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The Religious Affiliation of Black Activist
Malcolm X

Malcolm X was an influential black activist.

Malcolm X was raised as in the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

Malcolm X adopted his Muslim name when converted to the "Black Muslim" movement and became a member of the American-based, predominanly black Muslim religious body known as the "Nation of Islam." Later, after making a pilgrimage to Mecca where he was impressed by the multi-ethnic nature of the Muslim worshippers he encountered, Malcolm X moved to become part of "mainstream" Islam.

From: "Religious Affiliations of Celebrities" page in "Celebrity Religion" section of "Religion Facts" website (http://www.religionfacts.com/celebrities/religions_of_celebrities.htm; viewed 26 April 2007):

Below is an index of the religious affiliations or belief systems of celebrities (both living and dead; in film, television, music, literature, academics and politics), listed in alphabetical order by last name...

Celebrity: Malcolm X

Religion/Belief: Islam

Quotes, More Information, Sources:
A long-time member and spokesman for the Nation of Islam, Malcolm X converted to orthodox Islam after a pilgrimage to Mecca in 1964. - Wikipedia [link to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malcolm_X]

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