How to Save Money on Entertaining Your Kids

Posted in Entertainment on June 21, 2020

Let’s face it, finding cheap ways to entertain the kids isn’t always easy. Every weekend, you’re stuck searching for a way to get your youngsters off their consoles and out into the great outdoors. However, the only things that they want to do are the things that cost us parents a fortune – like visiting local theme parks or hitting the mall with friends.

So, how do you plan a fun time away from school for your kids without breaking the bank or taking out a personal loan? Well, there are a handful of options available if you’re willing to get a little creative. Here are some of our top tips.

1. Check Out Your Local Area

A quick Google search on “free events” in your local area is usually all it takes to bring up some ideas on how to keep the kids entertained. There are plenty of parks and museums that hold events when the schools are out to keep youngsters entertained. You might even find some fun classes being hosted in your area that you can take part in – like cooking for beginners.

A good way to start your search is to head onto social media and join some of the local community groups for your city or state. You can also think about reaching out to other families that you know that have kids of a similar age group.

2. Plan a Staycation

If you’ve got a few weeks off work at the same time that your kids are away from school, you could all be craving a vacation. Time away from home can be an excellent way to have fun – but you don’t necessarily need to travel far to get the benefit. You could consider driving to somewhere local, so you don’t need to find as much cash.

Taking out a small personal loan so you can go and visit some local family in a nearby state could be an excellent way to make some memories, without spending thousands. You could even think about going camping instead of staying at a hotel.

3. Start Gardening Together

Now’s a great time for the family to start getting out into the garden together. Teach your children how to look after some basic plants like potatoes and tomatoes and show them how they can help those sprouts grow into delicious food. You can find a lot of videos and articles online about gardening that are tailored to suit kids.

Not only will gardening get your kids to spend more time in the fresh air outdoors, but it will also help them to develop a useful skill that they can use to grow essential produce in the future. When you’re finished growing your plants, you can also learn how to make delicious meals with them together.

4. Have a Garage Sale

There’s a good chance that your house is packed full of junk that your kids don’t want or need anymore, but you just haven’t had chance to throw it away. Although spending a few days sorting through old toys and clothes might not seem like much fun, it’s a good way to keep everyone busy and make some money in the process. You can get your kids involved by telling them that they can keep the money from anything that they sell.

If a garage sale is out, then you don’t need to physically sell the items that you don’t want in person, you could also consider working with your kids to list some of their old belongings online. Social selling pages on Facebook and eBay are a great way to make some extra money on the things that you don’t need anymore.

5. Have a Dedicated Day for Your Kid

Finally, ask your kid to give you advice on exactly what they want to do one weekend, or during a certain day when they’re away from school. They can do anything that they like, from going from an adventure to the beach, or checking out the local park, as long as they stick to a specific budget.

Setting your kid a budget is a lot like giving them a fun challenge to work with. More often than not, your kids will see the game in only having a small amount of money to spend and use it as an excuse to let their creativity shine. What’s more, you get the bonus advantage from teaching your child about budgeting and spending money frugally too.