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Famous Adherents of
Ancient Greek Philosophy,
Platonism, and/or
Ancient Greco-Roman Classical Religion
(Ancient Greco-Roman Paganism)

Some Greco-Roman Religionist
Comic Book Characters

- Wonder Woman
- Namor, the Sub-Mariner
- Hercules
- Donna Troy (Wonder Girl)
- Magma
- Wonder Girl III
- Captain Marvel
- Queen Hippolyta
- Namorita
- Aquaman
- Andromeda
- Aphrodite
- Doctor Stratos
- Sun Woman
  • Aristotle - ancient philosopher
  • Socrates - ancient philosopher
  • Plato - philosopher; founder of Platonism
  • Euclid - mathematician; introduced Euclidian geometry
  • Herodotus - regarded as first systematic historian, the "Father of History"
  • St. Augustine - influential early Christian

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