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Famous Anglicans and Episcopalians

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Episcopalian Founding Fathers

Episcopalian/Anglican Signers of
the Declaration of Independence:

George Read - Delaware
Caesar Rodney - Delaware
Button Gwinnett - Georgia
George Walton - Georgia
Samuel Chase - Maryland
William Paca - Maryland
Thomas Stone - Maryland
Elbridge Gerry - Massachusetts
Francis Hopkinson - New Jersey
Francis Lewis - New York
Lewis Morris - New York
Joseph Hewes - North Carolina
William Hooper - North Carolina
John Penn - North Carolina
Robert Morris - Pennsylvania
John Morton - Pennsylvania
George Ross - Pennsylvania
James Wilson - Pennsylvania
Stephen Hopkins - Rhode Island
Thomas Heyward, Jr. - South Carolina
Thomas Lynch, Jr. - South Carolina
Arthur Middleton - South Carolina
Edward Rutledge - South Carolina
Carter Braxton - Virginia
Benjamin Harrison - Virginia
Thomas Jefferson - Virginia
George Wythe - Virginia
Richard Henry Lee - Virginia
Francis Lightfoot Lee - Virginia
Thomas Nelson Jr. - Virginia
George Clymer - Pennsylvania

Episcopalian Signers of
the Articles of Confederation:

Francis Lightfoot Lee - Virginia
Richard Henry Lee - Virginia
John Banister - Virginia
Francis Lewis - New York
James Duane - New York
Gouverneur Morris - New York
Nicholas Van Dyke - Delaware
John Dickinson - Delaware
Cornelius Harnett - North Carolina
John Penn - North Carolina
Elbridge Gerry - Massachusetts
Edward Langworthy - Georgia
Robert Morris - Pennsylvania
Thomas Heyward Jr. - South Carolina

Episcopalian/Anglican Signers of the U.S. Constitution:
William Samuel Johnson - Connecticut
George Read - Delaware
John Dickinson - Delaware
Abraham Baldwin - Georgia
Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer - Maryland
Rufus King - Massachusetts
David Brearly - New Jersey
Jonathan Dayton - New Jersey
Alexander Hamilton - New York
William Blount - North Carolina
Richard Dobbs Spaight, Sr. - North Carolina
Robert Morris - Pennsylvania
James Wilson - Pennsylvania
Gouverneur Morris - Pennsylvania
John Rutledge - South Carolina
Charles Cotesworth Pinckney - South Carolina
Charles Pinckney - South Carolina
Pierce Butler - South Carolina
James Madison - Virginia
George Washington - Virginia
John Blair - Virginia

Episcopalian/Anglican Non-Signing Delegates
at the Constitutional Constitution:

William Houstoun - Georgia
William Leigh Pierce - Georgia
Luther Martin - Maryland
John F. Mercer - Maryland
Elbridge Gerry - Massachusetts
George Mason - Virginia
Edmund J. Randolph - Virginia
George Wythe - Virginia

Episcopalian/Anglican Representatives Elected to
First U.S. Federal Congress (1789-1791):

John Vining - Delaware
Abraham Baldwin - Georgia
George Mathews - Georgia
Benjamin Contee - Maryland
George Gale - Maryland
Elbridge Gerry - Massachusetts
George Leonard - Massachusetts
Samuel Livermore - New Hampshire
Elias Boudinot - New Jersey
Thomas Sinnickson - New Jersey
William Floyd - New York
John Laurance - New York
Peter Silvester - New York
Timothy Bloodworth - North Carolina
Thomas Hartley - Pennsylvania
George Clymer - Pennsylvania
Peter Muhlenberg - Pennsylvania
William L. Smith - South Carolina
Theodorick Bland - Virginia
Richard Bland Lee - Virginia
John Page - Virginia
Alexander White - Virginia
James Madison - Virginia
Josiah Parker - Virginia

Episcopalian/Anglican Senators Elected to
First U.S. Federal Congress (1789-1791):

William Samuel Johnson - Connecticut
George Read - Delaware
James Gunn - Georgia
John Henry - Maryland
Tristram Dalton - Massachusetts
Rufus King - Massachusetts
Robert Morris - Pennsylvania
Theodore Foster - Rhode Island
Ralph Izard - South Carolina
Pierce Butler - South Carolina
William Grayson - Virginia
Richard Henry Lee - Virginia
James Monroe - Virginia

Some Anglican
and Episcopalian
Comic Book Characters

- Batman
- Invisible Woman
- Human Torch
- Phoenix (Jean Grey)
- The Beast (Hank McCoy)
- Archangel
- Psylocke
- Captain Britain
- Dan Dare
- Chamber
- Scarecrow of Romney Marsh
- The Hound
- Cyclops
- Cassidy
- Foggy Nelson
- Alfred Pennyworth
- Lex Luthor
- Madrox the Multiple Man
- Whitney Fordman
Excellent, detailed lists of famous Anglicans and Episcopalians can be found on the external links listed in the box on the right. When we have found names of additional famous Episcopalians and Anglicans not listed on these other pages, or when we have created dedicated spiritual/religious biography pages for these individuals, we have listed them here:

NOTE: Many people on this list were raised as Episcopalians or Anglicans but were not active in the denomination as adults.

Some additional U.S. Senators who were Episcopalians:
Ted Stevens - Alaska
Barry Goldwater - Arizona
John McCain - Arizona (1987-)
Blanche Lincoln - Arkansas
Prescott Bush - Connecticut (1952-63)
Bill Nelson - Florida
Saxby Chambliss - Georgia
Evan Bayh - Indiana
William Dodd Hathaway - Maine (1973-79)
Millard E. Tydings - Maryland (1927-51)
Charles Mathias - Maryland (1969-87)
Stuart Symington - Missouri (1953-76)
Chuck Hagel - Nebraska
Jim Exon - Nebraska (1979-97)
James W. Wadsworth, Jr. - New York (1915-27)
Robert A. Taft - Ohio 1939-53
Robert Latham Owen - Oklahoma (1907-25)
Lincoln Chafee - Rhode Island
Claiborne Pell - Rhode Island (1961-97)
John H. Chafee - Rhode Island (1976-99)
Kay Bailey Hutchison - Texas
Phil Gramm - Texas (1985-2002)
John Warner - Virginia
Harry F. Byrd - Virginia (1933-65)
Harry F. Byrd, Jr. - Virginia (1965-83)
Chuck Robb - Virginia (1989-2001)
Brock Adams - Washington (1987-93)
Alan Simpson - Wyoming (1979-97)
Pete Williams - New Jersey/ABSCAM scandal

Some additional U.S. Representatives who were Episcopalians:
Bill Alexander - Arkansas (1969-93)
Bill McCollum - Florida (1981-2001)
Jack W. Buechner - Missouri (1987-91)
Jo Bonner - Alabama 1st
Don Young - Alaska (1973-)
John Shadegg - Arizona 3rd
Sam Farr - California 17th
Rob Simmons - Connecticut 2nd
Adam Putnam - Florida 12th
Dan Miller - Florida 13th (1993-2003)
Ander Crenshaw - Florida 4th
John Mica - Florida 7th
Jack Kingston - Georgia 1st
David McIntosh - Indiana 2nd (1995-2001)
Jim Leach - Iowa 2nd
Bob Livingston - Louisiana 1st (1977-99)
Charles Boustany - Louisiana 7th (2005-)
James Symington - Missouri 2nd (1969-77)
Rodney Frelinghuysen - New Jersey 11th
Robert E. Andrews - New Jersey 1st
Randy Kuhl - New York 29th (2005-)
Cass Ballenger - North Carolina 10th
Ralph Regula - Ohio 16th
Chris Bell - Texas 25th
Jeb Hensarling - Texas 5th
James McDermott - Washington 7th
Jim Sensenbrenner - Wisconsin 5th (1979-)
Judy Biggert - Illinois 13th
Brian Kerns - Indiana 7th (2001-2002)

Some additional U.S. Governors who were Episcopalians:
Hiram Johnson (1866-1945) - Governor and Senator from California
Fife Symington - Arizona (1991-97)
George Deukmejian - California (1983-91)
Charles L. Terry, Jr. - Delaware (1965-69)
Pete du Pont - Delaware (1977-85)
Bill Weld - Massachusetts (1991-97)
Kenny Guinn - Nevada
Mark Sanford - South Carolina
Carroll Campbell - South Carolina (1987-95)
Thomas A. Riggs - Territorial Alaska (1918-21)
Bob Wise - West Virginia
Dave Freudenthal - Wyoming
Stanley K. Hathaway - Wyoming (1967-75)

U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justices who were Episcopalians:
John Jay
John Marshall
Salmon P. Chase
Melville W. Fuller
Morrison R. Waite
Harlan F. Stone

Additional U.S. Supreme Court Justices who were Episcopalians:
Alfred Moore
Benjamin R. Curtis
Bushrod Washington
Byron R. White
David H. Souter
Edward T. Sanford
George Sutherland
Horace H. Lurton
James F. Byrnes
James Iredell
James Wilson
John A. Campbell
John Rutledge
Owen J. Roberts
Peter V. Daniel
Philip P. Barbour
Potter Stewart
Robert H. Jackson
Rufus W. Peckham
Samuel Chase
Sandra Day O'Connor
Stephen J. Field
Thomas Johnson
Thurgood Marshall
Ward Hunt
William H. Moody
Willis Van Devanter

Gallery of Famous Anglicans

Thomas Cranmer (1489-1556). Archbishop of Canterbury and one of the three Anglican Bishops martyred in Oxford in the sixteenth century under Queen Mary Tudor. Cranmer is best known for being the primary architect of the Book of Common Prayer as well as the author of the Thirty-nine Articles of Religion (orginally Forty-two Articles). He was largely responsible for the abolition of the distinctly Roman Catholic ceremonies, the destruction of images and relics, and the purging of medieval Roman superstitious heresies in the Church of England. He was burnt at the stake on March 21, 1556, placing his hand first in the flames as an indication of his regret in signing recantations "for fear of death".

Charles Simeon (1759-1836). Evangelical divine of the Anglican Church during a time of great spiritual decline in the Church of England. He held his incumbency at Trinity Church in Cambridge for his entire career. At first he met with great resistance to Evangelical preaching but later seemed to have turned the course of the entire church towards revival. Read more on Charles Simeon in an article on our "Articles Page".

George Whitefield (1714-1770). Anglican Evangelist and leader in the early Methodist movement. He came under the influence of John and Charles Wesley while studying in Oxford and soon set about preaching in large open-air meetings. His fervent and eloquent preaching attracted significant notice and Whitefield became one of the leading figures in the eighteenth century Great Awakening. In his travels to America he became a friend of Benjamin Franklin and founded an orphanage in Georgia. He was the most striking orator in the eighteenth century Revival which swept through England, Scotland, Wales, and America.

Charles Fuge Lowder (1820-80) vicar of St. Peter's, London Docks. Educated at Exeter College, Oxford, he was ordained priest in 1844 and in 1851 became curate at the parish of St. Barnabas, Pimlico. In 1856 he joined the staff of St. George's in the East, where he took a leading part in the first regular mission work in East London, with Alexander H. Mackonochie as his colleague from 1858. His mission work expanded and he built the church of St. Peter's London Docks (1860-6). Fr. Lowder, as he was affectionately known, was instrumental in reviving a high degree of ritualism in worship, inspiring a renewed depth of spirituality among high church clergy, and was the primary founder of the Society of the Holy Cross. The 19 century Church of England was lifted from a state of lethargy and irreverence through the untiring labors of Charles Lowder.
(Biographical commentary from the Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church along with the Ph.D. dissertation of Dr. S.D. deHart; Anglo-Catholics and the Vestment Controversy Literature)

Alexander Heriot Mackonochie (1825-87) Educated at Wadham college, Oxford, he was ordained in 1849, and served in Westbury and Wantage, before assisting Charles Lowder at St. George's in the East (London). By 1862 when he was put in charge of the newly built church of St. Alban's Holborn, he was recognized as a Ritualist and from 1867 onwards he was constantly persecuted for his ceremonial practices. He eventually resigned in 1882, though he continued to work in the parish until his sudden death in the Highlands in Dec. 1887. Fr. Mackonochie, though the most persecuted priest of the 19th century, filled St. Alban's with enthusiastic converts to Christ within the heathen district of Holborn. Complaints against his high church form of worship were never made by those within his church, but only by those outside who could not see the value of advanced ceremony accompanying the preaching of the Gospel and administration of the Sacraments. His efforts to secure frequent Communion and deeper spiritual devotion among the poor of St. Alban's under a great degree of persecution has left a memory of Fr. Mackonochie as "the martyr of St. Alban's." He served as the Master of the Society of the Holy Cross during many of these difficult years.
(Biographical material from the Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church along with the Ph.D. dissertation of Dr. S.D. deHart; Anglo-Catholics and the Vestments Controversy Literature)

William James Early Bennett (1804-1886) Anglican clergyman known best as the vicar of St. Paul's, Knightsbridge and St. Barnabas, Pimlico in the mid 19th century. Zealous to bring the Gospel to the inner city of London, Bennett persuaded the congregation of St. Paul's to establish a mission, (a chapel of ease) for the poor population in Pimlico. Such an undertaking marked one of the first efforts for inner city missionary work in the Victorian era. Bennett's work was greatly appreciated by the people of Pimlico, however despised by the low churchmen of the day. Among the complaints against Bennett's ceremonialism at St. Barnabas included the use of a cross in the building, the use of candles, an invocation before the sermon, and the procession of the clergy! Rioters were paid to disrupt services and threaten the welfare of the clergy and congregation, even the police could not keep peace inside the building during the terrible riots of 1851 at St. Barnabas! Though Bishop Blomfield of London sympathized with Bennett, he called for his resignation hoping that the rioting would cease with the removal of the church priest and visionary for inner city ministry. Bennett left London and zealously continued his work as vicar of Frome, writing pamphlets, learned treatises, and ministering to the people of his parish. Sadly, the controversy at St. Barnabas continued as the paid rioters were willing to ignore the pleas of the Bishop, to ignore the great ministry of preaching the Gospel to the poor, and to despise the beauty of worship within St. Barnabas. For an excerpt of one of Bennett's sermon's preached during the occasion of one of the worst riots, click here. (material furnished by Dr. S.D. deHart, SSC)

The document above was originally found at: http://firstmartyr.org/historical/biography/gallery.html

The original file is no longer online, but the articles below are presented with the permission of their author, Dr. S.D. deHart, chair of church history.

Some Additional Anglicans and Episcopalians

More details about the individuals listed below can be found on the Famous Anglican and Famous Episcopalian pages we have linked to above.
Absalom Jones
Accepted Frewen
Adam Loftus
Adam Putnam
Agnes Sanford
Alan Simpson
Albert Jay Nock
Alexander Cruden
Alexander Hamilton
Alexander Stuart
Alexandra Stoddard
Alfred Chandler
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Alister McGrath
Alphonso Jackson
Amelia Jenks Bloomer
Ander Crenshaw
Andrew Cavendish
Andrew W. Mellon
Ann B. Davis
Ann Randolph Page
Ann Tottenham
Anne Bronte
Anne L. Armstrong
Anselm of Canterbury
Archibald Campbell Tait
Archibald Pitcairn
Arthur Lake, Bishop of Bath and Wells
Arthur Peacocke
Ashley Olsen
Augustine of Canterbury
Barbara Clementine Harris
Barbara Harris
Barry Goldwater
Benjamin Disraeli
Benjamin Hoadly
Benjamin Noel Young Vaughan
Bernard Judd
Bernard Montgomery
Bess Truman
Bessie Delany
Betsy Ross
Betty Ford
Bill Alexander
Bill McCollum
Bill Nelson
Bill Weld
Blanche Lincoln
Bob Dole
Bob Livingston
Bob Wise
Boniface of Savoy, Archbishop of Canterbury
Bonnie Anderson
Bram Stoker
Brock Adams
Buzz Aldrin
Byron White
C. S. Lewis
C. William Verity
Captain Cook
Captain Vancouver
Carol Gallagher
Carolyn Tanner Irish
Carroll Campbell
Carroll Richter
Carter Heyward
Caspar Weinberger
Cass Ballenger
Cate Waynick
Catherine Parr
Catherine Roskam
Charles Boustany
Charles Darwin
Charles Dickens
Charles Jenkins
Charles L. Terry, Jr.
Charles Manners-Sutton
Charles Mathias
Charles Mingus
Charles Richard Sumner
Charles Stewart Parnell
Charles Thomas Longley
Charles Wesley
Charlie Duke
Charlotte Bronte
Chester A. Arthur
Chilton Knudsen
Chris Bell
Christina Rossetti
Christopher Merrett
Christopher Wordsworth
Christopher Wren
Chuck Hagel
Chuck Robb
Claiborne Pell
Clopton Havers
Colin Powell
Cordell Hull
Cordwainer Smith
Cosmo Lang
Cuthbert of Canterbury
Cynthia Wedel
Dan Miller
Danielle Chester
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Dave Freudenthal
Dave Kopay
David Garrick
David Gregory
David Hope, Baron Hope of Thornes
David Hyde Pierce
David K.E. Bruce
David McIntosh
David Ricardo
David Sheppard
David Souter
Dean Acheson
Dennis Bennett
Denton Cooley
Desmond Tutu
Deusdedit of Canterbury
Diana Windsor
Diane Mott Davidson
Diane Rehm
Don Young
Donald Coggan
Donald Douglas
Dorothy L. Sayers
Douglas Hyde
Duke Ellington
Edith Pargeter
Edmond Halley
Edmund Berry Godfrey
Edmund Burke
Edmund Grindal
Edmund Gunter
Edmund Rich
Edward Tyson
Edward White Benson
Edward Wright
Edwin Booth
Edwin Sandys
Eleanor Holmes Norton
Eleanor Roosevelt
Elias Ashmole
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon
Elizabeth I
Elizabeth II
Elizabeth Tudor
Elizabeth Windsor
Elliot Richardson
Ellis Peters
Emily Bronte
Emma Kamehameha
Enoch Powell
Eric Treacy
Ernest M. Stires
Ernest William Barnes
Errol Barrow
Erskine Bowles
Erskine Hamilton Childers
Ethel Merman
Evan Bayh
Father Clement C. Moore
Fife Symington
Fiorello LaGuardia
Florence Nightingale
Frances Perkins
Francis Bacon
Francis Glisson
Francis Hauksbee
Francis Jayne
Francis White
Francis Willughby
Frank Griswold
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Franklin Pierce
Fred Astaire
Frederick Denison Maurice
Frederick Temple
Gabriel Sharma
Gail Godwin
Gayle Harris
Gene Robinson
General Colin Powell
General Leonidas Polk
Geoff Hoon
Geoffrey Fisher
George Abbot
George Augustus Selwyn
George Bell
George Bush
George C. Marshall
George Carey
George Cheyne
George Deukmejian
George E. Reedy
George Edmund Street
George Frederic Handel
George Graham
George H. Gallup Jr.
George H. W. Bush
George Herbert
George Herbert Walker III
George Hickes
George Morley
George Orwell
George Owen
George Peacock
George Shultz
George Washington
George Wharton
Gerald Ford
Geralyn Wolf
Gervase Babington
Gilbert Burnet
Gilbert Sheldon
Glenda Hood
Gouverneur Morris
Graham Leonard
Graham Norton
Haley Hilliard
Hamilton Fish
Hanan Ashrawi
Hans Sloane
Harlan Fiske Stone
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Harry F. Byrd, Jr.
Henry Chichele
Henry Compton
Henry Deane
Henry George
Henry Grattan
Henry James
Henry More
Henry Oldenburg
Henry Pelham
Henry Phillpotts
Henry Power
Henry Purcell
Henry Yates Satterlee
Herbert Cecil Pugh
Herbert Edward Ryle
Herbert Marsh
Hillaire Belloc
Hiram Johnson
Howard Mowll
Hubert Walter
Hugh Boulter
Hugh Latimer
Humphrey Bogart
Isaac Barrow
Isaac Newton
Isaac Watts
J. P. Morgan
Jabez Bryce
Jack Kingston
Jack Straw
Jack W. Buechner
Jackson Kemper
Jacque Means
James Agee
James Douglas
James F. Byrnes
James Fraser
James Gregory
James Henry Monk
James Madison
James McDermott
James Monroe
James Pike
James Symington
James Ussher
James W. Wadsworth, Jr.
Jan Karon
Janani Luwum
Jane Austen
Jane Dixon
Jay Garner
Jean Felix Piccard
Jeanette Piccard
Jeb Hensarling
Jefferson Davis
Jeremy Collier
Jeremy Shakerley
Jeremy Taylor
Jerry Garcia
Jerry Glanville
Jim Exon
Jim Leach
Jim Sensenbrenner
Jo Bonner
John Arbuthnot
John Banister
John Basson Humffray
John Bell Hood
John Bird Sumner
John Bryson Chane
John Charles Ryle
John Coleridge Patteson
John Collins
John Craig
John Danforth
John Dee
John Donne
John Douglas
John Dryden
John Earle
John Evelyn
John Flamsteed
John Francis Vigani
John Freind
John Gauden
John Gerard
John H. Chafee
John Harris
John Henley
John Henry Hobart
John Howard
John J. Pershing
John Keats
John Kemp
John Lennon
John Major
John Masefield
John Mayow
John McCain
John Mica
John Milton
John Moore
John Morton
John Newton
John Owen
John Peckham
John Pell
John Pendleton Kennedy
John Polkinghorne
John Potter
John Ramsey
John Ruskin
John Sentamu
John Shadegg
John Sharp
John Shelby Spong
John Stafford
John Still
John Stow
John Strachey
John Tabor
John Taylor (1503-1554)
John Tillotson
John Tradescant
John Wallis
John Warner
John Wesley
John Whitgift
John Wilkins
John Williams
John Woodward
John de Stratford
JonBenet Ramsey
Jonathan Daniels
Jonathan Swift
Joseph Addison
Joseph Fletcher
Joseph Glanvill
Joseph Grew
Joseph Hall
Joseph Lister
Joshua Childrey
Judy Biggert
Judy Collins
Judy Garland
Judy Shepard
Julia Ward Howe
Karl Rove
Katharine Jefferts Schori
Kay Bailey Hutchison
Kenelm Digby
Kenny Guinn
Kevin Rudd
Kim Beazley
King Edward VI
King Edward VII
King Edward VIII
King George II
King George III
King George V
King George VI
King Henry VIII
Lady Bird Johnson
Lady Diana
Lady Jane Grey
Lancelot Andrewes
Laurence Olivier
Laurence of Canterbury
Lawrence Rooke
Lee Tim-Oi
Leonard Digges
Leonidas Polk
Leslie Uggams
Levi P. Morton
Lewis Carroll
Lincoln Chafee
Lois Carter Clark
Lord Mountbatten
Lord Palmerston
Louie Crew
Louis A. Johnson
Louis MacNeice
Lyfing, Archbishop of Canterbury
Madeleine Albright
Madeleine L'Engle
Madeline Albright
Malcolm Boyd
Mandell Creighton
Margaret Mead
Mark Sanford
Marko Antonije Dominis
Martha Washington
Mary Adelia McLeod
Mary Martin
Mary-Kate Olsen
Matthew Blagden Hale
Matthew Fox (priest)
Matthew Parker
Matthew Shepard
Michael Jackson
Michael Ramsey
Millard E. Tydings
Molly Ivins
Mortimer J. Adler
Morton C. Blackwell
Mother Seton
Natalie Cole
Nathaniel Highmore
Nathaniel Ward
Nelson Rockefeller
Neville Chamberlain
Nicholas Baines
Nicholas Bullingham
Nicholas Ridley
Nicky Gumbel
Oda the Severe
Oliver Goldsmith
Olivia de Havilland
Our Lady of Walsingham
P.D. James
Pamela Chinnis
Parker Stevenson
Patrick Campbell Rodger
Patrick Henry
Patsy Ramsey
Pauli Murray
Percy Bysshe Shelley
Pete Williams
Pete du Pont
Peter Akinola
Peter Carnley
Peter Henry Abrahams
Peter Hollingworth
Peter Jensen
Peter Kwong
Peter Price
Peter Turner
Phil Gramm
Philander Chase
Philip Larkin
Philip Ruddock
Philips Brooks
Phillip Aspinall
Phillip Jensen
Phillips Brooks
Phyllis Tickle
Potter Stewart
Prescott Bush
Prince Andrew
Prince Charles
Prince Edward
Prince Harry
Prince Michael of Kent
Prince William
Princess Alice
Princess Anne
Queen Anne I
Queen Elizabeth I
Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Mary II
Queen Victoria
R.J. Berry
Ralph Cudworth
Ralph Regula
Ralph d'Escures
Randall Thomas Davidson
Randy Kuhl
Reginald Cardinal Pole
Renn Dickson Hampden
Richard Bancroft
Richard Barnes
Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Richard Chartres
Richard Chenevix Trench
Richard Delamain
Richard Hakluyt
Richard Harries
Richard Hooker
Richard Hurd
Richard Norwood
Richard of Dover
Rob Halford
Rob Simmons
Robert A. Taft
Robert Baden-Powell
Robert Boyle
Robert Browning
Robert Dudley
Robert E. Andrews
Robert E. Lee
Robert Fludd
Robert Keith
Robert Kilwardby
Robert Latham Owen
Robert Machray
Robert Morison
Robert Mueller
Robert Norman
Robert Plot
Robert Reed
Robert Runcie
Robert Sharrock
Robert Winchelsey
Robert of Jumieges
Robin Williams
Rod Carew
Rodney Frelinghuysen
Roger Casement
Rogers C.B. Morton
Rowan Williams
Rupert Gascoyne-Cecil
Saint Honorius
Salmon P. Chase
Sam Farr
Sam Maguire
Sam Waterston
Sammy Sosa
Samuel Ajayi Crowther
Samuel Clarke
Samuel Crowther
Samuel Johnson
Samuel Marsden
Samuel Morland
Samuel Seabury
Samuel Shoemaker
Samuel T. Lloyd III
Samuel Wilberforce
Sandra Day O'Connor
Sarah Ferguson
Saxby Chambliss
Sean O'Casey
Seth Ward
Shelby Foote
Sherman Adams
Shute Barrington
Simon Conway Morris
Simon Islip
Simon Langham
Simon Sudbury
Sir John Betjeman
Sir Thomas Lucy
Slade Gorton
Spencer Perceval
Stanley K. Hathaway
Stephen Gray
Stephen Hales
Stephen Langton
Stuart Symington
Sue Hiatt
Susan Howatch
T. S. Eliot
TC Hammond
Tallulah Bankhead
Ted Scott
Ted Stevens
Tennessee Williams
Terry Waite
Theobald Wolfe Tone
Theobald of Bec
Theodore of Tarsus
Thomas A. Riggs
Thomas Arundel
Thomas Babington Macaulay
Thomas Bourchier
Thomas Bradwardine
Thomas Browne
Thomas Burnet
Thomas Cooper
Thomas Cranmer (Archbishop)
Thomas Digges
Thomas E. Dewey
Thomas Frederick Butler
Thomas Gray
Thomas H. Kean
Thomas Harriot
Thomas Hobbes
Thomas Ken
Thomas Langton
Thomas Millington
Thomas Moffett
Thomas Percy
Thomas Secker
Thomas Smith
Thomas Streete
Thomas Sydenham
Thomas Tanner
Thomas Tenison
Thomas Wharton
Thomas Willis
Thomas a Becket
Thurgood Marshall
Tobias Matthew
Togo West
Tom Wright
Tony Blair
Trevor Huddleston
Valerie Plame
Verna Dozier
Victor McLaglen
Vida Scudder
Vincent Price
Vincent Wing
W.H. Auden
Walter Charleton
Walter Cronkite
Walter Reynolds
Walter Scott
Wilfred Wood
Willa Cather
William Archibald Spooner
William Bedell
William Brouncker
William Congreve
William Courtenay
William Crabtree
William Croone
William Derham
William Dodd Hathaway
William Fleetwood
William Gilbert
William Grant Broughton
William Harvey
William Henry Harrison
William III
William Juxon
William King
William Laud
William Law
William Lawrence
William Magee
William Markham
William Meade
William Molyneux
William Oughtred
William Petty
William Powell
William Sancroft
William Shakespeare
William Sherard
William Stubbs
William Stukeley
William Temple
William Thomson
William Wake
William Warburton
William Warham
William Weld
William Whiston
William Whittlesey
William Wordsworth
William de Corbeil
Winston Churchill
Zachary Taylor

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