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Famous Adherents
Prominent, Notable, Celebrity, Influential, Famous Members of Various Religions and Denominations

Richard Gere and Dali Lama Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali Mike Wallace and Gladys Knight sing for Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley John Woo John Travolta and Heber Jentzsch Gary Cooper and Pope Pius XII Gary Cooper and Pope Pius XII President Bill Clinton singing with Baptist preacher adherents collage
Spiritual/Religious Biographies
Ever wonder: What religion was so-and-so...?
Gary Cooper. Thomas Edison. Marilyn Monroe. Walt Whitman. George Lucas. John Wayne. Sigmund Freud. Abraham Lincoln. Steven Spielberg. Antony van Leeuwenhoek. Elizabeth Taylor. Philo Farnsworth. Karl Marx. Hundreds more...
(listed by last name)

These are just a few of the famous individuals whose spiritual/religious biographies can be found at These articles feature in depth research about the religious backgrounds, beliefs, conversions, affiliations, etc. of famous individuals. To look for a name in this section, simply click on the link above for the first letter of the person's last name. For example, click on "L" to read about the religious affiliation of George Lucas.

In addition, there are thousands of other individuals for which a separate Spiritual Biography article is not yet available, but who are listed in our "Famous Adherents" section (the directory to which is on the left side of this page). You can search also the entire website for a person's name using the search field below:
Also, if you are using the regular website, you can search these files using by entering: , plus the name of the person you are looking for. For example: Abraham Lincoln

If a search of our website for a person's specific name returns many pages, and you simply want to quickly ascertain this person's religious affiliation, you may wish to constrain your search further by searching only in the "" sub-directory, in which all of the Famous Adherent lists are located. We suggest that you not start by limiting your search to that directory first because there are many lists in other areas of the website wherin you may find the name of the person you are looking for. (For example, there are many names of authors in's literature section:

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About this Page

These "Famous Adherent" lists are interesting, but they are not intended for sociological or statistical research. Likewise, these lists are not intended as a source of general information about religious groups or religious beliefs. These lists are about individual people, and no individual person is representative of a religious tradition as a whole. For example, while it is interesting to note that Christopher Isherwood was a famous Hindu, neither this observation alone nor a biography about the writer is necessarily a good source of information about Hinduism.

This "Famous Adherents" page (which is essentially a link page) was created at in 1999. Originally, linked only to external webpages on other websites, which we have no control over.

For many religious groups (Presbyterians, Zoroastrians, Baptists, Baha'is, Quakers, Seventh-day Adventists, Tenris, Christian Scientists, etc.), we found there were some interesting, famous adherents, but there was no webpage already dedicated to listing them, so as part of our continuing research about famous adherents, we created original pages housed on the website.

In 2003 Wikipedia, the emerging free internet-based encyclopedia, first created a number of lists of notable adherents for many different religious faiths. These were based partially on research, but also utilized research from many other sources. Wikipedia's religious adherent lists (which we also link to from this page and from our various "Famous Adherent" sub-pages) provide an additional valuable resource on this topic, including a small number of completely new lists. Wikipedians have been able to utilize our research in compiling and adding to the lists of names on the website, while we have been able to utilize the efforts by Wikipedians to enhance the amount of "Famous Adherent" information available from this site.

For a number of groups we have created a "Famous Adherent" page in order to list links to our growing number of Religious Biography pages. Where we have a "Famous Adherent" page, but there are also additional external webpages, we have grouped all of the links together on one page. For example, rather than listing multiple different "Famous Catholic" pages in the list below, these multiple links can be found on the single "Famous Catholics" page on our site.

Lists of Famous Adherents of Various Religious Groups

Religious Affiliation of Scientists

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