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Famous Jewish Anglicans
(or Anglican Jews, Episcopalian Jews, Jewish Episcopalians)

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Below is a list of famous Jewish Anglicans (or Anglican Jews, Episcopalian Jews, or Jewish Episcopalians).

"Jewish Anglicans" are simply people that are both Anglican (including Episcopalians) and Jewish. Many of these individuals had one Anglican (or Episcopalian) parent and one Jewish parent. (It does not matter whether it was the mother or father that was Anglican/Episcopalian or Jewish.) Other individuals on this list had two Jewish parents (or only one), but they converted to Anglicanism/Episcopalianism during their life. The Anglican Communion, whose center is the Church of England, has semi-autonomous national churches in many nations. In the United States, the Episcopal Church is the national church representing the Anglican Communion. All Episcopalians are, by definition, Anglicans (although they may rarely refer to themselves as such), but not all Anglicans are Episcopalians.

There are exceptions, of course, but for the most part, Jewish Anglicans do not practice the religion of Judaism in any meaningful way. Their "Jewishness" is merely an ethnicity, a fact of birth. These individuals may or may not have any meaningful self-identity as Jews. Generally speaking, if Jewish Anglicans practice any religion, that religion is Christianity, specifically Anglicanism. However, because Anglicanism and Episcopalianism themselves have relatively high rates of non-attendance at church services and nominalism, it is quite common for children of Jewish Anglican couples to exhibit little religious practice at all, and to exhibit ethical behavior no more developed than is exhibited by their general background population.

The list of Jewish Anglicans may also include people who were fully Anglican, but who converted religiously to Judaism.
  • Benjamin Disraeli - (born Jewish, baptized and raised in Church of England; Jewish self-identity)
  • Oliver Stone - film director (lapsed Catholic mother; non-observant Jewish father; raised Episcopalian; converted to Buddhism as adult)
  • Cary Grant - actor, movie star (mother may have been Jewish; Grant had some ethnic Jewish self-identity; lapsed Anglican; generically spiritual as adult)
  • Cecil B. DeMille - movie director (mother was Jewish; raised Episcopalian; openly devout Episcopalian as an adult)
  • Paulette Goddard - actress, movie star (Episcopalian mother; Jewish father)
  • Madeline Albright - U.S. Secretary of State (ethnic Jew; raised Episcopalian)
  • Harry Oppenheimer - South African billionaire; anti-Apartheid activist (Jewish convert to Anglicanism)

Famous Jewish/Anglican (or Jewish/Episcopalian) Couples:

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