Distinct Religious Movements and their Countries of Origin

This page, "Distinct Religious Movements and their Countries of Origin," is not comprehensive, but is inttended to be informative and interesting to our readers. Please send in your suggestions of distinctive religious movements that aren't yet on this list, especially if it's from a country not yet represented here. Probably nearly every country has some form of indigenous religious expression. We hope to expand this list to include all the countries of the world.

This page does not present information about these religious movements (other than, in some cases, a location and year and origin).

A "distinct religious movement" may be considered a distinctive branch, denomination, or denominational family of a larger religion, or it may be an entirely independent religion or religious movement.

This list does not include religious bodies which are simply national or regional manifestations of an existing religious movement. (For example, "Lutheranism" is listed as a distinct religious movement which began in Germany. But the "Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada" would not be listed separately for Canada.)

CountryReligious Movement
Germany Lutheranism (1517, Martin Luther)
Moravians (1727, Count Zinendorf)
China Taoism
Falun Gong/Falun Dafa
England Anglicanism (1534)
Quakers (1647)
Methodism (1739, John Wesley)
Salvation Army (1865, William Booth)
Holland Baptists (1605, John Smyth)
India Hinduism
Veerashaivas (Lingayats)
Ahmadiyya Islam
Indonesia Subud
Persia Babi and Baha'i Faiths
Israel Judaism
Jamaica Rastafarianism
Japan Shinto
Korea, North Juche
Korea, South Ch'ondogyo
Won Buddhism / Wonbulgyo
Unification Church
Saudi Arabia Islam
Switzerland Presbyterianism
Amish (1693, Jakob Ammann)
Tibet Bon
Vajrayana (Tibetan) Buddhism
United States of America Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Fayette, New York, 1830)
Southern Baptist Convention (1845)
Jehovah's Witnesses (Pennsylvania, 1870)
Christian Science (Massachusetts, 1879)
Adventism / Seventh-day Adventists (New Hampshire)
Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement
Pentecostalism (1901)
"Black Muslim" movement / Nation of Islam
Church of Scientology
Secular Humanistic Judaism (1963)
Vietnam Cao Dai
Hoa Hao
Tinh Do Cu Si ("Coconut Religion")

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