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Using Cash Loans to Fix Cash Flow Emergencies

Cash flow emergencies can be a quite concerning and stressful experience for several very obvious reasons, not least of which is the inability to afford critical expenses such as food and essential bills in the short-term. In the long-term, even a relatively brief financial struggle can wind up snowballing into a damaging effect on your credit score, especially if you’re unable to bounce back enough to square away the debts that you’ve created during that time of monetary need.

Applying for a cash loan isn’t exactly what you’d envision if you could draw up an ideal plan ahead of time, but once you’re already in a bad situation and the need for extra funding is inevitable, finding a lender that will approve you can be your best remaining option. In fact, what started as a last resort could become the beginning of your journey to rebuilding your credit and regaining financial freedom. Sometimes, all it takes is a little boost to get you out of the red and back onto an upward savings trajectory.

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By submitting my information, I acknowledge I have read, understand, and agree to the terms of the Privacy Policy and the Terms & Conditions of Use. I understand that by submitting my information, I may be contacted by telephone by one lender.

In this guide, we’ll discuss how cash loans can be used to correct cash flow emergencies while also listing a few reasons why one might want to take that route during particularly desperate times. In addition, well also be explaining how most people with bad credit can still get approved on a same-day basis by applying for specific kinds of loans.

Can Cash Loans Advance You All the Money You Need?

Dealing with a financial crisis can have you thinking about the worst-case scenarios that could unfold if you’re unable to get back on track. Of course, it’s not ideal to take out a small loan that will still leave you without all of the money needed to take care of your obligations. In other words, insufficient funding can be just as bad as no funding in some cases, especially if you still wind up having nothing left over for yourself after taking care of your overdue bills or debt payments.

Fortunately, cash loans advance amounts ranging from $100 to $5,000 or more are available, depending on how much monthly income you can prove. If you need to borrow larger amounts than that in the form of a cash loan, you may be able to do so but the application process will most likely involve a more thorough examination of your credit history and score.

If Your Income Metrics Line Up, Approval is Practically Guaranteed Regardless of Credit

The primary concern that you might be having when considering cash loan advances as an option for financial relief is the possibility of not being approved. After all, being denied for some loans can have a negative effect on your credit history by placing a hard inquiry on your report. Luckily, if you only need to borrow less than $5,000, you can probably do that without having your credit checked or even considered as a key factor during the lender’s deliberation.

Many cash lenders will quickly look over your application and review the main metrics within a matter of minutes, offering same-day approval and the possibility of having your account funded within hours. The most important aspect of the approval process will be the validation of your proof of income. You don’t necessarily need to have a job, but you do need to show that you receive some kind of ongoing income.

Statistically, lenders who offer cash loans advance millions of people billions of dollars every year, so your loan will just be another drop in the bucket for them. Here are some of the documents you can present to the lender in order to ensure you’ll be approved without any stumbling blocks:

  • Paycheck Stubs – The most basic form of proof of income that you can use to get a cash loan advance would be your paycheck stubs from your employer. Generally, most lenders will want to see at least two months’ worth of proof of income. However, if you work online or are self-employed, some lenders may want to see at least six months of consecutive income or more.
  • Bank Statements – Depending on how long your employer has been in business and how reputable they are, the lender may want to see bank statements that prove you have been receiving a minimum amount every month via direct deposit. If you show up with a few original bank statements that you’ve received in the mail, that will help compliment any other proof of income you might have. Also, if you’re self-employed the lender may ask for bank statements anyway.
  • Official Government Documents – If you’re receiving any form of government assistance such as SSI payments, welfare or unemployment relief, be sure to bring official documents that display the amount you receive along with your full name and address. Likewise, if you’re getting monthly settlement payments of some sort, you should also show proof of that. When using an online lender, you can scan these documents into your phone using a free scanning app and submit them digitally.
  • Tax Returns – Tax returns are not necessary but can help bolster your loan application by showing that you not only have proof of income but you also have proof that you’ve paid your taxes on all the income you’ve made. Additionally, some lenders will require tax returns for the past one or two years if you are self-employed.
  • Credit Report *optional – Obviously, if you’re credit is horrible then you wouldn’t want to include this document as an attachment in a loan application. However, if you’re applying for a larger cash loan advance and your credit isn’t that bad, showing that you don’t even have bad credit could definitely speed up the approval process.

Ultimately, you should have no problem being approved for cash loans as long as you’re over the age of 18, a legal citizen, and can present any of the above documents to prove that you meet the minimum income requirements – which will vary depending on the lender and the amount you’re trying to borrow.

Types of Cash Loans That Anyone With a Source of Income Can Apply For

Now that you know cash loans are a legitimate option during times of financial distress, you’re probably wondering what kind of loans you should be looking for. Here’s a shortlist of the loans that almost anyone with proof of income can be approved for:

  • Payday Loans – If you’re looking for the highest chances of being approved and the most lenient application process, a payday loan is an optimal solution. As the name implies, a payday loan is a cash advance that’s proportionate to the amount of money you’ll be receiving in your checking account at the end of your next pay period. You’ll need to have an open and active checking account in order to be approved by most payday lenders, as they’ll require your account and routing numbers along with a direct deposit agreement that will allow them to withdraw an agreed-upon amount on, or shortly after, your next pay date.
  • Installment Loans – Installment loans are very similar to payday loans for bad credit and are often offered by the same lenders. However, the amounts can be larger and the interest rates may be lower than those provided in entry-level payday loans.
  • Poor Credit Personal Loans – If you need a larger amount and your credit isn’t completely horrible but it isn’t good either, a poor credit personal loan might be an option worth considering. These loans offer a lower chance of approval than the two aforementioned loan types and can also have lower interest rates and longer repayment periods. Being able to stretch the loan period out over a longer time frame will make your monthly payments lower and could, therefore, make your path to becoming debt-free a bit easier.

While there are other low-credit funding options like crowdfunding platforms and peer-to-peer lending networks, the three mentioned above are the most reliable forms of financial relief for individuals who have poor credit and solid proof of income.

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Can You Take Out More Than One Cash Loan At The Same Time?

What happens if you apply for a loan and get approved, but the lender doesn’t want to give you enough money to handle all of your expenses? In that case, it is hypothetically possible to apply for several cash loans with multiple lenders on the same day.

Of course, this is not a suggested course of action because it could wind up putting you deeper into debt. Nonetheless, taking out multiple loans at the same time – a practice that is known as loan stacking – is an applicable last resort for someone who is experiencing a legitimate cash flow emergency.

The important rule of thumb to remember is that you should never borrow more than you’ll be able to comfortably pay back. If you do wind up overextending yourself and you can’t afford to make your monthly payments on some of your loans, you could eventually take out a debt consolidation loan to centralize all of your payments into one and get caught up again.