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The Religious Affiliation of Country Music Star
Hank Williams Sr.

From: David W. Cloud, "1950s Rock -- Creating a Revolution", distributed by Way of Life Literature's Fundamental Baptist Information Service, copyright 2001 (http://www.wayoflife.org/fbns/1950srock.htm; viewed 19 July 2005):
Hiram "Hank" Williams' (1923-1953)... was born in a log house in September 1923 to a poor family in rural Alabama. His mother, Jessie Lillybelle (called Lillie), played the organ at Baptist churches during the early part of Hank's childhood, though she apparently was not a meek and quiet-spirited woman... Hank's father, Elonzo, who was called Lon, was a hard drinker who did not live with the family from the time Hank was six years old... Hank's mother tried to steer young Hank into singing for the Lord and laboriously saved the money to send him to a shape-note singing school, but he was more attracted to the world. He started drinking and attending Saturday-night dances when he was only 11 (Colin Escott, Hank Williams, p. 10)... Like many country/blues/rock singers, Hank Williams carried a sentimental love for gospel music with him throughout his life, and he recorded several religious songs. He never gave any testimony or evidence of having been born again... Hank Williams, Sr., died on the last day of December 1953 at age 29 in the back of his Cadillac of drug-alcohol induced heart failure.

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