Abraham Alexander Ribicoff (1910-1998)

Annie Ackerman (1914-1989)
Elaine Bloom (b. 1937)
Irwin R. Brownstein (1930-1996)
Peter R. Deutsch (b. 1957)
Steven Effman (b. 1950)
Henry Ellenbogen (1900-1985)
Steven B. Feren (b. 1950)
Lois J. Frankel (b. 1948)
Ronald L. Greenstein (b. 1951)
Alberto Gutman (b. 1959)
Sally A. Heyman (b. 1954)
Leo Isacson (1910-1996)
Suzanne Jacobs (b. 1936)
Jacob Koppel Javits (1904-1986)
William Lehman (b. 1913)
Curtis Levine (b. 1947)
Simon J. Liebowitz (c.1906-1998)
Benjamin J. Rabin (1896-1969)
Stacy Joy Ritter (b. 1960)
Leonard Rochwarger (1925-2001)
Debbie Wasserman Schultz (b. 1966)
Harold Shapiro (b. 1906)
Eleanor Sobel (b. 1946)
Richard Bernard Stone (b. 1928)
David Levy Yulee (1810-1886)

Morris Berthold Abram (1918-2000)
Charles Julian Bloch (b. 1893)
Solomon Cohen
Melvyn Douglas (1901-1981)
David Emanuel (1744-1808)
Elliott Harris Levitas (b. 1930)
Philip Phillips (1807-1884)

Moses Alexander (1853-1932)

Benjamin Philip Alschuler (b. 1933)
Benjamin Phillip Alschuler (b. 1876)
Jacob Edward Alschuler (1902-1977)
Jacob M. Arvey (b. 1893)
Samuel R. Ballis (b. 1901)
David Lionel Bazelon (1909-1993)
Sol Bloom (1870-1949)
Rahm Emanuel (b. 1959)
Martin Emerich (1846-1922)
Nathan Frank (1852-1931)
Elmer Gertz (b. 1906)
Arthur Joseph Goldberg (1908-1990)
Joseph H. Goldenhersh (1914-1992)
Julius Goldzier (1854-1925)
Clem Graver (b. 1899)
Henry Horner (1879-1940)
Suzanne Jacobs (b. 1936)
Malcolm S. Kamin (b. 1939)
Lawrence Kestenbaum (b. 1955)
Philip M. Klutznick (1907-1999)
Kenneth Bentley Kramer (b. 1942)
Albert Davis Lasker (b. 1880)
Maurice Larry Lawrence (1926-1996)
Edward Hirsch Levi (1911-2000)
Theodore Levin (b. 1897)
Harry Litowich (1899-1973)
Julian William Mack (1866-1943)
Jacob H. Marks (1864-1920)
Abner Joseph Mikva (b. 1926)
Julius H. Miner (b. 1896)
Ira Nelson Morris (1857-1942)
Hugo Pam (b. 1870)
Daniel Marshall Pierce (b. 1928)
Adolph Joachim Sabath (1866-1952)
Edward Selig Salomon (1836-1913)
Janice D. Schakowsky (b. 1944)
Samuel Harvey Shapiro (1907-1987)
Martin Tuchow (b. 1924)
Bernard Weisberg (b. 1925)
Sidney Richard Yates (1909-2000)

Milton Kraus (1866-1942)
David A. Levy (b. 1953)
Jeanette F. Reibman (b. 1916)

Joseph Z. Marks (b. 1915)
Edward Maurice Mezvinsky (b. 1937)

Daniel Robert Glickman (b. 1944)
Frank Schwartz (1893-1984)
Arlen Specter (b. 1930)
Ronald Lee Wyden (b. 1949)

Jerry E. Abramson (born c.1946)
David Aronberg (b. 1893)
Louis Dembitz Brandeis (1856-1941)
Edward Hilpp
Benjamin Franklin Jonas (1834-1911)
Allan M. Steinberg

Norman Bauer
Judah Philip Benjamin (1811-1884)
Charles Julian Bloch (b. 1893)
Max Dinkelspiel
George Joel Ginsburg
Emile Godchaux
Henry M. Hyams
Benjamin Franklin Jonas (1834-1911)
Henry A. Lazarus
William Mallory Levy (1827-1882)
Adolph Meyer (1842-1908)
Edwin Warren Moise
William Winter (1849-1917)

Benjamin Louis Berman (b. 1892)
Harry Friedman (b. 1883)
Abraham H. Rudman

Gary Leonard Ackerman (b. 1942)
Benjamin Louis Cardin (b. 1943)
Wilbur Joseph Cohen (1913-1987)
Daniel Ellison (1886-1960)
Martin Emerich (1846-1922)
Samuel Nathaniel Friedel (1898-1979)
Philip H. Goodman (d. 1976)
Sally A. Heyman (b. 1954)
Marvin Mandel (b. 1920)
Lucille Maurer (1922-1996)
Paul H. Rappaport (b. 1934)
Isidor Rayner (1850-1912)
Adolph Joachim Sabath (1866-1952)
Stephen H. Sachs (b. 1934)
Norman Sisisky (1927-2001)
Gladys Noon Spellman (1918-1988)
Melvin A. Steinberg (b. 1933)
Harry Benjamin Wolf (1880-1944)

Herman Bernstein (1876-1935)
Michael Rubens Bloomberg (b. 1942)
Louis Dembitz Brandeis (1856-1941)
Elizabeth S. Brater (b. 1951)
Stephen Gerald Breyer (b. 1938)
Matthew Brown (b. 1905)
Benjamin D. Burdick (1903-1987)
Daniel Englander
George Fingold (d. 1958)
Barney Frank (b. 1940)
Felix Frankfurter (1882-1965)
Maxwell Bernard Grossman (b. 1897)
Hyman Mann (1898-1972)
Theodore D. Mann (c.1923-1994)
Leopold Morse (1831-1892)
Carl Pack (1899-1945)
H. Murray Pakulski (b. 1880)
Maxwell M. Rabb (b. 1910)
Abraham Captain Ratshesky (1864-1943)
Frederick William Richmond (b. 1923)
Warren Bruce Rudman (b. 1930)
Jacob J. Spiegel

Charles S. Blondy (1905-1982)
Werner Michael Blumenthal (b. 1926)
Elizabeth S. Brater (b. 1951)
Samuel Jerome Bronson (1930-1986)
Benjamin D. Burdick (1903-1987)
Wilbur Joseph Cohen (1913-1987)
Daniel S. Cooper (b. 1930)
Robert G. Faber (b. 1926)
Jack Faxon (b. 1936)
Lee Fisher (b. 1951)
Max Martin Fisher (b. 1908)
Samuel Folz
Joseph Forbes (b. 1916)
Alan Fox (b. 1955)
James A. Grossfeld
Robert J. Harris (b. 1930)
David B. Hermelin (1936-2000)
Michael Homel
Julius Houseman (1832-1891)
Benita Kaimowitz
Nathan J. Kaufman (b. 1908)
Lawrence Kestenbaum (b. 1955)
Albert A. Kramer (1923-1988)
Norman Krivosha (b. 1934)
Burton Leland
Carl Milton Levin (b. 1934)
Charles Leonard Levin (b. 1926)
Sander Martin Levin (b. 1931)
Theodore Levin (b. 1897)
Harry Litowich (1899-1973)
Julius Charles Pliskow (1907-1971)
Lana Pollack (b. 1942)
Gerald Ellis Rosen (b. 1951)
Douglas Doug Ross (b. 1942)
Frank Schwartz (1893-1984)
Suzanne Shaw (b. 1938)
David H. Shepherd (d. 1981)
John H. Shepherd (b. 1934)
Michael P. Stein
Meyer Warshawsky (b. 1922)
Joseph M. Weiss (1856-1937)
Howard Eliot Wolpe III (b. 1939)

Rudolph Eli Boschwitz (b. 1930)
Norm Coleman (b. 1949)
Paul David Wellstone (1944-2002)

Adolph Meyer (1842-1908)
Leo R. Sack (b. 1889)

Adolph Abeles (c.1817-1855)
Moses Alexander (1853-1932)
Nathan Frank (1852-1931)
Joseph H. Goldenhersh (1914-1992)
Daniel Hamburg (b. 1948)
Jacob Chic Hecht (b. 1928)
Philip M. Klutznick (1907-1999)
Joseph Pulitzer (1847-1911)
Alice Sachs (1905-1997)
Maurice Schecter (1904-2001)

Norman Krivosha (b. 1934)
Victor Rosewater
Edward F. Zorinsky (1928-1987)

Oscar Baylin Goodman (b. 1939)
Jacob Chic Hecht (b. 1928)
Samuel Platt (b. 1874)
Joseph Yale Resnick (1924-1969)

New Hampshire
Warren Bruce Rudman (b. 1930)

New Jersey
Isaac Bacharach (1870-1956)
Nathan Barnert
Meyer C. Ellenstein (1886-1967)
Philip Forman (1895-1978)
Barney Frank (b. 1940)
Benjamin Martin Golder (1891-1946)
Nelson G. Gross (c.1932-1997)
Charles Samuel Joelson (1916-1999)
Arthur George Klein (1904-1968)
Herbert Charles Klein (b. 1930)
Charles K. Krieger (c.1914-1982)
Frank Raleigh Lautenberg (b. 1924)
Allard Kenneth Lowenstein (1929-1980)
Norman Kingsley Mailer (b. 1923)
Joseph B. Perskie (1885-1957)
Steven P. Perskie (b. 1945)
Benjamin J. Rabin (1896-1969)
Leo Frederick Rayfiel (1888-1978)
Stephen B. Richer (b. 1946)
Samuel Roman (1910-1998)
Nelson F. Stamler (b. 1909)
Richard Zimmer (b. 1944)

New Mexico
Arthur Seligman (1871-1933)

New York
Peter A. Abeles (b. 1886)
Morris Berthold Abram (1918-2000)
Melville E. Abrams (b. 1912)
Robert Abrams (b. 1938)
Bella Savitzky Abzug (1920-1998)
Gary Leonard Ackerman (b. 1942)
Simon Louis Adler (1867-1934)
Herman M. Albert (b. 1901)
Meyer Alterman
Benjamin Altman (b. 1919)
Martin Charles Ansorge (1882-1967)
Benjamin Antin (b. 1884)
Sidney H. Asch (b. 1919)
Howard E. Babbush (b. 1941)
Herman Benjamin Baruch (1872-1953)
Abraham David Beame (1906-2001)
Ralph Elihu Becker (1907-1994)
Anthony Charles Beilenson (b. 1932)
August Belmont (1816-1890)
Samuel David Berger (1911-1980)
Carol Berman
Abraham Bernstein (1918-1990)
Herman Bernstein (1876-1935)
Philip Blank (b. 1898)
Maurice Bloch
Elaine Bloom (b. 1937)
Jeremiah B. Bloom (b. 1913)
Sol Bloom (1870-1949)
Steven Paul Bloom (b. 1944)
Michael Rubens Bloomberg (b. 1942)
George Blumberg (b. 1903)
Albert H. Blumenthal (b. 1928)
William Bondy (1870-1964)
Samuel Bonom (b. 1912)
Barbara Levy Boxer (b. 1940)
Seymour Boyers (b. 1926)
Charles David Breitel (b. 1908)
David Gerald Bress (b. 1908)
Harold Brown (b. 1927)
Matthew Brown (b. 1905)
Irwin R. Brownstein (1930-1996)
Maurice Z. Bungard (b. 1891)
Jacob Aaron Cantor (1854-1921)
Benjamin Nathan Cardozo (1870-1938)
Emanuel Celler (1888-1981)
Alexander Chananau (b. 1915)
William Wolfe Cohen (1874-1940)
Harold W. Cohn (b. 1913)
Norm Coleman (b. 1949)
Samuel Colman (b. 1933)
Lena Cymbrowitz (c.1957-2000)
Irwin Delmore Davidson (1906-1981)
Peter R. Deutsch (b. 1957)
Samuel B. Dicker
Samuel Dickstein (1885-1954)
Isidore Dollinger (1903-2000)
Melvyn Douglas (1901-1981)
Robert J. Dryfoos (b. 1942)
David Dubinsky (b. 1892)
Morris Michael Edelstein (1888-1941)
Steven Effman (b. 1950)
Edwin Einstein (1842-1905)
Lewis David Einstein (1877-1967)
June M. Eisland
Abram Isaac Elkus (1867-1947)
Meyer C. Ellenstein (1886-1967)
Eliot Lanze Engel (b. 1947)
Leonard Farbstein (1902-1993)
Jeffrey C. Feldman (b. 1953)
Steven B. Feren (b. 1950)
Barbara J. Fife
Sidney Asher Fine (1903-1982)
Israel Frederick Fischer (1858-1940)
Harold L. Fisher (b. 1910)
Philip Forman (1895-1978)
Jerome Frank (1889-1957)
Lois J. Frankel (b. 1948)
George Friedman (b. 1934)
Louis L. Friedman (b. 1906)
Stanley H. Fuld (b. 1903)
Clarence G. Galston (1876-1964)
Julius J. Gans (b. 1896)
Helen Getler (b. 1925)
Jacob H. Gilbert (1920-1981)
Benjamin Arthur Gilman (b. 1922)
Ruth Bader Ginsburg (b. 1933)
Deborah J. Glick
Arthur Joseph Goldberg (1908-1990)
Henry Mayer Goldfogle (1856-1929)
Harrison J. Goldin (b. 1936)
Nathaniel Lawrence Goldstein (b. 1896)
Sedgwick William Green (1929-2002)
Abraham Greenberg (b. 1881)
Samuel L. Greenberg (b. 1898)
Ronald L. Greenstein (b. 1951)
Ernest Henry Gruening (1887-1974)
Henry Anatole Grunwald (b. 1922)
Harry Frank Guggenheim (1890-1971)
Simon Guggenheim (1867-1941)
Ralph Halpern (1890-1975)
Seymour Halpern (1913-1997)
Jane F. Harman (b. 1945)
Emanuel Bernard Hart (1809-1897)
Louis Benjamin Heller (1905-1993)
Nathaniel T. Helman (b. 1905)
Morris Hillquit (1869-1933)
Samuel H. Hofstadter (b. 1894)
Elizabeth Holtzman (b. 1941)
Lester Holtzman (b. 1913)
Leo Isacson (1910-1996)
Meyer Jacobstein (1880-1963)
Jacob Koppel Javits (1904-1986)
George Kaminsky (born c.1906)
Gloria G. Karp (b. 1925)
Arthur J. Katzman (b. 1903)
Samuel Hamilton Kaufman (1893-1960)
Arthur George Klein (1904-1968)
Philip M. Kleinfeld (b. 1894)
Edward Irving Koch (b. 1924)
Harry Kopp (1881-1943)
Quentin Kopp (b. 1930)
G. Oliver Koppell (b. 1940)
Harry Kraf (b. 1907)
Charles K. Krieger (c.1914-1982)
Edward Lauterbach (1844-1923)
Louis E. Lazarus (b. 1877)
Louis J. Lefkowitz (1904-1996)
Herbert Henry Lehman (1878-1963)
Irving Lehman (b. 1876)
Montague Lessler (1869-1938)
Arthur Levitt (born c.1901)
Aaron Jefferson Levy (b. 1881)
David A. Levy (b. 1953)
Jefferson Monroe Levy (1852-1924)
William Mallory Levy (1827-1882)
Simon J. Liebowitz (c.1906-1998)
Milton Lipson (1913-2003)
Lucius Nathan Littauer (1859-1944)
Meyer London (1871-1926)
Allard Kenneth Lowenstein (1929-1980)
Nita Melnikoff Lowey (b. 1937)
Norman Kingsley Mailer (b. 1923)
Haskell Harold Marks (b. 1880)
Jacob Marks (b. 1861)
Marcus M. Marks (b. 1858)
Naomi Caplan Matusow (b. 1938)
Lucille Maurer (1922-1996)
Mitchell May (1870-1961)
Isaac Meseritz
Ruth W. Messinger
George M. Michaels (c.1910-1992)
Julius Miller (b. 1880)
Henry Morgenthau (1856-1946)
Henry Morgenthau, Jr. (1891-1967)
Robert M. Morgenthau (b. 1919)
Irving Mosberg (b. 1908)
Abraham Jacob Multer (1900-1986)
Jerrold Lewis Nadler (b. 1947)
May W. Newburger
Manfred Ohrenstein (b. 1925)
Moissaye J. Olgin (b. 1878)
Albert Ottinger (b. 1878)
Richard Lawrence Ottinger (b. 1929)
Carl Pack (1899-1945)
H. Murray Pakulski (b. 1880)
Jacob Panken (b. 1879)
Nathan David Perlman (1887-1952)
Theodore Albert Peyser (1873-1937)
N. Taylor Phillips (b. 1868)
Rosalie Solomons Phillips
Bertram L. Podell (b. 1925)
Leopold Prince (b. 1880)
Joseph M. Proskauer (b. 1877)
Joseph Pulitzer (1847-1911)
Maxwell M. Rabb (b. 1910)
Benjamin J. Rabin (1896-1969)
Paul H. Rappaport (b. 1934)
Leo Frederick Rayfiel (1888-1978)
Joseph Yale Resnick (1924-1969)
Frederick William Richmond (b. 1923)
Samuel Roman (1910-1998)
William Rosenblatt
Benjamin Stanley Rosenthal (1923-1983)
Albert Berger Rossdale (1878-1968)
Alice Sachs (1905-1997)
Bernard Sanders (b. 1941)
Leon Sanders (b. 1867)
Lynn Schenk (b. 1945)
James Haas Scheuer (b. 1920)
Debbie Wasserman Schultz (b. 1966)
Charles Ellis Schumer (b. 1950)
Philip Jacob Schupler (b. 1909)
Jacob J. Schwartzwald
Albert Shanker (1928-1997)
Abraham Isaac Shiplacoff (1877-1936)
Isaac Siegel (1880-1947)
Baruch Silverstein
Caroline Klein Simon
William Irving Sirovich (1882-1939)
Eleanor Sobel (b. 1946)
Stephen Joshua Solarz (b. 1940)
Herbert I. Sorin (b. 1900)
Gladys Noon Spellman (1918-1988)
Sidney Squire (1906-1997)
Sam Steiger (b. 1929)
Laurence Adolph Steinhardt (1892-1950)
Richard Bernard Stone (b. 1928)
Isidor Straus (1845-1912)
Jesse Isidor Straus (1872-1936)
Oscar Solomon Straus (1850-1926)
Ludwig Teller (1911-1965)
Herbert Tenzer (1905-1993)
Lester David Volk (1884-1962)
Anthony D. Weiner (b. 1964)
Herman Weinkrantz (1908-1969)
Helene E. Weinstein
Theodore S. Weiss (1927-1992)
William Winter (1849-1917)
Lester Lionel Wolff (b. 1919)
Jerry Wurf (b. 1919)
David Levy Yulee (1810-1886)
Herbert Zelenko (1906-1979)

North Carolina
Ian T. Kaplan (b. 1946)
Harriss Newman (b. 1897)
Alan L. Susman (b. 1930)

Walton H. Bachrach (1904-1989)
Alfred Morton Cohen (1859-1949)
Edwin Einstein (1842-1905)
Lee Fisher (b. 1951)
Julius Fleischmann (1871-1925)
Emerich B. Freed (1897-1955)
Julius Freiberg (1823-1905)
Willis David Gradison, Jr. (b. 1928)
Simeon Moses Johnson (b. 1859)
Joseph Saul Kornfeld (1876-1943)
Isaac Jack Martin (1908-1966)
Robert S. Marx (b. 1889)
Howard Morton Metzenbaum (b. 1917)
Benton Oppenheimer (b. 1878)
Theodore Albert Peyser (1873-1937)
Benjamin Louis Rosenbloom (1880-1965)
Murray Seasongood (1878-1983)
Milton Jerrold Shapp (1912-1994)
Gerald Norman Springer (b. 1944)
Bernard Weisberg (b. 1925)

Neil Goldschmidt (b. 1940)
Solomon Hirsch (1839-1902)
John A. Kitzhaber
Julius L. Meier (1874-1937)
Richard Lewis Neuberger (1912-1960)
Joseph Simon (1851-1935)
Ronald Lee Wyden (b. 1949)

Isaac Bacharach (1870-1956)
Charles S. Blondy (1905-1982)
Earl Chudoff (1907-1993)
Josiah Cohen
Samuel G. Coppersmith (b. 1955)
W. Louis Coppersmith (b. 1928)
Warder Cresson
Joshua Eilberg (1921-2004)
Henry Ellenbogen (1900-1985)
Robert Filner (b. 1942)
Herbert Fineman (b. 1920)
Max Martin Fisher (b. 1908)
Benjamin Martin Golder (1891-1946)
Oscar Baylin Goodman (b. 1939)
Albert M. Greenfield (b. 1887)
Simon Guggenheim (1867-1941)
Harry Ellis Kalodner (1896-1977)
David E. Kaufman (1883-1962)
David Spangler Kaufman (1813-1851)
Lewis Charles Levin (1808-1860)
Marc Lincoln Marks (b. 1927)
Sophie Masloff
Edward Isaac Nathan (b. 1878)
Steven P. Perskie (b. 1945)
Henry Myer Phillips (1811-1884)
Jeanette F. Reibman (b. 1916)
Edward G. Rendell (b. 1944)
Benjamin Louis Rosenbloom (1880-1965)
Robert A. Rovner (b. 1943)
Leo R. Sack (b. 1889)
Leon Sacks (1902-1972)
Allyson Y. Schwartz
Milton Jerrold Shapp (1912-1994)
Arlen Specter (b. 1930)
Myer Strouse (1825-1878)
Herman Toll (1907-1967)
Cyril H. Wecht
Samuel Arthur Weiss (1902-1977)

Rhode Island
August Belmont (1816-1890)
Samuel C. Kagan (b. 1908)
Frank Licht (b. 1916)
Richard A. Licht (b. 1948)

South Carolina
Herman Benjamin Baruch (1872-1953)
Lewis Charles Levin (1808-1860)
Philip Phillips (1807-1884)
Joseph Pulitzer (1847-1911)

Abe Fortas (1910-1982)
Max Friedman
Naomi Caplan Matusow (b. 1938)
George Washington Oakes

Martin Daneman
Jonas Martin Frost (b. 1942)
Irving Loeb Goldberg (1906-1995)
David Spangler Kaufman (1813-1851)
Isaac Herbert Kempner
Adrian Levy (b. 1895)

Simon Bamberger (1846-1926)
Florence Prag Kahn (1866-1948)
Louis Marcus (1880-1936)
Joseph Albert Ottenheimer (b. 1905)
Hubert Mayer Safran (b. 1930)

Samuel William Fishman (b. 1913)
Madeleine M. Kunin (b. 1933)
Bernard Sanders (b. 1941)

Samuel David Berger (1911-1980)
Eric Cantor (b. 1963)
Joe S. Frank (b. 1942)
Arthur Joseph Goldberg (1908-1990)
Thomas Peter Lantos (b. 1928)
Maurice Larry Lawrence (1926-1996)
William Mallory Levy (1827-1882)
Allard Kenneth Lowenstein (1929-1980)
Norman Sisisky (1927-2001)
Gladys Noon Spellman (1918-1988)
Laurence Adolph Steinhardt (1892-1950)
Lewis Lichtenstein Strauss (b. 1896)

Bailey Gatzert (1829-1893)
John A. Kitzhaber
Edward Selig Salomon (1836-1913)

West Virginia
David Martin Baker (b. 1923)
Ivor F. Boiarsky (1920-1971)
Fred H. Caplan (b. 1914)
Stanley E. Deutsch (b. 1921)
Harry Friedman (b. 1883)
Si Galperin, Jr. (b. 1931)
Paul J. Kaufman (b. 1920)
Leo G. Kopelman (b. 1917)
Theodore Albert Peyser (1873-1937)
Benjamin Louis Rosenbloom (1880-1965)
Lewis Lichtenstein Strauss (b. 1896)
Alan L. Susman (b. 1930)

David Lionel Bazelon (1909-1993)
Victor Luitpold Berger (1860-1929)
Wilbur Joseph Cohen (1913-1987)
Russell Dana Feingold (b. 1953)
Herbert H. Kohl (b. 1935)
Abner Joseph Mikva (b. 1926)
Marcus Otterbourg
Joseph A. Padway (b. 1890)

The District of Columbia
David Lionel Bazelon (1909-1993)
Ralph Elihu Becker (1907-1994)
Samuel David Berger (1911-1980)
Sol Bloom (1870-1949)
Barbara Levy Boxer (b. 1940)
Louis Dembitz Brandeis (1856-1941)
David Gerald Bress (b. 1908)
Sala Galant Burton (1925-1987)
Morris Michael Edelstein (1888-1941)
Rahm Emanuel (b. 1959)
Russell Dana Feingold (b. 1953)
Dianne Goldman Berman Feinstein (b. 1933)
Robert Filner (b. 1942)
Abe Fortas (1910-1982)
Barney Frank (b. 1940)
Felix Frankfurter (1882-1965)
Samuel Nathaniel Friedel (1898-1979)
Jonas Martin Frost (b. 1942)
Ruth Bader Ginsburg (b. 1933)
Arthur Joseph Goldberg (1908-1990)
Harold H. Greene (1923-2000)
Ernest Henry Gruening (1887-1974)
Jane F. Harman (b. 1945)
David Spangler Kaufman (1813-1851)
Henry Alfred Kissinger (b. 1923)
Herbert H. Kohl (b. 1935)
Frank Raleigh Lautenberg (b. 1924)
Carl Milton Levin (b. 1934)
Sander Martin Levin (b. 1931)
Joseph Isadore Lieberman (b. 1942)
Samuel H. Malkan (b. 1893)
Abner Joseph Mikva (b. 1926)
Jerrold Lewis Nadler (b. 1947)
Rosalie Solomons Phillips
Isidor Rayner (1850-1912)
Stacy Joy Ritter (b. 1960)
Benjamin Stanley Rosenthal (1923-1983)
Leo R. Sack (b. 1889)
Charles Ellis Schumer (b. 1950)
Brad J. Sherman (b. 1954)
Richard Bernard Stone (b. 1928)
Henry Arnold Waxman (b. 1939)
Paul David Wellstone (1944-2002)
Jerry Wurf (b. 1919)
Ronald Lee Wyden (b. 1949)
Sidney Richard Yates (1909-2000)
David Levy Yulee (1810-1886)

The Virgin Islands
Judah Philip Benjamin (1811-1884)
David Levy Yulee (1810-1886)
Ian T. Kaplan (b. 1946)
Harriss Newman (b. 1897)
Alan L. Susman (b. 1930)

People who were NOT Jewish:

Obviously many of the people listed above were not Jewish in any practical sense of the word. There are people listed who had no Jewish identity at all, but who had a parent that was an ethnic Jew. All of this is commonly understood when one speaks of people who are "Jewish." The word encompasses people for whom Jewishness is an ethnicity or a fact of ancestry, as well as people for whom Judaaism is an actual religious affiliation, religious practice and/or culture. Below are a few people whose names we have found on the lists that were the sources for the list above, who we can simply find no reason why they would have been listed as "Jewish":

- Jane Wiedlin (singer, of the "Go Go's")
- Leonardo da Vinci
- Thomas Mann
- Ernest Borgnine
- Arthur Schawlow

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