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Famous Catholics
Celebrity Catholics, Influential Catholics, Notable Catholics, Well Known Catholics

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Catholic Founding Fathers

Catholic Signers of
the Declaration of Independence:

Charles Carroll - Maryland

Catholic Signers of
the Articles of Confederation:

Daniel Carroll - Maryland

Catholic Signers of the U.S. Constitution:
Daniel Carroll - Maryland
Thomas Fitzsimons - Pennsylvania

Catholic Representatives Elected to
First U.S. Federal Congress (1789-1791):

Daniel Carroll - Maryland
Thomas Fitzsimons - Pennsylvania

Catholic Senators Elected to
First U.S. Federal Congress (1789-1791):

Charles Carroll - Maryland

Some Catholic
Comic Book Characters

- Daredevil
- Nightcrawler
- The Hulk
- Batman
- The Punisher
- Hellboy
- Gambit
- Banshee
- Havok
- Polaris
- Siryn
- Huntress
- Blue Devil
- Firestar
- The Question (Renee Montoya)
- Fire
- Skin
- Confessor
- Altar Boy
- Dagger
- Blue Beetle
- Vindicator
- Aurora
- Northstar
- Sunspot
- Karma
- Doctor Mid-Nite
- Invisible Kid
- Saturn Girl
- Devlin O'Ryan
- The Magdalena
- Obsidian
- Firebird
- Gangbuster
- Hellstorm
- Living Lightning
- Jaguar
- Azrael
- Plastique
- Rockslide
- Tag
- Wind Dancer
- El Gato Negro
- Catwoman
- BattlePope
- Nightshade
- Silhouette
- Dr Arcane
- Venom
- The Lizard
- Tyrannus
- Shi
- Green Lantern IV (Guy Gardner)
- Green Lantern V (Kyle Rayner)
- Saint George
- Father Richard Craemer
- Lois Lane
- Father Michael Bowen
- Blackhawk
- Empath
- Constantine
- Deadpool
- Monsoon
- The Crusader
- Soul Man
- Cassidy
- Ultra
- The Condor
- Bushwacker
- Silver Dagger
- Black Tom Cassidy
- Bibbo Bibbowski
- Kelvin Gossage
- Witchblade
- Antaeus
- Ghost Rider
- Vision
- Strong Guy
- Kingpin
- Catholic Man
- nun in Lois & Clark

Some of the Famous Catholics for Whom We Have Specific Webpages on this Site:
- Dan Aykroyd - comedian, actor (lapsed)
- Alan Alda - actor famous for his role as "Dr. 'Hawkeye' Pierce" on TV's M*A*S*H (devout Catholic until early adulthood, then mostly lapsed)
- Robert Alda - actor, movie star, father of actor Alan Alda
- Sherman Alexie - Native American author (lapsed Catholic)
- Samuel Alito - nominated to U.S. Supreme Court in October 2005
- Gracie Allen - actress, comedian, TV star, partner and wife of George Burns
- Robert Altman - acclaimed film director whose movies include M*A*S*H; Nashville
- Eve Arden - actress, movie star, Academy Award nomination for supporting role in the Mildred Pierce (1945)
- Adele Astaire - sister and former on-stage dancing partner of Fred Astaire (she had a Catholic father, Lutheran mother)
- Augustine - influential Christian philosopher
- Stephen Baldwin - actor
- Anne Bancroft - Oscar-winning actor, The Miracle Worker (1962)
- Ethel Barrymore - actress
- John Barrymore - actor
- Lionel Barrymore - actor
- Andre Bazin - influential French film critic
- Bernardo Bertolucci - prominent Italian film director; Last Tango in Paris; Little Buddha; etc. (lapsed)
- Simon Bolivar - Venezuelan statesman who led the revolt of South American colonies against Spanish rule (lapsed)
- Bono - lead singer for Irish rock band U2; humanitarian (father was a lapsed Catholic)
- Sonny Bono - singer ("Sonny and Cher"), U.S. Representative (convert to Scientology)
- Ernest Borgnine - actor; McHale's Navy, Marty, etc.
- Peter Boyle - actor (former Christian Brother, i.e., he was studying to become a priest; lapsed)
- Joseph Breen - chief of movie production code (Hollywood's self-censorship program)
- William Brennan Jr. - U.S. Supreme Court justice
- Sam Brownback - U.S. Senator from Kansas (converted to Catholicism while in office)
- Angelo Buono and Kenneth Bianchi - Hillside Strangler
- Luis Bunuel - influential Spanish film director
- Pierce Butler - U.S. Supreme Court justice
- Nicolas Cage - Oscar-winning actor, Leaving Las Vegas (1995)
- James Cagney - Oscar-winning actor, Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942)
- Ben Nighthorse Campbell - U.S. Senator from Colorado
- Karel Capek - prominent Czech writer, playwright, novelist, philosopher; coined the word "robot"
- Frank Capra - director, It's a Wonderful Life; etc.
- Alexis Carrel - Nobel Laureate in Medicine and Physiology
- Jim Caviezel - actor; played "Jesus" in Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ
- G. K. Chesterton - author, theologian (convert)
- Gary Cooper - actor, movie star (convert)
- Claudette Colbert - actress, movie star
- Sean Connery - movie star
- Nicholas Copernicus - astronomer
- Francis Ford Coppola - film director (non-practicing)
- Roger Corman - prolific independent film producer/director
- Jeanne Coyne - dancer
- Joan Crawford - actress, movie star
- Bing Crosby - actor, singer, movie star
- Marie Curie - influential physicist, chemist who studied radiation (lapsed)
- Salvador Dali - Surrealist painter (convert)
- Leonardo da Vinci - artist, scientist, inventor
- Dorothy Day - founded the Catholic Worker Movement in 1933
- Edgar Degas - famous French painter
- Francisco De Goya - famous Spanish painter
- Eugene Delacroix - famous French painter
- Robert De Niro - actor, movie star (non-practicing)
- Rene Descartes - influential philosopher and mathematician
- Theodore Dreiser - influential 20th Century author; wrote An American Tragedy (convert to other denom.)
- Pierre Duhem - French physicist and philosopher of science
- Patty Duke - actress
- Faye Dunaway - Oscar-winning actor, Network (1976)
- Irene Dunne - actress
- Albrecht Durer - famous German painter
- Roger Ebert - America's leading film critic (lapsed)
- John Eccles - Nobel Laureate in Medicine and Physiology
- Joe Eszterhas - screenwriter
- Clair L. Farrand - motion picture sound engineer; inventor of the cone loudspeaker
- Noel Farrand - composer
- James T. Farrell - American novelist; Studs Lonigan trilogy, etc.
- Mia Farrow - actress, former wife of Woody Allen
- Joey Fatone - singer with boy band N'Sync
- Federico Fellini - influential Italian film director
- Enrico Fermi - physicist, father of atomic bomb
- Robert Flaherty - influential documentary filmmaker, Nanook of the North, etc. (half Catholic, half Protestant)
- Ford Madox Ford - influential author of The Good Soldier, 1915 (convert; agnostic)
- John Ford - influential American film director, particularly known for classic Westerns
- Clark Gable - Oscar-winning actor, It Happened One Night (1934)
- Galileo Galilei - influential scientist, astronomer
- Paul Gauguin - celebrated French painter known for his warm paintings of Polynesian people and scenes (raised Catholic, convert to Theosophy)
- Mel Gibson - actor, film director (traditionalist Catholic)
- Charles Gounod - French composer, wrote the opera Faust
- Graham Greene - British novelist (atheist)
- John Guare - playwright, screenwriter; Six Degrees of Separation, etc. (lapsed)
- Alec Guinness - Oscar-winning actor, The Bridge On The River Kwai (1957)
- Arlo Guthrie - American folk singer (convert)
- John Lee Hancock - film director; The Rookie, etc.
- Josh Hartnett - actor, movie star
- Helen Hayes - actress
- Susan Hayward - Oscar-winning actor, I Want to Live! (1958)
- Edith Head - influential Hollywood costume designer
- Frank Herbert - science fiction writer famous for Dune series (lapsed)
- Alfred Hitchcock - influential film director
- Adolf Hitler - German Nazi dictator (rejected Catholicism, became anti-Catholic and anti-Christian)
- Agnieszka Holland - film director; The Third Miracle, etc.
- Bob Hope - movie star, comedian
- Casey Kasem - nationally prominent Top 10 D.J.
- John T. Kelley - TV writer
- Gene Kelly - actor, dancer, movie star
- Grace Kelly - Oscar-winning actor, The Country Girl (1954)
- Mary Kelly - dancer
- Anthony M. Kennedy - U.S. Supreme Court justice
- John F. Kennedy Jr. - 35th U.S. President
- Jack Kerouac - author (lapsed)
- Alan Keyes - U.S. Presidential candidate, politician, radio host
- Nicole Kidman - actress
- Dennis Kucinich - U.S. Representative from Ohio (Vegan)
- Lawrence Kudlow - economist-commentator (convert)
- Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa - author of influential novel The Leopard (1958)
- Tom Laughlin - actress (lapsed)
- Antoine Laurent Lavoisier - chemist, economist, philosopher
- Vivien Leigh - Oscar-winning actor, Gone With the Wind (1939), A Streetcar Named Desire (1951)
- Stanislaw Lem - science fiction writer (lapsed)
- Jack Lemmon - movie star
- Sophia Loren - actress (non-practicing)
- Madonna - pop singer, actress (lapsed; convert to Kabbalah)
- Bill Maher - comedian, commentator, previously hosted TV talk show Politically Incorrect (non-practicing)
- Louis Malle - screenwriter, director (lapsed)
- Edouard Manet - famous French painter
- Guglielmo Marconi - inventor of the radio (born, baptized Catholic; raised Anglican)
- Dean Martin - movie star
- Henri Matisse - famous French painter
- Gerda Maurus - Croatian actress based in Vienna
- Anne McCaffrey - science fiction writer (lapsed)
- Leo McCarey - influential filmmaker
- James E. McGreevey - first openly GLBT U.S. governor (New Jersey); resigned after gay adultery/nepotism/security scandal
- Joseph McKenna - U.S. Supreme Court justice
- Rev. John McCloskey - influential Washington D.C. priest, advocate of traditionalism
- Norma McCorvey - the woman known as "Roe" in "Roe Versus Wade" case which legalized abortion; she later became staunch anti-abortion advocate
- Georges Melies - early filmmaker
- Gregor Mendel - monk and naturalist who described genetic inheritance
- Mike Mignola - comic book artist; creator of Hellboy
- Michelangelo - Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni was a famous Italian painter, artist, sculptor
- Walter M. Miller, Jr. - science fiction writer
- Sherman Minton - U.S. Supreme Court justice
- Cathy Moriarty - actress
- Gerald Morin - film director/producer
- Hal Moore - U.S. war hero
- Frank Murphy - U.S. Supreme Court justice
- Bill Murray - comedian, actor
- Joseph Murray - Nobel Laureate in Medicine and Physiology
- Napoleon - French military leader
- Patricia Neal - actress
- Richard John Neuhaus - author; commentator; research institute president; editor of journal First Things (convert; ordained a priest, 1991)
- Bob Newhart - popular TV sitcom actor, comedian
- Jack Nicholson - actor
- Robert Novak - conservative columnist and TV commentator (convert)
- Chris Ofili - controversial MOMA elephant dung artist
- Al Pacino - Oscar-winning actor, Scent of a Woman (1992)
- St. Patrick - brought Christianity to Ireland
- Gregory Peck - actor
- Bernadette Peters - singer, actress
- Mary Pickford - actress (converted to Christian Science)
- Walker Percy - author (convert)
- Pablo Picasso - (1881-1973) famous painter
- Alexander Pope - poet and satirist
- Thomas Pynchon - influential author, Gravity's Rainbow, The Crying of Lot 49; etc.
- Anthony Quinn - actor (lapsed)
- Raphael - famous Italian painter
- Jean Renoir - film director
- Pierre-Auguste Renoir - influential French Impressionist painter
- Anne Rice - gothic vampire novelist
- John Roberts - appointed Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court in 2005
- Eric Rohmer - film director
- Roberto Rossellini - film director
- Pierre Roustang - French filmmaker
- Peter Paul Rubens - (1577-1640) Flemish baroque painter
- Ken Russell - film director
- Rosalind Russell - actress
- Susan Sarandon - Oscar-winning actor, Dead Man Walking (1995)
- Michael Saso - Taoism scholar; Jesuit priest who became a Taoist priest, then a Jesuit priest again
- Antonin Scalia - U.S. Supreme Court justice
- Joe Schwarz - U.S. Representative from Michigan
- Arnold Schwarzenegger - movie star, governor of California
- Martin Scorsese - film director
- Mack Sennett - film director
- William Shakespeare - playwright
- Martin Sheen - actor
- Vittorio de Sica - film director
- Bruce Springsteen - rock star
- Jon Voight - Oscar-winning actor, Coming Home (1978)
- Robyn Smith - jockey
- Sylvester Stallone - movie star
- Roger Taney - Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (1836-1864)
- Sharon Tate - actress
- Clarence Thomas - U.S. Supreme Court justice
- Eduard Tisse - cinematographer
- Titian (Tiziano Vecelli) - (1490-1576) famous Italian painter
- J.R.R. Tolkien - fantasy writer
- Spencer Tracy - actor
- John Travolta - actor (convert to Scientology)
- Francois Truffaut - film director
- Andy Warhol - famous American painter and artist known for his pop art
- John Wayne - actor
- Jane Wiedlin - singer (with the Go Go's)
- Mae West - actress
- Edward White - Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (1910-1921)
- Oscar Wilde - influential Irish writer (deathbed convert from Anglican to Catholicism)
- Gene Wolfe - acclaimed science fiction writer
- James Woods - actor
- Jack Valenti - president of the MPAA
- Brian K. Vaughan - acclaimed comic book writer
- Jan Vermeer - celebrated painter; one of the "Dutch Masters"; his works include Girl with a Pearl Earring, c. 1665
- Loretta Young - actress

Other Catholics:

A. P. Giannini
Aaron Neville
Aaron Thompson
Abbe Georges LeMaitre
Abbe Prevost
Abel Ferrara
About Wikipedia
Abraham Ortelius
Adam Carolla
Adam Goldberg
Adam Mickiewicz
Adam Ries
Adam Weishaupt
Admiral Walter Wilhelm Canaris
Adolf Eichmann
Adolf Hitler
Adolfo Perez Esquivel
Adolfo Sardina
Adolphe Menjou
Adolphe-William Bouguereau
Adriaanvan Roomen
Adriaanvanden Spiegel
Adrian "Cobra" Ilie
Adriano Castellesi
Adrien Auzout
Agnes Nixon
Agnieszka Holland
Agostino Depretis
Agostino Scilla
Agustin de Iturbide
Aida Turturro
Aidan McArdle
Aidan Quinn
Aidan Scannell
Al Capone
Al D'Amato
Al Koken
Al Maguire
Al Molinaro
Al Pacino
Al Roker
Al Smith
Alain Delon
Alan Alda
Alan Bleasdale
Alan Keyes
Alan Keys
Alan Maybury
Alan Page
Alanis Morissette
Alban Butler
Albert Anastasia
Albert Camus
Albert II
Albert R. Broccoli
Alberto Fujimori
Alberto Gonzales
Albrecht Altdorfer
Albrecht Duerer
Albrecht Durer
Albrecth Doeblin
Alec Baldwin
Alec Guinness
Aleixo de Abreu
Aleksander Kwasniewski
Alessandro Manzoni
Alessandro Scarlatti
Alessandro Stradella
Alessandro Tassoni
Alessandro Volta
Alesso Baldovinetti
Alex "A-rod" Rodriguez
Alex Corretja
Alex Criville
Alex Debon
Alex Penelas
Alex Trebek
Alex Van Halen
Alexander Fleming
Alexander Haig
Alexander Pope
Alexander Suchten
Alexis Bledel
Alfonso Garcia Robles
Alfred Bloomingdale
Alfred Doblin
Alfred Drake
Alfred E. Smith
Alfred Hitchcock
Alfred Molina
Alfredo Rossi
Ali Landry
Alice Faye
Alice Thomas Ellis
Allan Dwan
Allen Ludden
Alma Hitchcock
Alonso de Castillo Solorzano
Alvaro Thomaz
AlvaroAlonso Barba
Alvise Cadamosto
Alyssa Milano
Amado Nervo
Amanda Bynes
Amanda Byram
Amatus Lusitanus
Ambroise Pare
Ambrose D'evreux
Amedeo Avogadro
Amerigo Vespucci
Amilcare Ponchielli
Ana Alicia
Ana Castillo
Anais Nin
Anatole France
Andre Dacier
Andrea Argoli
Andrea Boccelli
Andrea Cesalpino
Andrea del Castagno
Andrea del Verrocchio
Andrea Doria
Andrea Mantegna
Andrea Pisano
Andreas Dudith
Andreas Osiander
Andreas Tacquet
Andreas Vesalius
Andres Bello
Andres Galaragga
Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador
Andres Pastrana Arango
Andrew Cuomo
Andrew Greeley
Andrew Greely
Andrew Keir
Andrew O'Hagan
Andrew Sullivan
Andrew Wilson
Andrzej Wajda
Andy Cooney
Andy Garcia
Andy Warhol
Angela Alioto
Angelo La Pietra
Angelo Sala
Angie Dickenson
Angie Dickinson
Anibal Acevedo-Vila
Ann Blyth
Ann Jillian
Ann Rice
Ann Widdecombe
Anna Eshoo
Anna Magnani
Anna Manahan
Anna Maria Alberghetti
Anna Maria Santiago Holly
Anna Moffo
Anna Nicole Smith
Anna Quayle
Anne Bancroft
Anne Diamond
Anne Lefevre
Anne McCaffrey
Anne Meara
Anne Miranda
Anne Murray
Anne Northup
Anne Rice
Anne Robinson
Annette Funicello
Annie Karto
Anselmus Boetius de Boodt
Anthonny Quinn
Anthony A. Williams
Anthony Burgess
Anthony Kennedy
Anthony Michael Hall
Anthony Provenzano
Anthony Salemo
Anthony Spilotro
Anthony Williams
Antione - J. D. d' Argenville
Antoine Arnauld
Antoine de Lalouvere
Antoine Lavoisier
Antoine Lavoisieur
Antoine Parent
Anton Bruckner
Anton Brueckner
Anton von Webern
Antonia White
Antonin Dvorak
Antonin Scalia
Antonio Banderas
Antonio Canova
Antonio Diniz da Cruz e Silva
Antonio Feliciano de Castilho
Antonio Gaudi
Antonio Guterres
Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
Antonio Neri
Antonio Sabato Jr.
Antonio Stradivari
Antonio Vallisnieri
Antonio Villaraigosa
Antonio Vivaldi
AntonM.S. Rheita
AntonMaria Valsalva
Antony Alda
Arcangelo Corelli
Arcangelo Piccolomini
Ardal O'Hanlon
Arlo Guthrie
Armand de Rance
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arrigo Boito
Arrigo Caterino Davila
Arsenio Martinez Campos
Art Carney
Arthur Conan Doyle
Arthur Donovan
Arthur Godfrey
Arthur Rimbaud
Arturo Toscanini
Athanasius Kircher
Auberon Waugh
Aubrey Beardsley
Audrey Meadows
Audrey Santo
Auguste Beernaert
Auguste Comte
Auguste Renoir
Augustin Louis Cauchy
Augusto Pinochet
Augustus II
Augustus III
Augustus Welby Pugin
Avery Dulles
B. Constance Barry
Babe Ruth
Bairbre Dowling
Baldassar Capra
Baldassare Castiglione
Baldassarre Peruzzi
Barbara Carrera
Barbara Mikulski
Barbara Olson
Barry Bonds
Barry McCaffrey
Barry Zito
Bart Stupak
Bartholomew Diaz
Bartolome Esteban Murillo
Bartolomeo Eustachi
Bartolomeo Maggi
Bartolommeo Ammannati
Bebe Buell
Bedrich Smetana
Bela Lugosi
Belinda Carlisle
Ben Affleck
Benedetto Castelli
Benedictus Pereira
Benicio Del Toro
Benito Juarez
Benito Mussolini
Benjamin Ruggiero
Benny Gamson
Benoit de Maillet
Benozzo Gozzoli
Benvenuto Cellini
Berengar of Tours
Bernadette Devlin-McAliskey
Bernadette Peters
Bernadino Baldi
Bernard Frenicle de Bessy
Bernard Lamy
Bernard Law
Bernard Leclerc
Bernard Palissy
Bernardim Ribeiro
Bernardino Luini
Bernardino Telesio
Bernardle B. Fontenelle
Bernardo Perez de Vargas
Bernie Choiniere
Bert Hill
Bertold Brecht
Betty Clooney
Betty Hutton
Betty Williams
Bianca Jagger
Bil Keane
Bill Archer
Bill Cullen
Bill Delahunt
Bill Hemmer
Bill Laimbeer
Bill Lipinski
Bill Luther
Bill Maher
Bill Melendez
Bill Murray
Bill O'Reilly
Bill Owens
Bill Pascrell
Bill Richardson
Bill Walton
Bill Whelan
Billie Holliday
Billy Baldwin
Billy Conn
Billy Connolly
Billy Corgan
Billy Martin
Billy Tauzin
Bing Crosby
Binnie Barnes
Black 47
Black Elk
Blaise Pascal
Bo Derek
Bob Beauprez
Bob Costas
Bob Cousy
Bob Crane
Bob Dornan
Bob Geldof
Bob Golic
Bob Guccione
Bob Guccionne
Bob Gunton
Bob Hope
Bob Keeshan
Bob Menendez
Bob Newhart
Bob Schaffer
Bob Stoops
Bobby Allison
Bobby Bonds
Bobby Cannavale
Bobby Darin
Bobby Jindal
Bobby Rydell
Bobby Sands
Bobby Vinton
Bonaventura Cavalieri
Bonita Granville
Bonnie Bedelia
Bonnie Hunt
Bowie Kuhn
Boy George
Boy George O'Dowd
Brad DeRosia
Bradley Sowash
Brandini Andolini
Brenda Vaccaro
Brendan Fraser
Brendan Gill
Brendan Gleeson
Brett Favre
Brian Bilbray
Brian Boitano
Brian De Palma
Brian Dennehy
Brian Doyle-Murray
Brian Eno
Brian Fife
Brian Friel
Brian Higgins
Brian Keith
Brian Kilmeade
Brian Lamb
Brian Moore
Brian Mulroney
Brian Murray
Brian Piccolo
Brian Schweitzer
Brian Williams
Brigid Brophy
Brigitte Bardot
Brittany Daniel
Bronagh Gallagher
Bronko Nagurski
Brooke Shields
Bruce Babbitt
Bruce Deaton
Bruce Lee
Bruce Springsteen
Bruno Tozzi
Bryant Gumbel
Bud Cort
Buffalo Bill
Burt Young
Butch Otter
C. de Siguenzay Gongora
C.G. Bachet de Meziriac
Cal Eldred
Calisto Tanzi
Camille Guaty
Camille Paglia
Camilo Jose Cela
Campanella Tommaso
Campion Murphy
Candida Royalle
Cardinal Joseph L. Bernardin
Cardinal Mahony
Cardinal Richelieu
Carl Karcher
Carl Orff
Carla Alberghetti
Carlo Azeglio Ciampi
Carlo Denina
Carlo Gesualdo
Carlo Goldoni
Carlo Passaglia
Carlo Ponti
Carlo Ruini
Carlos Alomar
Carlos Chavez
Carlos Checa
Carlos Filipe Ximenes Belo
Carlos Fuentes
Carlos Menem
Carlos Moya
Carlos Valderrama
Carmel Quinn
Carmen Basilio
Carmen Lombardo
Carmen Miranda
Carmine Gulante
Carmine Lombardozzi
Carmine Persico
Carol Iovanna
Carole Landis
Caroline Ahern
Caroline Kennedy
Carolyn Kepcher
Carolyn McCarthy
Carroll O'Connor
Carson Daly
Casey Kasem
Casey Siemaszko
Casimir III
Casimir IV
Catherine Campbell Hearst
Catherine Cusack
Catherine de Medici
Catherine Deneuve
Catherine Hicks
Catherine Keener
Catherine McCormack
Catherine O'Hara
Catherine of Aragon
Catherine of Braganza
Catherine Swynford
Catherine Zeta Jones
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Cathy Rigby
Cecil B. Lyon
Cecilia Ahern
Cecily Adams
Ceili Rain
Celia Cruz
Celine Dion
Cesar Chavez
Cesar Romero
Cesare Borgia
Cesare Magati
Charlayne Hunter-Gault
Charles Atlas
Charles Baudelaire
Charles Bouvelles
Charles Boyer
Charles Carroll
Charles Comiskey
Charles de L'Ecluse
Charles DeGaulle
Charles Durning
Charles Estienne
Charles Hermite
Charles II
Charles III
Charles IV
Charles IX
Charles Keating
Charles Laughton
Charles Martel
Charles Plumier
Charles Rangel
Charles Rene Reyneau
Charles the Simple
Charles Whitman
Charles X
Charlie Burchill
Charlie Gonzalez
Charlie Melancon
Charlie Sheen
Charlotte Church
Cheech Marin
Cheri Blair
Cherry Boone
Cheryl Aranda
Chevi Colton
Chick Hearn
Chief Joseph
Chip Taylor
Chita Rivera
Chlodwig zu Hohenlohe-Schillingsfurst
Chloe Sevigny
Chloe Webb
Choderlos de Laclos
Chris Burke
Chris Columbus
Chris Dodd
Chris Everett
Chris Evert
Chris Farley
Chris Godfrey
Chris Gregoire
Chris Horn
Chris John
Chris Klein
Chris Matthews
Chris O'Donnell
Chris Padgett
Chris Penn
Chris Sarandon
Chris Smith
Christa McAuliffe
Christa Miller
Christian Fauria
Christiane Amanpour
Christina Aguilera
Christine Baranski
Christine Gregoire
Christoff Rudolff
Christoph Clavius
Christoph Scheiner
Christoph Willibald Gluck
Christopher Buckley
Christopher Columbus
Christopher Cox
Christopher Dodd
Christopher Durang
Christopher Glaser
Christopher Hewett
Christopher Lawford
Christopher Meloni
Christy Turlington
Chritine of Sweden
Chuck 'Kevin' Connors
Chuck Connors
Chuck Daly
Chuck Mangione
Chuck Noll
Ciaran Hinds
Ciaran McMenamin
Cilla Black
Cillian Murphy
Cindy Williams
Ciro Rodriguez
Clare Boothe Luce
Clarence Seedorff
Clarence Thomas
Clark Gable
Claude Bourdelin
Claude Chabrol
Claude Clerselier
Claude Debussy
Claude F.M. Dechales
Claude Guill. de Berigard
Claude McKay
Claude Mydorge
Claude Mylon
Claude Perrault
Claudette Colbert
Claudia Cardinale
Claudia Schiffer
Claudio Hummes
Claudio Monteverdi
Claus von Stauffenberg
Clifford D. Simak
Clifford Simak
Cokie Roberts
Colin Farrell
Colin Quinn
Colin Teevan
Colm Meaney
Colm Toibin
Columba Bush
Community portal
Conan O'Brian
Conan O'Brien
Connie Francis
Connie Mack
Connie Morella
Connie Salazar
Connie Stevens
Conor Cruise O'Brien
Conor McPherson
Conor Oberst
Conrad Black
Conrad Hilton
Coral Browne
Corazon Aquino
Cormac McCarthy
Cornelius Jansen
Cosimo de Medici
Costanzo Varolio
Courtney Love
Craig Benson
Craig Biggo
Craig Doyle
Crisostomo Martinez
Cristina Saralegui
Cristobal Acosta
Cristobal de Castillejo
Curtis Stephan
Cuthbert Tunstall
Cyndi Lauper
Cynthia McKinney
Cyril Cusack
Cyril Ritchard
Czeslaw Milosz
Dafydd ap Gwilym
Dagmara Dominczyk
Dagobert I
Daisy Fuentes
Dale Kildee
Dame Beryl Bainbridge
Dame Darcy
Dame Edith Sitwell
Dame Muriel Spark
Dan Abramowicz
Dan Aykroyd
Dan Cloutier
Dan Dailey
Dan Frisa
Dan Goggin
Dan Lipinski
Dan Lungren
Dan Marino
Dan O'Herlihy
Dan Patrick
Dan Rostenkowski
Dan Rutieger
Dan White
Dana Delaney
Dani Pedrosa
Daniel Baldwin
Daniel Berrigan
Daniel J. Travanti
Daniel O' Donnell
Daniel O'Connell
Daniel O'Donnell
Daniel Patrick Moinihan
Danielle Brisebois
Danielle Darrieux
Danielle Rose
Daniello Bartoli
Danny Aiello
Danny Boyle
Danny DeVito
Danny Morrison
Danny Thomas
Dante Alighieri
Darcy Maher
Dario Fo
Daro Fo
Dave Allen
Dave Brubeck
Dave Camp
Dave Cowens
Dave Davies
Dave Grohl
Dave Navarro
Dave Regitz
David Angell
David Bloom
David Bonior
David Boreanaz
David Caruso
David Doyle
David Durenberger
David E Kelley
David Edwardes
David Gallagher
David Hartman
David Hasselhoff
David I
David II
David Lord Alton
David Morrissey
David Obey
David Ortiz
David Ushery
David Vitter
David Wenham
Dawn Chmiel
Dawn Kinsman
Deal Hudson
Dean Martin
Debbi Peterson
Debbie Gibson
Deborah Gibson
Declan Donnelly
Declan Quinn
Dee Dee Myers
Denis Diderot
Denis Dodart
Denis Grady
Denis Leary
Denis Sassou-Nguesso
Denise Richards
Dennis Cardoza
Dennis Day
Dennis DeConcini
Dennis Kucinich
Dennis Leary
Dennis Locorriere
Dennis Rodman
Dennis Taylor
Denton Cooley
Denysde Sallo
Derek Jeter
Dermot Mulroney
Dermot Murnaghan
Dermott Desmond
Desi Arnaz
Desi Arnaz Jr.
Desi Arnaz Sr.
Devin Nunes
Dewi Nantbran
Diana Canova
Diane de France
Diane de Poitiers
Diane Ladd
Diane Watson
Dick Cusack
Dick Durbin
Dick Maguire
Dick Morris
Dick Riordan
Dick Van Patten
Dick Wolf
Diego Armando Maradona
Diego Maradona
Diego Velazquez
Dietrich Eckart
Dinesh D'Souza
Dino De Laurentiis
Dion Dimucci
Dionysius Petavius
Doc Holliday
Dolores Costello
Dolores del Rio
Dolores Hart
Dolores Hope
Dom DeLuise
Dom Miguel de Braganca
Dom William Pugh
Domenico Gagliardi
Domenico Ghirlandaio
Domenico Scarlatti
Domingo de Soto
Dominic Chianese
Dominic Monaghan
Dominick Dunne
Dominick Napolitano
Dominique Dunne
Don Adams
Don Ameche
Don Carcieri
Don DeLillo
Don Dumphy
Don Hastings
Don McCafferty
Don Nickles
Don Novello
Don Shula
Don Siegelman
Donal Donnelly
Donal Logue
Donald Angelini
Donna Brazile
Donna Cori Gibson
Donna Lee
Donna Murphy
Donnie Wahlberg
Doris Day
Dorothy Day
Dorothy Hamill
Dorothy Lamour
Dorothy Malone
Doug Flutie
Dred Scott
Duccio di Buoninsegna
Duncan James
Durao Barroso
Dusty Springfield
Dutch Schultz
Dutch Shultz
Dwight Schultz
Dylan McDermott
E. Clay Shaw
E. R. Haggar
E.J. Dionne
Eamon de Valera
Eamonn Andrews
Eamonn Holmes
Eamonn Roche
Ed Begley Jr.
Ed Bolduc
Ed Bove
Ed Gillespie
Ed Jankiewicz
Ed Marinaro
Ed Markey
Ed McMahon
Ed Muskie
Ed O'Neill
Ed Pastor
Ed Rollins
Ed Royce
Ed Sullivan
Eddie Dowling
Eddie Van Halen
Eddy Cotter Jr.
Edgar Davis
Edgar Degas
Edith Stein
Edme Mariotte
Edmond O'Brien
Edmund Bolton
Edmund Purdom
Edna O'Brien
Edouard Manet
Eduardo Cansino Sr.
Eduardo Galeano
Eduardo Najera
Eduardo Verastegui
Edward Burns
Edward Byrnes
Edward Elgar
Edward Herrmann
Edward Mulhare
Edward Murray
Edward Richard
Edward Wotton
Edwin Edwards
Edwin Feulner
Egnatio Danti
Eileen Brennan
Eileen Farrell
Eileen Ivers
El Greco
Elaine Stritch
Eleanor of Aquitaine
Elena Poniatowska
Elijah Wood
Elizabeth Allen
Elizabeth Hurley's son
Ella T. Grasso
Ellen Burstyn
Ellen Soukup
Ellen Tauscher
Ellin MacKay
Elmore Leonard
Elvis Costello
Emanuel Maignan
Emile Zola
Emilio Estevez
Emilio Garza
Emily Osment
Emma Bunton
Emmanuel Philibert
Emmanule Ronzoni Sr.
Emmet Smith
Engelbert Humperdinck
Enrico Caruso
Enrico Colantoni
Enrico Fermi
Enrique Granados
Enrique Iglesias
Enzo Ferrari
Erasmus Desiderius
Eric Aude
Eric B. Borgman
Eric Bana
Eric Bruno Borgman
Erich Maria Remarque
Erich von Daniken
Erik Estrada
Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn
Erin Moran
Ernest Borgnine
Ernest Gallo
Ernest Hemingway
Ernesto Teodoro Moneta
Ernesto Zedillo
Ernst Roehm
Erwin Schrodinger
Estienne de LaRoche
Ethel Barrymore
Ethel Barrymore Colt
Ethel Kennedy
Ethel Waters
Etienne Noel
Etienne Pascal
Etienne-Francois Geoffroy
Eugene Delacroix
Eugene Lockhart
Eugene O'Neill
Eugene Roche
Euricius Cordus
Eustachio Divini
Eustachio Manfredi
Eva Gabor
Eva Longoria
Evangelista Torricelli
Evelyn Waugh
Evita Peron
F. Scott Fitzgerald
F.X. Toole
Fabrizio Moretti
Famiano Michelini
Farrah Fawcett
Faryd Mondragon
Father Charles Coughlin
Father Damien
Father Stan Fortuna
Faustus Verantius
Faye Dunaway
Federico Cesi
Federico Commandino
Federico Fellini
Federico Garcia Lorca
Federico Grisogono
Federigo Bonaventura
Feldmarschall Friedrich Paulus
Feldmarshall Erich von Lewinsky und von Manstein
Felice Cavallotti
Felix Camacho
Felix Perez Camacho
Ferdinand Foch
Ferdinand Marcos
Ferdinand VI
Ferdinand VII
Fernan de Magellan
Fernando Alonso
Fernando Henrique Cardoso
Fernando I
Fernando Lamas
Fernando Pessoa
Fernando Poe Jr.
Fernando Redondo
Fernando Ricksen
Fernano de la Rua
Fidel Castro
Fifi D'Orsay
Filippo Buonanni
Finola Hughes
Fintan O'Toole
Fiona Shaw
Fionnuala Flanagan
Fiorello La Guardia
Flannery O'Connor
Flavius Stilicho
Florence Henderson
Florimond Debeaune
Floyd Patterson
Fonsi Nieto
Fra Angelico
Fra Diamante
Fra Filippo Lippi
Fran Healy
Frances Black
Frances Farmer
Frances O'Connor
Frances Shand Kydd
Francesca Annis
Francesco Buonamici
Francesco Crispi
Francesco Durante
Francesco Filelfo
Francesco Maria Grimaldi
Francesco Maurolico
Francesco Patrizi
Francesco Petrarca
Francesco Redi
Francesco Stelluti
Francis Arinze
Francis Ford Coppola
Francis Hughes
Francis Jammes
Francis Ledwidge
Francis Scott Fitzgerald
Francis Skaryna
Francis Stuart
Francis X. Bushman
Francisco de Goya
Francisco de la Reyna
Francisco de Mello
Francisco de Zurbaran
Francisco Franco
Francisco Goya
Francisco Hernandez
Francisco Jimenez de Cisneros
Francisco Pizarro
Francisco Sanchez
Francisco Suarez
Franciscus Barocius
Franco Nero
Francois Mauriac
Francois Pourfour du Petit
Francois Rabelais
Francois Truffaut
Francois Viete
Francois Villon
Francoisd' Aguilon
Francoise Dorleac
Frank Borzage
Frank Capra
Frank Carson
Frank Coppola
Frank Fay
Frank Finlay
Frank Gifford
Frank Gorshin
Frank Keating
Frank Lewis
Frank LoBiondo
Frank McCourt
Frank Murkowski
Frank Nicotero
Frank Nitti
Frank Pallone
Frank Patterson
Frank Shakespeare
Frank Sinatra
Frank Sinatra Jr.
Frank Skinner
Frank Stallone
Frank Zappa
Frankie Avalon
Frankie Miller
Frankie Muniz
Frankie Valli
Franz "Kaiser" Beckenbauer
Franz Guertner
Franz Liszt
Franz Schreker
Franz Schubert
Franz von Papen
Fred Allen
Fred Cacciotti
Fred MacMurray
Freddie Prinze
Frederic Chopin
Frederick The Wise
Frida Kahlo
Friedrich Merz
Friedrich von Schlegel
Fritz Lang
G. Gordon Liddy
G. K. Chesterton
G.K. Chesterton
Gabriel Byrne
Gabriel Faure
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Gabriel Mouton
Gabriel-Phil. de LaHire
Gabriela Mistral
Gabriele Falloppio
Gaetano Badalamenti
Gaetano Donizetti
Galileo Galilei
Garciad' Orta
Garry Marshall
Gary Cooper
Gary Lineker
Gary Marshall
Gary Sinise
Gaspar Lax
Gaspar Schott
Gaspare Aselli
Gasparo Berti
GasparR.F.N. CasalJulian
Gay Byrne
Gay Talese
Gedeon Tallemant des Reaux
Geminiano Montanari
Gene Kelly
Gene Krupa
Gene Lockhart
Gene Pitney
Gene Taylor
Gene Tunney
Gene Wolfe
General Ludwig von Beck
General Philip H. Sheridan
Genevieve Bujold
Geoffrey Chaucer
Georg Hartmann
Georg Trakl
Georg von Hertling
George "Papa Bear" Halas
George A. Borgman
George Blanda
George Brent
George Carlin
George Clooney
George Harrison
George J. Mitchell
George Kelly
George Lopez
George M. Cohan
George Maloof Jr.
George Miller
George Moore
George Moscone
George O'Hanlon
George Pataki
George Sand
George Santayana
George Voinovich
George Washington
George Weigel
George Wendt
Georges Bataille
Georges Bizet
Georges d'Amboise
Georges Danton
Georges Rouault
Georgianna Young Montalban
Georgio Baglivi
Georgius Agricola
Gerald Manley Hopkins
Gerald Posner
Geraldine Ferraro
Geraldine Fitzgerald
Gerard Butler
Gerard Depardeau
Gerard Depardieu
Gerard Desargues
Gerard Dorn
Gerard Manley Hopkins
Gerardus Mercator
Germaine Greer
Gerolamo Cardano
Gerry Adams
Gerry Mulligan
Giacinto Cestoni
Giacomo Casanova
Giacomo Filippo Maraldi
Giacomo Leopardi
Giacomo Puccini
Giambattista Bodoni
Giambattista del la Porta
Giambattista della Porta
Giambattista Riccioli
Gian Domenico Cassini
Gian Giacomo Bartolotti
Gian Lorenzo Bernini
Gianfranco Zola
Gil Gerard
Gil Gutknecht
Gil Hodges
Gilbert de la Porree
Gilbert K. Chesterton
Gilbert Roland
Gilles Pers. de Roberval
Gillian Anderson
Gina Bove
Gina Lollobrigida
Ginny Brown-Waite
Gioacchino Rossini
Gioanbatista Odierna
Giordano Bruno
Giorgio Vasari
Giotto di Bondone
Giovan Cosimo Bonomo
Giovann Battista Canano
Giovanni Alfonso Borelli
Giovanni Antonio Magini
Giovanni Batt. Benedetti
Giovanni Battista Baliani
Giovanni Battista Casti
Giovanni Battista Pergolesi
Giovanni Bellini
Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione
Giovanni Boccaccio
Giovanni Bottesini
Giovanni Ceva
Giovanni Della Casa
Giovanni Domenico Cassini
Giovanni Filippo Ingrassia
Giovanni Maria Lancisi
Giovanni Paisiello
Giovanni Pappini
Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
Giovanni Pisano
Giovanni Trulli
Giovanni Verga
GiovanniAnt. Baranzano
Girolamo Borro
Girolamo Fabrici
Girolamo Fracastoro
Girolamo Saccheri
Girolamo Savonarola
Giuliana Sgrena
Giuliano Amato
Giulietta Masina
Giulio Alberoni
Giulio Andreotti
Giulio Casseri
Giulio Cesare Vanini
Giuseppe Campani
Giuseppe Garibaldi
Giuseppe Parini
Giuseppe Sarti
Giuseppe Tartini
Giuseppe Verdi
Giuseppe Zambeccari
Giuseppedegli Aromatari
GK Chesterson
Glenn Quinn
Gloria Estefan
Godfried Danneels
Goran Ivanisevic
Goran Visnjic
Gottfried Wendelin
Grace Kelly
Grace Napolitano
Gracie Allen
Graham Greene
Grant Shaud
Gray Davis
Greg Brock
Greg Evigan
Greg Gumbel
Greg Magirescu
Greg Walton
Gregor Mendel
Gregor Strasser
Gregorius Saint Vincent
Gregory Hines
Gregory Peck
Gretchen Harris
Griffin Dunne
Gruffudd Robert
Guenter Grass
Guglielmo Marconi
Guido Grandi
Guido Guidi
Guidobaldo del Monte
Guilio Cesare Aranzio
Guillaume Amontons
Guillaume Apollinaire
Guillaume de Baillou
Guillaume de L'Hospital
Guillaume Delisle
Guillaume Lamy
Guillaume Rondelet
Gunter Grass
Gunter Schlierkamp
Gustav Mahler
Gustave Flaubert
Guy de Maupassant
Guy Fawkes
Guy Lombardo
Guy Verhofstadt
Gwen Stefani
Hal LeSueur
Hal Roach
Hale Boggs
Haley Joel Osment
Halldor Kiljan Laxness
Hank Stram
Hanna Bielicka
Harrison Ford
Harry Connick Jr.
Hauptmann Hans Jochen Marseille
Heather Graham
Hector Barbera
Hector Berlioz
Hedy Lamarr
Heinrich Boll
Heinrich Cornel. Agrippa
Heinrich Himmler
Heinrich Suso
Heitor Villa-Lobos
Helen Gallagher
Helen Hayes
Helen McMonagle
Helen O'Connel
Helen O'Connell
Helena Carroll
Helene Costello
Helmut Kohl
Henri Becquerel
Henri de la Tour d'Auvergne
Henri de Toulouse Lautrec
Henri II
Henri IV
Henri Louis H. de Montmor
Henri Matisse
Henri Poincare
Henry Cisneros
Henry Cuellar
Henry Gibson
Henry Hill
Henry Hyde
Henry Jones
Henry McDonald
Henry of Lausanne
Henry Silva
Herb Brooks

Hermana Glenda
Hermann Broch
Hermes Pan
Hernando Cortes
Hernando Cortez
Hilaire Belloc
Hildegard of Bingen
Hildegarde Sell
Hipolito Mejia
Honore de Balzac
Honore Fabri
Howie Carr
Howie Dorough
Hristo Stoitkov
Hubert Van Eyck
Hubie Brown
Hugh O'Connor
Hugh Wooldridge
Hugo von Hofmannsthal
Huntz Hall
Iacopo Francesco Riccati
Ian Bannen
Ian Hart
Ignace Gaston Pardies
Ignatius of Antioch
Ignazio Saietta
Ileana Roh-Lehtinen
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
Imelda Marcos
Imelda Staunton
Imogene Coca
Ippolito Salviani
Irene Dailey
Irene Dunne
Isaac Albeniz
Isabel Allende
Isabel Peron
Isabella Rossellini
Isak Dinesen
Isiah Thomas
Ismael Boulliau
Ivan Gundulic
Ivan Illich
Ivica Racan
J. Paul Getty
J.D. Salinger
J.R.R. Tolkien
Jack Bove
Jack Britton
Jack Clayton
Jack Dempsey
Jack Doyle
Jack Haley
Jack Haley Sr.
Jack Kerouac
Jack Lemmon
Jack Lord
Jack McGurn
Jack Murtha
Jack Nicholson
Jack Quinn
Jack Reed
Jack Valenti
Jack Webb
Jackie Coogan
Jackie Gleason
Jackie Kennedy-Onassis
Jacob Winslow
Jacobus de Voragine
Jacopo Della Quercia
Jacopo Palma
Jacopo Peri
Jacopo Zabarella
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
Jacques Buot
Jacques Cassini
Jacques Chirac
Jacques Dalechamps
Jacques de Billy
Jacques DeMolay
Jacques Dubois
Jacques Gohory
Jacques Offenbach
Jacques Ozanam
Jacques Peletier
Jacques Rohault
Jacques Sarrazin
Jacques-Francois LePoivre
Jaime Cardinal Sin
Jake LaMotta
Jakob Schegk
James A. Barcia
James Allegretti
James Alton McDivitt
James Belcastro
James Belushi
James Cagney
James Carville
James Caviezel
James Connolly
James Doohan
James Earl Jones
James Gandolfini
James Ivory
James Joyce
James Kimsey
James L. Buckley
James Langevin
James Licavoli
James McGovern
James McGreevey
James Milanesa
James Montgomery Doohan
James O'Neill
James Oberstar
James Patterson
James Traficant
James V. Forrestal
James Van Praagh
James Walsh
James Watkins
James Wolcott
James Woods
Jamie Farr
Jan Brozek
Jan De Bont
Jan Van Eyck
Jan van Ruysbroeck
Jane Chifley
Jane Curtin
Jane Dee Hull
Jane Kaczmarek
Jane Krakowski
Jane Wyatt
Jane Wyman
Jane Wyman Reagan
Janeane Garofalo
Janez Drnovsek
Janie Sell
Janusz Kaminski
Janvan Heurne
Jared Harris
Jaroslav Hasek
Jasmin St. Claire
Jasmine Trias
Jason Biggs
Jason Miller
Jason Patric
Javier Perez de Cuellar
Javier Solana
Javier Zannetti
Javy Lopez
Jean . d'O. de Mairan
Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier
Jean Beaugrand
Jean Beguin
Jean Charles de LaFaille
Jean Chretien
Jean Claude Van Damme
Jean Claude VanDamme
Jean Despagnet
Jean Dullaert of Ghent
Jean Francois Fernel
Jean Gallois
Jean Jacques Rousseau
Jean Kasem
Jean Kennedy Smith
Jean LeFevre
Jean Marchant
Jean Mery
Jean Passerat
Jean Paul Belmondo
Jean Pecquet
Jean Picard
Jean Racine
Jean Reno
Jean Renoir
Jean Rey
Jean Richer
Jean Ruel
Jean Tarde
Jean Vanier and L'Arche
Jean-Ann Hand
Jean-Baptiste Colbert
Jean-Baptiste Denis
Jean-Baptiste Duhamel
Jean-Baptiste Morin
Jean-Bertrand Aristide
Jean-Claude Juncker
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Jean-Francois Niceron
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Jean-Marie Le Pen
Jean-Paul Belmondo
Jeane Dixon
Jeanne Cagney
Jeanne Crain
Jeb Bush
Jeff Fortenberry
Jeff Habay
Jeff Suppan
Jenna Elfman
Jenna Jameson
Jennie Garth
Jennifer Beals
Jennifer Granholm
Jennifer Lopez
Jenny McCarthey
Jenny McCarthy
Jeri Ryan
Jerome Bock
Jerry Brown
Jerry Costello
Jerry Garcia
Jerry Hadley
Jerry Kleczka
Jerry Mathers
Jerry O'Connell
Jerry Orbach
Jerzy Andrzejewski
Jerzy Buzek
Jerzy Popieluszko
Jerzy Skolimowski
Jessica Alba
Jessica Dragonette
Jesus Alou
Jim Ameche
Jim Braddock
Jim Bunning
Jim Carrey
Jim Caviezel
Jim Corbett
Jim Costa
Jim Doyle
Jim Gaffigan
Jim Gantner
Jim Kerr
Jim Marshall
Jim McGreevey
Jim McMahon
Jim Moran
Jim Murray
Jim Nicholson
Jim Phelan
Jim Sheridan
Jim Slattery
Jim Thorpe
Jim Walsh
Jimmy Breslin
Jimmy Buffett
Jimmy Durante
Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Fratianno
Jimmy Kimmel
Jimmy McGovern
Jimmy McLarnin
Jimmy McNichol
Jimmy Morris
Jimmy Saville
Jimmy Smallhorne
Jimmy Tarbuck
Jo Clayton
Joachim Dalence
Joan Crawford
Joan Cusack
Joan Davis
Joan Hackett
Joan Leslie
Joan O'Hara
Joan of Arc
Joan Osborne
Joanna Pacula
Joannes Guinter
Joao Baptista Lavanha
Joao de Deus
Joao I
Joao II
Joao III
Joao IV
Joao V
Joao VI
Jodi Lyn O'Keefe
Jodie Foster
Joe Biden
Joe Clark
Joe DiMaggio
Joe Dumars
Joe Eszterhas
Joe Flynn
Joe Giardello
Joe Hand
Joe Knollenberg
Joe Lynch
Joe Manchin
Joe McDonnell
Joe Montana
Joe Namath
Joe Pantoliano
Joe Pasquale
Joe Paterno
Joe Pesci
Joe Rogan
Joe Scarborough
Joe Schwarz
Joe Theismann
Joe Torre
Joel Murray
Joel-Peter Witkin
Joely Fisher
Joey Fatone
Joey Heatherton
Joey McIntyre
Joh. M. Marci of Kronland
Johann B. A. Beringer
Johann Baptist Cysat
Johann Bayer
Johann Chrysostom Magnenus
Johann Eck
Johann Friedrich Overbeck
Johann Joachim Becher
Johann Rudolph Glauber
Johann Strauss
Johann Tauler
Johann Vesling
Johann Zwelfer
Johannes Bapt. van Helmont
Johannes Buteo
Johannes Gutenberg
Johannes Schoener
Johannes Scotus Erigena
Johhny Unitas
John Angotti
John Armstrong
John Baldacci
John Barrymore
John Beal
John Belushi
John Boehner
John Breaux
John Bull
John Cabot
John Caius
John Candy
John Cornwell
John Cusack
John DiFronzo
John Donne
John Dos Passos
John Dowland
John Drew Barrymore
John Dryden
John Duns Scotus
John E. Sununu
John Edward
John Engler
John F. Kennedy Jr.
John Farrow
John Ford
John Francis Vigani
John G. Schmitz
John Gotti
John Gower
John Graunt
John H. Sununu
John Henry Newman
John Hiatt
John Hoeven
John Hume
John J. McGraw
John J. Raskob
John Kasich
John Kelly
John Kerry
John King
John L Sullivan
John L. Sullivan
John Larroquette
John Larson
John Leguizamo
John Lennon
John Lynch
John M. Murphy
John Mahoney
John McCone
John McCormack
John McEnroe
John McHugh
John McLaughlin
John McManus
John McTiernan
John Megna
John Michael Talbot
John Milton
John of Gaunt
John Pacelli
John Patrick Shanley
John Phillips
John Polce
John Powers
John Ratzenberger
John Reagan
John Robert Hanna
John Rock
John Rowland
John Salazar
John Sayles
John Shakespeare
John Stockton
John Sullivan
John Taylor
John Thompson
John Torrio
John Travolta
John Turner
John Turturro
John Voight
John von Neumann
John Walsh
John Waters
John Wayne
John Wayne Gacy
John Wojtowicz
John Wycliffe
Johnathon Schaech
Johnny Guardino
Johnny Rotten
Johnny Vegas
Johnny Weissmuller
Jon Bon Jovi
Jon Gruden
Jon Porter
Jon Secada
Jon Voight
Jon Voigt
Joni James
Jordana Brewster
Jorge Enrique del Rivero
Jorge Lorenzo
Jorge Luis Borges
Jorge Posada
Jorge Sampaio
Jose Agostinho de Macedo
Jose Alvarez
Jose Carreras
Jose de Acosta
Jose de Ribera
Jose Ferrer
Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero
Jose Maria Aznar
Jose Maria de Pereda
Jose Maria Morelos
Jose Ramos-Horta
Jose Saramago
Jose Serrano
Josef Mengele
Joseph Alioto
Joseph Barbara
Joseph Barboza
Joseph Biden
Joseph Bologna
Joseph Bonanno
Joseph Califano
Joseph Campanella
Joseph Campbell
Joseph Conrad
Joseph Crowley
Joseph Gallo and
Joseph Goebbels
Joseph Goebbles
Joseph Haydn
Joseph Kernan
Joseph Knollenberg
Joseph Leonardo
Joseph Lous Lagrange
Joseph McCarthy
Joseph McIntyre
Joseph Moorman
Joseph P. de Tournefort
Joseph P. Kennedy
Joseph Privat de Molieres
Joseph Profaci
Joseph Riccobono
Joseph Roth
Joseph Saurin
Joseph Sauveur
Joseph Sobran
Joseph Todaro
Joseph-Guichard Duverney
Josh Hartnett
Joshua Jackson
Josip Broz Tito
Josquin Des Prez
Joy Behar
Joy Philbin
Joyce Kilmer
Joyce Randolph
Joyce Van Patten
Jozef Struss
Jr. Riolan
Juan Battista Villalpando
Juan Caramuely Lobkowitz
Juan Carlos Ferrero
Juan Carlos I
Juan de Celaya
Juan de Ortega
Juan de Pareja
Juan del Encina
Juan Escoiquiz
Juan Peron
Juana de Asbaje
Juande Valverde
Judge Andrew Napolitano
Judy Canova
Judy Davis
Judy Fleming
Juergen Klinnsman
Jules Mazarin
Jules Verne
Julia Barr
Julia Duffy
Julia Gardner Tyler
Julia Sweeney
Julian Clary
Julian of Norwich
Julianna Margulies
Julianne Phillips
Julie Bovasso
Julie Carrick
Julie Walters
Juliette Binoche
Julio Cortazar
Julio Gallo
Julio Iglesias
Julius Caesar Scaliger
Julius LaRosa
Julius Streicher
Juliusz Slowacki
June Haver
June Lockhart
Justin Deas
Justin Martyr
Justin Rigali
Kapitan zur Zee Hans Langsdorff
Kareem Abdul Jabar
Karel Capek
Karen Armstrong
Karen McCarthy
Karl Geary
Karl Maria von Weber
Karl Nikolaus Lang
Karl Zimmerman
Karol Wojtyla
Kate Chopin
Kate Millett
Kate Mulgrew
Kate Mullgrew
Kate O'Beirne
Kate Smith
Katharine Drexel
Katherine Anne Porter
Katherine Helmond
Kathleen Babineaux Blanco
Kathleen Blanco
Kathleen Kennedy
Kathleen Sebelius
Kathryn Crosby
Kathy Burke
Kathy Garver
Kathy Griffin
Kathy Najimy
Kathy Nijimy
Kathy Trocoli
Katie Holmes
Katrina Rae
Katy Jurado
Kaye Ballard
Keenan Wynn
Kelly Monaco
Kelly Ripa
Kelsey Grammer
Ken Doherty
Ken Russell
Ken Salazar
Kenelm Digby
Kenneth Bianchi
Kenny Hulshof
Kevin Anderson
Kevin Brady
Kevin Dillon
Kevin Dobson
Kevin Federline
Kevin J. Anderson
Kevin Keegan
Kevin Kline
Kevin Laughery
Kevin Lynch
Kevin McClory
Kevin McHale
Kevin Nealon
Kevin Shelley
Kevin Smith
Kid Ory
Kid Rock
Kieran Culkin
Kieran Docherty
Kim Dae-Jung
Kim Delaney
Kim Novak
Kin Shriner
King Athelstan
King Charles II
King Ferdinand II
King Frederick I
King Henry III
King James II
King John Lackland
King Juan Carlos
King Juan Carlos of Spain
King Richard the Lionheart
King Stephen
Kinvara Balfour
Kit Carson
Kit Culkin
Kitty Cleveland
Kitty Kelley
Kitty Sullivan
Klaus Kinkel
Klaus Maria Brandauer
Klauss Phillip Schenk graf von Stauffenberg
Klemens Wenzel von Metternich
Knute Rockne
Konrad Adenauer
Kristin Armstrong
Kristy McNichol
Krzysztof Kieslowski
Kurt Waldheim
Kwame Nkrumah
Lady Antonia Fraser
Lane Evans
Lara Flynn Boyle
Larry Bossidy
Larry Foust
Larry Kirwan
Larry Kudlow
Larry Muellen
Larry Mullen
Larry Pressler
Lars von Trier
Laura Esquivel
Laura Ingraham
Laura San Giacomo
Lauren Graham
Laurence Luckinbill
Laurette Taylor
Laurie Coleman
Lawrence Kudlow
Lawrence O'Donnell
Lawrence Welk
Lea DeLaria
Lea Salonga
Lebert Lombardo
Lech Walesa
Lee De Forest
Lee Iacocca
Lee Radziwill
Lee Ryan
Lee Trevino
Leif Erikson
Len Cariou
Lenka Peterson
Lenny Wilkens
Leo Buscaglia
Leo G. Carroll
Leo McCarey
Leon Czolgosz
Leon Panetta
Leonard Calvert
Leonardo Botallo
Leonardo da Vinci
Leonardo di Caprio
Leonhard Thurneysser
Leonhart Fuchs
Leopold Stokowski
Leopoldo Galtieri
Leslie Bibb
LeVar Burton
Lew Alcindor
Liam Aiken
Liam Gallagher
Liam Neeson
Lidia Bastianich
Lili Damita
Lina Wertmuller
Lincoln Diaz-Balart
Linda Chavez
Linda Christian
Linda Evangelista
Linda Fiorentino
Linda Fratianne
Linda Gray
Linda Lovelace
Linda Ronstadt
Linda Sanchez
Linda Vester
Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Younce
Lindy Boggs
Lionel Barrymore
Lionel Jeffries
Lionel Jospin
Lisa Murkowski
Lisa Rinna
Liz Hurley
Liz Kelly
Liza Huber
Liza Minnelli
Lloyd Bucher
Lola Falana
Lola Lane
Lon Horiuchi
Lope de Vega
Lord Nicholas Windsor
Lorenzo Bellini
Lorenzo Caccialanza
Lorenzo de Medici
Lorenzo di Credi
Lorenzo Ghiberti
Lorenzo Lamas
Lorenzo Magalotti
Lorenzo Valla
Loretta Sanchez
Loretta Swit
Loretta Switt
Loretta Young
Lorraine Bracco
Lorraine Hartsook
Lorrie Morgan
Los Lobos
Lottar Mathaeuss
Lotte Lenya
Lou Ferrigno
Louella Parsons
Louis Feuillee
Louis Freeh
Louis III
Louis IX
Louis Joblot
Louis Lagrange
Louis Lemery
Louis Malle
Louis Pasteur
Louis St. Laurent
Louis Taglianetti
Louis the Stammerer
Louis VIII
Louis X
Louis XI
Louis XIV
Louis XV
Louis XVI
Louis XVII
Louise Lombard
Louise of Savoy
Luca Ghini
Luca Giordano
Luca Valerio
Luci Baines
Luciano Pavarotti
Lucie Arnaz
Lucille Murray
Lucille Roybal-Allard
Lucky Luciano
Lucrezia Borgia
Lucy Lawless
Ludovico Ariosto
Ludovico Ferrari
Ludwig van Beethoven
Ludwig Wittgenstein
Luigi Anguillara
Luigi Cherubini
Luigi Dallapiccola
Luigi F. Marsili
Luigi Galvani
Luigi Pirandello
Luis Bunuel
Luis de Camoens
Luis de Gongora
Luis de Gongora y Argote
Luis de Sousa
Luis Felipe Sprotte Costa
Luis Figo
Luis Fortuno
Luis Gutierrez
Luis Nunez Coronel
Luis Posada Carriles
Luis Tiant
Luke Wilson
Lupe Velez
Lynn Carlin
Lynn Cooper
Lynn Geyer
M. C. Escher
Macaulay Culkin
Macdonald Carey
Mack Sennett
Madeleine Carroll
Mae West
Maeve Binchy
Magda Gabor
Maggie Gallagher
Maggie Vida
Maire Mac an tSaoi
Maire O'Neill
Mairead Corrigan-Maguire
Malachy McCourt
Malcolm Muggeridge
Malcolm Wilson
Mandy Moore
Manny Lujan
Manny Ramirez
Manu Ginobili
Manuel de Falla
Manuel Puig
Manuel Tamayo y Baus
Marc Anthony
Marc Racicot
Marc Vivien Foe
Marcel Desailly
Marcel Proust
Marcello Malpighi
Marcello Mastroianni
Marcia Cross
Marco Antonio Solice
Marco Aurelio Severino
Marco Polo
Marcus Gerbezius
Marcy Kaptur
Marg Helgenberger
Margaret Carlson
Margaret Colin
Margaret Mitchell
Margaret of Angouleme
Margaret of Anjou
Margaret of Austria
Margaret of Parma
Margaret of Valois
Margaret Tudor
Margaretta Scott
Margery Kempe
Margo aka Margo Albert
Margrethe I
Marguerite Piazza
Maria Cantwell
Maria Felix
Maria Gaetana Agnesi
Maria Grazia Cucinotta
Maria Schell
Maria Shriver
Mariah Carey
Marian Anderson
Marianne Faithfull
Marianne Muellerleile
Marie Amelie Therese
Marie Bellet
Marie Curie-Sklodowska
Marie de Medici
Marie Therese
Marika Dominczyk
Marilla Ness
Marilu Henner
Marin Drzic
Marin Mersenne
Marino Ghetaldi
Mario Cuomo
Mario de Sa-Carneiro
Mario Diaz-Balart
Mario Lanza
Mario Lemieux
Mario Tomaza
Mario Vargas Llosa
Mario Yepez
Marion Davies
Marion Scherer
Marisa Pavan
Marisa Tomei
Mark 'Sugar Ray' McGrath
Mark Anthony
Mark Bavaro
Mark Consuelos
Mark Foley
Mark Green
Mark Hargrave
Mark Harmon
Mark Kennedy
Mark Maguire
Mark Mallet
Mark Mallett
Mark McGrath
Mark McGuire
Mark Prior
Mark Russell
Mark Shields
Mark Wahlberg
Marko Antonije Dominis
Marko Marulic
Marlo Thomas
Marsha Fitzalan
Marsha Mason
Marshall McLuhan
Martha Byrne
Martha Raye
Martha Stewart
Martin Cortes de Albacar
Martin Heidegger
Martin Hurson
Martin McDonagh
Martin McGuinness
Martin Meehan
Martin Nash
Martin O'Malley
Martin O'Neill
Martin Ruland
Martin Schongauer
Martin Scorsese
Martin Sheen
Martin Short
Martin Waldseemuller
Marty Meehan
Marvin Harrison
Mary Arden
Mary Astor
Mary Beth McDonough
Mary Black
Mary Boland
Mary Brodel
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
Mary Frances Crosby
Mary Frann
Mary Higgins Clark
Mary I of Scotland
Mary Jo Catlett
Mary Jo Kopechne
Mary Kay Letourneau
Mary Landrieu
Mary Lou Retton
Mary Margaret O'Hara
Mary McAleese
Mary McCarthy
Mary McGrory
Mary Parkinson
Mary Queen of Scots
Mary Tudor
Mary Tyler Moore
Mary Wesley
Master P
Mathias de L'Obel
Matt Dillon
Matt Maher
Matt Smith
Matteo Ricci
Matthew Fodor
Matthew McConaughey
Matthew McConnaughty
Matthias Corvinus
Matthias Grunewald
Mattie Stepanek
Maude Adams
Maureen Dowd
Maureen Flannigan
Maureen McGovern
Maureen O'Hara
Maureen O'Sullivan
Maureen Potter
Maureen Reagan
Maureen Stapleton
Maureen Still
Maurice Barres
Maurice Dorleac
Maurice Hinchey
Maurice Ravel
Maurizio Melis
Maximilian I
Maximilian II
Maximilian Schell
May Swenson
Meave Binchy
Meg Ryan
Megan Gallagher
Meglena Kuneva
Mel Ferrer
Mel Gibson
Mel Martinez
Melania Knauss
Melanie Griffith
Melchiorre Gioja
Melchisedech Thevenot
Melchoir Wieland
Melinda Gates
Melissa Hart
Melissa Joan Hart
Merce Rodoreda
Mercedes McCambridge
Mercedes Ruehl
Meredith Veira
Meredith Viera
Merv Griffin
Metal Lord
Mia Farrow
Mia Sara
Michael Angarano
Michael Barone
Michael Behe
Michael Bennett
Michael Caine
Michael Cimino
Michael Collins
Michael Crawford
Michael Devine
Michael E. Capuano
Michael Easley
Michael Fitzpatrick
Michael Flately
Michael Flatley
Michael Flor. van Langren
Michael Francois
Michael Gambon
Michael Greco
Michael Imperioli
Michael John Poirier
Michael Keaton
Michael Landon
Michael McCaul
Michael McNulty
Michael Moore
Michael Moriarty
Michael O'Donoghue
Michael O'Keefe
Michael Sendivogius
Michael Servetus
Michael Skakel
Michael Steele
Michael Stifel
Michael Williams
Michael Zabrocki
Michel de Castelnau
Michel de Montaigne
Michel Rolle
Michelangelo Antonioni
Michelangelo Buonarotti
Michelangelo Caravaggio
Michelangelo Ricci
Michele Mercati
Micheline Bertrand
Michelle Malkin
Michelle Philipps
Mick Jagger
Mickey Rourke
Mickey Walker
Miguel Angel Asturias
Miguel de Cervantes
Miguel de Unamuno
Miguel Ferrer
Miguel Hidalgo
Mika Arisaka
Mike Capuano
Mike Castle
Mike DeWine
Mike Ditka
Mike Donovan
Mike Douglas
Mike Easley
Mike Farrell
Mike Fitzpatrick
Mike Frankovich
Mike Genna
Mike Golic
Mike Harding
Mike Jerrick
Mike Johanns
Mike Krzyzewski
Mike McTigue
Mike O'Malley
Mike Piazza
Mike Rounds
Mike Shanahan
Mike Sweeney
Mike Thompson
Milan Kundera
Milo O'Shea
Mink Stole
Minnie Driver
Mira Sorvino
Mireille Mathieu
Mireya Elisa Moscoso Rodriguez
Miroslav Holub
Miroslav Krleza
Moana Pozzi
Mohammed Ali (Cassius Clay)
Moira Kelly
Molly Shannon
Monica Bellucci
Monica Keena
Monica Potter
Montserrat Caballe
Monty Banks
Morton Downey Jr.
Morton Downey Sr.
Mother Angelica
Mother Teresa
Muzio Clementi
Nadine Coyle
Nancy Kelly
Nancy Kerrigan
Nancy Krebs
Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Sinatra
Nanette Fabray
Naomi Campbell
Napper Tandy
Natalie Imbruglia
Natalie Merchant
Nathan Lane
Neal Reagan
Neil Cavuto
Neil Finn
Neil Hamilto
Neil Jordan
Neil Lennon
Nelly Furtado
Nelly Futardo
Nene Hilario
Nestor Kirchner
News At Eleven
Nguyen Van Thieu
Niamh Cusack
Niccolo Cabeo
Niccolo Machiavelli
Niccolo Massa
Niccolo Tartaglia
Niccolo Zucchi
Nicholas Abraham
Nicholas Cage
Nicholas Claude Fabri de Peiresc
Nicholas Colasanto
Nicholas Copernic
Nicholas Copernicus
Nicholas Marangello
Nicholas Turturro
Nick Alexander
Nick Cardilino
Nick Clooney
Nick Colgan
Nick Lampson
Nick Nolte
Nick Park
Nicola Pisano
Nicolaas Hartsoeker
Nicolas Bautista Monardes
Nicolas Bion
Nicolas C. F. de Peiresc
Nicolas Cage
Nicolas Copernicus
Nicolas Guibert
Nicolas Lemery
Nicolas Malebranche
Nicolas Marchant
Nicolas-Francois Blondel
Nicolaus Copernicus
Nicolaus Steno
Nicole Brown Simpson
Nicole Kidman
Niels Stensen
Nigel John Taylor
Niki Lauda
Nina Siemaszko
Noel Gallagher
Nomar Garciaparra
Nora Roberts
Norbert Leo Butz
Norm Abram
Norma McCorvey
O.J. Simpson
Octavio Paz
Olaus Magnus Olaus Magnus
Oliver Bierhoff
Oliver Kahn
Oliver St. John Gogarty
Oliver Stone
Olivier de Serres
Olivier Messiaen
Orla Brady
Orlando di Lasso
Oronce Fine
Oscar Arias Sanchez
Oscar Cordoba
Oscar Romero
Oscar Schindler
Oscar Wilde
Oskar Schindler
Oskar Shindler
Ostilio Ricci
Otto Brunfels
Otto I
Ottorino Respighi
Owen Wilson
Pablo Casals
Pablo Neruda
Pablo Nieto
Pablo Picasso
Pacchioni Antonio Pacchioni Antonio
Paddy Croft
Padre Pio
Pam Dawber
Pamela Brown
Pamela Harriman
Paolo del Buono
Paolo Paruta
Paolo Sarpi
Paolo Uccello
Paolo Veronese
Papa Wemba
Parker Posey
Parris Glendening
Pasquale Paoli
Pat Benatar
Pat Brown
Pat Buchanan
Pat Carroll
Pat Cash
Pat Harrington Jr.
Pat Kielty
Pat O'Brien
Pat Rafter
Pat Riley
Pat Tiberi
Pat Toomey
Patricia Hayes
Patricia Heaton
Patricia Hitchcock
Patricia Neal
Patrick Bergin
Patrick Bonner
Patrick Ewing
Patrick Joseph Kennedy
Patrick Kennedy
Patrick Kluivert
Patrick Leahy
Patrick Magee
Patrick McGoohan
Patrick McHenry
Patrick Muldoon
Patrick Mulhern
Patrick Swayze
Patrick Warburton
Patsy Kelly
Patsy Kensit
Patsy O Hara
Patti Scialfa
Patty Duke
Patty Hearst
Patty McCormack
Patty Murray
Pau Gasol
Paul Arizin
Paul Bremer
Paul Cellucci
Paul Cezanne
Paul Gleason
Paul Guldin
Paul Harrigan
Paul Kelly
Paul Labriola
Paul Laxalt
Paul Martin
Paul McCartney
Paul McGann
Paul Merton
Paul Morrissey
Paul O' Grady
Paul Provenze
Paul Rodriguez
Paul Shanley
Paul Sorvino
Paul Thomas Anderson
Paul Valery
Paul Verlaine
Paula Prentiss
Paula Raymond
Pauline Collins
Pauline Flanagan
Paulo Costanzo
Paulo Freire
Pebbles Audrey McDonald Smith
Pedro Almodovar
Pedro Calderon de la Barca
Pedro de Alvarado
Pedro de Medina
Pedro II
Pedro Menendez de Aviles
Pedro Nunez Salaciense
Pedro the Cruel
Peggy Cass
Peggy Noonan
Peggy O'Neill
Penelope Cruz
Penny Lernoux
Penny Singleton
Perino del Vaga
Perry Como
Peta Wilson
Pete Coors
Pete Domenici
Pete Hamill
Pete King
Pete Postlethwaite
Peter Abelard
Peter Apian
Peter Boyle
Peter Criss
Peter Crosa
Peter DeFazio
Peter Fitzgerald
Peter Gallagher
Peter Gotti
Peter Lombard
Peter Lynch
Peter Noone
Peter O'Toole
Peter of Savoy
Peter Paul Rubens
Peter Ramus
Peter Scolari
Peter T. King
Peter the Hermit
Peter Visclosky
Phil Alvarado
Phil Donahue
Phil English
Phil Gingrey
Phil Hartman
Philip Berrigan
Philip I
Philip II
Philip III
Philip IV
Philip Massinger
Philip Testa
Philip V
Philippa of Hainaut
Philippe de LaHire
Philippe I
Philippe IV
Phillip II
Phoebe Cates
Pia Zadora
Pier 'Antonio Micheli
Pier Angeli
Pier Luigi Palestrina
Pierce Brosnan
Pierce Turner
Piero della Francesca
Pierre Belon
Pierre Boulez
Pierre Corneille
Pierre de Carcavi
Pierre Gassendi
Pierre Magnol
Pierre Michon Bourdelot
Pierre Perrault
Pierre Petit
Pierre Poliniere
Pierre Remond de Montmort
Pierre Richer de Belleval
Pierre Salinger
Pierre Trudeau
Pierre Varignon
Pierre Vernier
Pierre-Simon Laplace
Pierrede Fermat
Pieter Brueghel
Pietro Andrea G. Mattioli
Pietro Antonio Cataldi
Pietro Assalti
Pietro Cavallini
Pietro Damiani
Pietro Mascagni
Pietro Mengoli
Pim Fortuyn
Pio Baroja
Placido Domingo
Polly Ann Young
Pope Adrian I
Pope Adrian II
Pope Adrian IV
Pope Adrian VI
Pope Agatho
Pope Alexander II
Pope Alexander III
Pope Alexander V
Pope Alexander VI
Pope Alexander VII
Pope Alexander VIII
Pope Benedict IX
Pope Benedict XI
Pope Benedict XII
Pope Benedict XIII
Pope Benedict XIV
Pope Benedict XV
Pope Benedict XVI
Pope Callistus III
Pope Clement II
Pope Clement III
Pope Clement IV
Pope Clement IX
Pope Clement V
Pope Clement VI
Pope Clement VII
Pope Clement VIII
Pope Clement X
Pope Clement XI
Pope Clement XII
Pope Clement XIII
Pope Clement XIV
Pope Damasus I
Pope Damasus II
Pope Formosus
Pope Gregory I
Pope Gregory II
Pope Gregory III
Pope Gregory IV
Pope Gregory IX
Pope Gregory V
Pope Gregory VI
Pope Gregory VII
Pope Gregory VIII
Pope Gregory X
Pope Gregory XI
Pope Gregory XII
Pope Gregory XIII
Pope Gregory XIV
Pope Gregory XV
Pope Gregory XVI
Pope Innocent I
Pope Innocent II
Pope Innocent III
Pope Innocent IV
Pope Innocent IX
Pope Innocent V
Pope Innocent VI
Pope Innocent VII
Pope Innocent VIII
Pope Innocent X
Pope Innocent XI
Pope Innocent XII
Pope Innocent XIII
Pope John I
Pope John II
Pope John III
Pope John IV
Pope John IX
Pope John Paul I
Pope John Paul II
Pope John V
Pope John VI
Pope John VII
Pope John VIII
Pope John X
Pope John XI
Pope John XII
Pope John XIII
Pope John XIV
Pope John XIX
Pope John XV
Pope John XXI
Pope John XXII
Pope John XXIII
Pope Julius I
Pope Julius II
Pope Julius III
Pope Leo I
Pope Leo II
Pope Leo III
Pope Leo IV
Pope Leo IX
Pope Leo VIII
Pope Leo X
Pope Leo XI
Pope Leo XII
Pope Leo XIII
Pope Lucius I
Pope Lucius II
Pope Lucius III
Pope Marcellinus
Pope Marcellus I
Pope Marcellus II
Pope Marinus I
Pope Marinus II
Pope Paschal I
Pope Paschal II
Pope Paul I
Pope Paul II
Pope Paul III
Pope Paul IV
Pope Paul V
Pope Paul VI
Pope Pelagius I
Pope Pelagius II
Pope Pius II
Pope Pius III
Pope Pius IV
Pope Pius IX
Pope Pius V
Pope Pius VI
Pope Pius VII
Pope Pius VIII
Pope Pius X
Pope Pius XI
Pope Pius XII
Pope Sergius I
Pope Sergius II
Pope Sergius III
Pope Sixtus III
Pope Sixtus IV
Pope Sixtus V
Pope Stephen II
Pope Stephen III
Pope Stephen IV
Pope Stephen IX
Pope Stephen V
Pope Stephen VI
Pope Sylvester I
Pope Symmachus
Pope Urban II
Pope Urban III
Pope Urban IV
Pope Urban V
Pope Urban VI
Pope Urban VII
Pope Urban VIII
Pope Victor I
Pope Victor II
Pope Victor III
Porfirio Diaz
President Andrew Johnson
Primo Carnera
Prince Albert II
Prince Felipe
Prince of Asturias
Prince Rainier
Princess Caroline
Princess Katharine, Duchess of Kent
Princess Michael of Kent
Princess Stephanie
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Priscilla Lane
Priscilla Presley
Professor Clyde Cowan
Prospero Alpini
Prudence Farrow
Psycho Dave
Queen Isabella
Queen Mary I
Quinn Culkin
R. Emmett Tyrrell
Rachel Griffiths
Rachel Hunter
Rachel Lampa
Rae Allen
Rafael Bombelli
Rafael Furcal
Raffaello Magiotti
Rainer Maria Rilke
Ralph Fiennes
Ralph Richardson
Ramon Estevez Jr.
Ramon Jose Sender
Ramon Novarro
Raul Alfonsin
Raul Gonzalez
Raul Julia
Raul Lopez
Ray Bolger
Ray Davies
Ray Liotta
Ray McCreesh
Ray Romano
Raymond Flynn
Raymond J. Barry
Raymond J. Donovan
Raymond Lull
Raymond Vieussens
RDominic Monaghan
Realdo Colombo
Recent changes
Regis Philbin
Regnier de Graaf
Reiner Gemma Frisius
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Rembert Dodoens
Renata Scotto
Renata Tebaldi
Rene Descartes
Rene-Francois de Sluse
Renee Bondi
Renee Estevez
Reymond Arroyo
Rhona Mitra
Ricardo LAGOS
Ricardo Montalban
Rich Donnelly
Rich Mullins
Richard Arlen
Richard Durbin
Richard Egan
Richard Grasso
Richard Harris
Richard J. Codey
Richard J. Daley
Richard Kerry
Richard M. Daley
Richard Mulligan
Richard Neal
Richard Pombo
Richard Pryor
Richard Putorti
Richard Strauss
Richard Towneley
Richard V. Allen
Richie Sambora
Rick James
Rick Lazio
Rick Santorum
Ricky Martin
Rigoberta Menchu
Rita Hayworth
Rita Moreno
Ritchie Valens
Rivaldo Forba Pereira
Robbie Williams
Robert "Rob Roy" Campbell MacGregor
Robert Alda
Robert Altman
Robert Bellarmine
Robert Bork
Robert Brady
Robert Casey
Robert Cormier
Robert Crumb
Robert De Niro
Robert DeNiro
Robert Drinan
Robert Dudley
Robert F. Kennedy
Robert F. Wagner Jr.
Robert F. Wagner Sr.
Robert Hanssen
Robert Hugh Benson
Robert II
Robert Lowell
Robert Mannyng
Robert Mugabe
Robert Mulligan
Robert Musil
Robert Novak
Robert P. Casey
Robert Recorde
Robert Rodriguez
Robert Ryan
Robert Smith
Robert Urich
Robert Vaughn
Robert-Francois Damiens
Roberto Assagioli
Roberto Bignoli
Roberto Calvi
Roberto Carlos
Roberto Rossellini
Robin Christopher
Robin Tunney
Robin Yount
Rocco DiSpirito
Rock For Life
Rocky Graziano
Rocky Marciano
Roddy Doyle
Roger Taney
Roger Casement
Roger Corman
Roger Delgado
Roger Ebert
Roger Mahony
Roger Maris
Roger Martin du Gard
Roger Staubach
Roger Stauback
Roma Downey
Roman Oben
Romano Prodi
Romy Schneider
Ron Palillo
Ronald Knox
Ronald Reagan (his father)
Ronaldo Nazario de Lima
Ronan Keating
Ronan Tynan
Ronnie Burns
Ronnie O' Sullivan
Rory Culkin
Rosa DeLauro
Rosaleen Linehan
Rosalind Russell
Rosanne Cash
Rosemary Clooney
Rosemary Kennedy
Rosemary Murphy
Rosie O'Donnell
Rosie Perez
Ruben Hinojosa
Ruby Keeler
Rudolf Schuster
Rudolf Sieber
Rudolf Steiner
Rudolfo Anaya
Rudolph Valentino
Rudy Giuliani
Rudy Guiliani
Rudy Vallee
Ruggero Leoncavallo
Rupert Everett
Rupert Murdoch
Ruth Hamilton
Ryan O'Neal
S. Franchot Tone
Saint Francis of Assisi
Saint Nicholaus
Saint Theresa of Avila
Saint Thomas More
Sal Bando
Sal Mineo
Sal Solo
Sally Blane
Salma Hayek
Salvador Dali
Salvadore DeStefano
Salvatore Mussachio
Sam Brownback
Sam Palmisano
Samantha Eggar
Samantha Mumba
Sammy "The Bull" Gravano
Sammy Kershaw
Sammy Sosa
Samuel de Champlain
Samuel Eto'o
Samuel J. Zettel
Sandra Cisneros
Sandro Botticelli
Santiago Calatrava
Santorio Santorio
Sara Allgood
Sara Torres
Sarah Hart
Sargent Shriver
Saunders Lewis
Scott Hahn
Scott Hamilton
Scott Joplin
Scott McInnis
Scott Niedermayer
Scott Peterson
Scotty Bloch
Seamus Heaney
Sean Clive
Sean Connery
Sean Hannitty
Sean Hannity
Sean MacBride
Sean Penn
Sebastian Barry
Sebastian Cabot
Sebastian Lerdo de Tejada
Sebastian Muenster
Sebastien Vaillant
Sebastien Vauban
Selena Quintanilla
Sen. Sam Brownback
Senator Joe McCarthy
Serphin Maltese
Sete Gibernau
Seven Sorrows
Shad Weathersby
Shanita Akana
Sharon Gless
Sharon Mitchell
Sharon Tate
Shaun Williams
Shauna Grant
Sheila Copps
Shelley Fabares
Sherwood Boehlert
Shirley Williams
Sigrid Undset
Sila Calderon
Silvana Mangano
Silvestre Reyes
Silvio Berlusconi
Silvio Pellico
Simon Baker
Simon Bolivar
Simon Callow
Simon of Sudbury
Simon Stevin
Simon Webb
Simone de Beauvoir
Simone Martini
Simone Simon
Sinead Cusack
Sinead Flanagan
Sinead O'Connor
Siobhan Fallen Hogan
Siobhan McKenna
Sir Alec Guinness
Sir Anthony Hopkins
Sir Anthony Panizzi
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Sir Cameron Mackintosh
Sir Henry Percy
Sir Paul McCartney
Sir Ralph Richardson
Sir Sean Connery
Sir Thomas Malory
Sir Thomas More
Sir Tom Farmer
Sir William Davenant
Sister Wendy Beckett
Sofia Coppola
Sofia Vergara
Soledad O'Brien
Sonia Braga
Sonia Gandhi
Sonny Bono
Sophia Loren
Sorcha Cusack
Spencer Tracy
Spike Jones
St. Agatha
St. Ambrose
St. Augustine
St. Augustine of Canterbury
St. Bernard of Clairvaux
St. Catherine of Alexandria
St. Catherine of Siena
St. Clement I
St. Cuthbert
St. David
St. Denis
St. Epiphanius
St. Francis Borgia
St. Francis de Sales
St. George
St. Ignatius Loyola
St. Ignatius of Loyola
St. Jerome
St. John Chrysostom
St. John of the Cross
St. Luke
St. Margaret
St. Peter
St. Philip
St. Swithun
St. Thomas Aquinas
St. Thomas de Cantelupe
St. Vincent de Paul
Stan Lee
Stanislao Cannizzaro
Stanislaw Lem
Stefanie Powers
Stefano Della Bella
Stefanodegli Angeli
Steffi Graf
Stephane Audran
Stephane Mallarme
Stephen Baldwin
Stephen Bathory
Stephen Colbert
Stephen I
Stephen Lynch
Steve Allen
Steve Buscemi
Steve Coogan
Steve Doocy
Steve Garvey
Steve King
Steve Kroft
Steve McQueen
Steve Nash
Steve Stauton
Steve Vai
Steve Vining
Steven Bauer
Steven Tyler
Stjepan Mesic
Stockard Channing
Stuart Townsend
Susan Bailey
Susan Collins
Susan Hayward
Susan Lucci
Susan McKeown
Susan Saint James
Susan Sarandon
Susan Serrandon
Susan St. James
Susan Sullivan
Susan Wooldridge
Suzanne Farrell
Suzanne Somers
Suzi Quatro
Svetlana Alliluyeva
Sybil Danning
Sylvester McCoy
Sylvester Stallone
Talia Shire
Tam McManus
Tara Lipinski
Tara Reid
Tariq Azziz
Tate Donovan
Ted Bessell
Ted Kennedy
Ted Knight
Ted Kulongoski
Ted Turner
Tennessee Williams
Teresa Heinz
Teri Weigel
Terri Schiavo
Terry Forrestal
Terry George
Terry Melcher
Terry Paul Broadhurst
Terry Sweeney
Texas Guinan
The Chieftains
The Smiths
The Wolfe Tones
Theodor Schwann
Theophras. von Paracelsus
Theresa LePore
Thomas a Kempis
Thomas Bilney
Thomas Cahill
Thomas Calabro
Thomas Fantet de Lagny
Thomas Merton
Thomas Monaghan
Thomas Moore
Thomas Morley
Thomas Ronzulli
Thomas Stucley
Thomas Tallis
Thomas Vilsack
Thomas White
Three Irish Tenors
Tia Carrere
Tico Torres
Tim Drake
Tim Finn
Tim Murphy
Tim Pat Coogan
Tim Robbins
Tim Russert
Timothy Bishop
Timothy Dalton
Timothy Goebel
Timothy J. Roemer
Timothy Leary
Timothy McVeigh
Tin Ujevic
Tip O'Neill
Todd Sylvester
Tom Baker
Tom Barrett
Tom Bergeron
Tom Booth
Tom Brady
Tom Clancy
Tom Conti
Tom Cruise
Tom Daschle
Tom Dooley
Tom Doyle
Tom Flores
Tom Gola
Tom Gugliotta
Tom Hanks
Tom Harkin
Tom Kenny
Tom Manahan
Tom McElwee
Tom McMillen
Tom Noonan
Tom Ridge
Tom Rngler
Tom Snyder
Tom Vilsak
Tom Wilson
Tom Wopat
Tomaso Albinoni
Tomasso Ceva
Tome Pires
Tommaso Campanella
Tommy Hilfiger
Tommy Loughran
Tommy Thompson
Toni Ellias
Tony Danza
Tony Martinez
Tony Melendez
Tony Meola
Tony Sirico
Tony Slattery
Torquato Tasso
Toussaint L'Ouverture
Tracy Shaw
Trader Jack McKeon
Trajano Boccalini
Tricia Leigh Fisher
Troy Murphy
Tyrone Power
Ulisse Aldrovandi
Umberto Eco
Una O'Connor
Upload file
Ute Lemper
Vaclav Havel
Valdas Adamkus
Valeriano Magni
Valerie Bertinelli
Valerie Curtin
Vanessa Lynn Williams
Vanessa Williams
Vannoccio Biringuccio
Vasco da Gama
Vasco Nunez de Balboa
Veit Stoss
Venerable Bede
Vernon Walters
Veronica Lake
Vic Damone
Vicente Aleixandre
Vicente Fox
Vicki Peterson
Victor Hugo
Victor Lombardo
Victor Orban
Victoria de los Angeles
Victoria Gotti
Victoria Principal
Vijay Amritraj
Vikki Carr
Vince Edwards
Vince Ferragamo
Vince Lombardi
Vince Nims
Vincent Coil
Vincent Dowling
Vincent Gallo
Vincent Gardenia
Vincent Inserro
Vincent Meli
Vincent Price
Vincent Van Patten
Vincente Minnelli
Vincenzio Galilei
Vincenzio Viviani
Vincenzo Bellini
Vincenzo Gioberti
Vincenzo Maria Coronelli
Virginia Foxx
Vito Fossella
Vittorio Alfieri
Vittorio de Sica
Vivien Leigh
Voituret Anthelme
Volcher Coiter
Walker Percy
Wallace Stevens
Walt Willey
Walter B. Jones
Walter Bobbie
Walter Brennan
Walter Brown
Walter M. Miller
Walter M. Miller Jr.
Walter Payton
Warren H. Carroll
Wayne Newton
Wellinton Mara
Werner Herzog
Wes Anderson
Wesley Clark
Whitey Bulger
Whitey Ford
Wild Bill Donovan
Wilfrid Laurier
Wilhelm Homberg
Wilhelm Marx
Will Sasso
William Barrett
William Bennett
William Bove
William Brennan
William Byrd
William Cammisano
William Casey
William Colby
William Davison
William Devane
William Donohue
William F. Buckley Jr.
William Frawley
William Gascoigne
William Hickey
William J. Bell
William Kennedy
William Kennedy Smith
William Lacy Clay
William Langland
William Mapother
William of Ockham
William P. Clark
William P. Longley
William Parker
William Peter Blatty
William Randolph Hearst
William Schreyer
William Shakespeare
William Summerset Maugham
William Tecumseh Sherman
William the Conqueror
William Wallace
Wilmer Valderrama
Wislawa Szymborska
Witold Gombrowicz
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Wolfgang Pauli
Xavier Becerra
Xavier Cugat
Yves Montand
ZaSu Pitts
Zbigniew Brzezinski
Ze Roberto

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