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The Religious Affiliation of
Reggie White
murderer turned Christian author (wrote Too Tough To Cry)
married to "Footsteps" poet

From: Ervin Shaw, "Reggie White: 'Minister of Defense'" webpage, posted 2000, latest addition 29 December 2004; in "Christian Testimonies" section of "The Truth . . . What Is It?" website (http://poptop.hypermart.net/testrw.html; viewed 7 November 2005):
His Life Before Jesus Came In:
Born 19 December 1961 inChattanooga, weighing 6 pounds, he was his unmarried mom's firstborn, she being 15 years of age. Living with Mildred Dodds, his grandmother, for a time at about age 7, he attended church regularly. At age 11, unaware of racism, he was teasing with a friend who was a white girl after school. A white man in a passing car growled, "Hey, nigger, you leave her alone!" The girl suddenly changed, seemed afraid, and told on him to school officials . . . punishment was swift.

His Life Since Jesus Came In:
At age 13, he accepted Jesus as his savior, later telling his mom, Thelma, that he wanted to be a pro football player and a preacher. He later had to be bullied by his white football coach, Robert Pulliam, from being "a nice, big, Sunday school boy who didn't want to hurt anyone" into a hard-playing football player . . . Pulliam seemed almost abusive in doing so. Coach pulled him aside one day and told the boy that he believed he had the makings of the best defensive lineman who had ever lived. At age 17, at St. Johns Baptist Church, he was ordained a minister of The Gospel. Two years later he met Sara Copeland, a fired-up and beautiful new believer . . . they married after 2 years.

Now (1998) of the Green Bay Packers, Reggie White dishes out the punishment to opponents with his 6 foot 5 inch 300 pound all-pro physical bulk; his ministerial power has hit the inner city with the Word of God. Read his autobiography, In The Trenches. Of his 1985-2000 NFL career, his most notable point was as all time leader in sacks at 198 (since surpassed).

Reggie had sarcoidosis and was stricken at his home in Hunterville, North Carolina on 26 December 2004 and died shortly in the hospital.

See also: http://www.cbn.org/living/christianwalk/interviews/reggiewhite.asp

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