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Religious Affiliation of Canadian Prime Ministers

Since confederation in 1867, 21 individuals have served as Prime Minister of Canada. Four have served non-consecutive terms.

Note that the total in the percent column below adds up to more than 100% because some prime ministers have converted from one religious affiliation to another, and were counted in both categories.

Religious AffiliationPrime MinistersNum. of
% of
% of
in this Religion
(2001 Census)
Catholic John Thompson
Paul Martin
Jean Chretien
Brian Mulroney
John Napier Turner
Joe Clark
Pierre Trudeau
Louis St. Laurent
Wilfrid Laurier
9 43% 43.2%
Anglican Kim Campbell
Richard B. Bennett
Robert Borden
John A. Macdonald
Charles Tupper
John Abbott
6 29% 6.9%
Presbyterian William Lyon Mackenzie King
Arthur Meighen
Robert Borden
Mackenzie Bowell
4 19% 1.4%
Baptist John Diefenbaker
Alexander Mackenzie
Charles Tupper
3 14% 2.5%
Methodist John Thompson
Lester B. Pearson
2 9.5%  
United Church of Canada Lester B. Pearson 1 4.8% 9.6%

NameTerm of OfficeReligious Affiliation
Paul Martin2003 to presentCatholic
Jean Chretien1993 to 2003Catholic
Kim Campbell1993Anglican (lapsed)
Brian Mulroney1984 to 1993Catholic
John Napier Turner1984Catholic
Joe Clark1979 to 1980Catholic
Pierre Trudeau1980 to 1984
1968 to 1979
Lester (Mike) B. Pearson1963 to 1968Methodist/United Church of Canada
John Diefenbaker1957 to 1963Evangelical Baptist
Louis St. Laurent1948 to 1957Catholic
Richard B. Bennett1930 to 1935Anglican
William Lyon Mackenzie King1935 to 1948
1926 to 1930
1921 to 1926
Presbyterian; mysticism
Arthur Meighen1926
1920 to 1921
Robert Borden1911 to 1920raised Presbyterian; later Anglican
Wilfrid Laurier1896 to 1911Catholic (anti-clerical)
Charles Tupper1896Baptist; Anglican
Mackenzie Bowell1894 to 1896Presbyterian
John Thompson1892 to 1894Methodist; converted to Catholicism
John Abbott1891 to 1892Anglican
Alexander Mackenzie1873 to 1878Baptist
John A. Macdonald1878 to 1891
1867 to 1873
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