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Instant Loans for Bad Credit Can Save the Day

In today’s economy, when having a decent credit score is considerably more difficult than ever before, getting a bill that’s just a bit bigger than what you expected, or having to pay for medical procedures can really put you down.

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By submitting my information, I acknowledge I have read, understand, and agree to the terms of the Privacy Policy and the Terms & Conditions of Use. I understand that by submitting my information, I may be contacted by telephone by one lender.

Life isn’t always fair, and when things get rough, it can be pretty difficult to get back on track. Having bad credit can limit your options in terms of what amount of money you can get.

Whether you need a few extra dollars to pay the rent or need to pay for urgent repairs for your car or home, knowing that there are ways to get a loan can bring a lot of peace of mind. What’s more, going to a bank in order to take out a loan can start a tedious loop of making appointments, speaking to various people on the phone and filling in applications. This entire process might successfully help you get a loan, but it can take a very long time to complete.

Luckily, there is a way to get instant loans for bad credit. As the name implies, this will help you get the money that you need, in a very short time, even if your credit is so low that most banks would not approve your loan.

What is an instant loan for bad credit?

Instant loans are short-term that you can apply for in only a few minutes. The best part about them is the fact that they usually do not require a credit check. In other words, anyone can get one, as long as they meet the eligibility criteria.

Generally speaking, instant loans are great ways to get limited amounts of money without having to make bank appointments and risk being turned down if your credit score is not high enough.

Apart from the fact that there is no credit check, you should also keep in mind the procedure is much shorter and simpler. There is no need to waste time looking for all the paperwork that you would normally need to get a loan from the bank and your approval will also come much faster. Instant loans are not given by banks, but by companies, so there is less bureaucracy involved.

This having been said, you will still be required to fill out a form that will ask for your personal and financial information, however, this data is used in order for an internal eligibility process, not to check your credit score.

You can apply for the credits through company websites, from physical locations or by using mobile apps. As a rule of thumb, you should fill out the application online or using an app because these two methods will also give you the means to keep an eye on the terms and conditions of the loan, along with the date when you have to pay the money back.

What can an instant loan be used for?

Once you get an instant loan, you can use it for anything you need. This type of loan does not come with the restrictions regularly imposed by banks. Once your request is approved, you can use it in order to pay the rent and utility bills, you can take the money and pay for medical procedures, or you can use the loan in order to make purchases.

Depending on the company that you get the loan from, you may have to specify why you need the loan while you are filling in the application form. In other cases, you may be able to put the loan under Miscellaneous and do whatever you want with the money, once you get it.

One limit that certain companies may place on the use of the loan is using it in order to make payments for other money loans that you may have taken out, but other than this, anything goes, as long as it is legal.

In the end, it comes down to the company that you choose. Some have strict guidelines that limit what you can do with the loan, while others have a hands-off approach and will allow you do use the money for any purpose that you want.

What do you need in order to apply for an instant loan if you’ve got bad credit?

Most companies will only ask you to fill out an application form, for them to assess whether you are eligible or not for the instant loan. In most cases, you will be asked for your name, your income and any debts that you may have, your Social Security number, bank account information, your phone number, and your current address.

When it comes to getting little loans for bad credit, you have to keep in mind that only a few companies check your credit score before making a decision. The eligibility criteria depend on the company that you choose to get the loan from.

Overall, the company that you get the instant loan from will not be interested in credit reports or credit scores.

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How to get the best deal if you’ve got bad credit?

There are thousands of companies that offer instant loans for bad credit and you will have to look at this matter as if it were a product that you need to buy. Look at what options you have in your area.

Some companies only offer loans in their home states while others target specific areas. You may also find that the interests for the monthly payments can be vastly different from one state to another.

Here is what you can do in order to increase your chances of getting a great deal for your instant loan:

  • Do online research – All the companies that offer instant $500 loans have a website that you can use in order to find out what kind of interest rates they have and what limits they have when it comes to the amount of money that you can ask for;
  • Look for reviews – Keep in mind that these are not banks. They are companies and, as a result, their business practices may vary. Look at forums and review websites that handle service assessment and try to figure out if the companies that you want to contact have a fair business model;
  • Look for the app or website – Once you decide which company to work with, look at the app store for your phone and see if there is an app associated with it. These applications can provide you with a lot of useful info, starting with the amount of money that you still have to pay, to your monthly interest and the due date for the loan. Generally speaking, they will allow you to keep a close eye on your debt so that you don’t miss a payment and have to face the consequences;
  • Consider using brokerage services – If you have a hard time getting your info in order in order to fill in the application, or you need advice in order to decide what company you should choose, consider using the services of a loan broker. These individuals know all the ins and outs of this industry and should be able to give you all the info that you need in order to ensure that your application will be approved;
  • It is easier if you are self-employed – Regardless of which company you choose to work with, you will need to submit proof of your income before your request to take out a loan is approved. However, if you are self-employed, most companies will skip this step;
  • Shop around – Lastly, never make a decision without looking at all the instant credit options that you have. Keep in mind that some companies may not offer their services in your state, however, there will be others from a different region that you can get a loan from. Overall, always look for the best deal that you can find. Be as careful as possible to the amount of time that you have to pay the money back and at the monthly interest;


If you’re hard-pressed for money and can’t go to the bank, getting instant loans for bad credit is always a viable option. There are hundreds of companies to choose from in every state and, while most will ask you to submit your income and debt status, they will not look at your credit score in order to reach a decision.

The majority of companies that offer instant loans have mobile apps that their customers can install and keep an eye on their debt and the monthly interest rate. Use the tech that you have access to in order to ensure that you always stay on top of things.

Live often throws us curve balls and not having something to reach for can be horrible. You can get instant loans in only a couple of minutes and the companies will not check your credit score, so your requests will always be approved as long as you submit your income and debt information.