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The Religious Affiliation of MPAA President
Jack Valenti

From: Les Keyser, Martin Scorsese, Twayne Publishers: New York (1992), pages 185-186:
Bill Bright of the Campus Crusade for Christ eschewed the stick in favor of the crrot in his crusade against The Last Temptation [of Christ]. He calmly offered Universal $10 million for the master print of the unreleased film so he could destroy it. [The film cost $7,000,000 to produce, and eventually grossed $8,373,585 in U.S. theaters, of which about half went to the theater, so in the short, run, this actually would have been the wise investment, from a strictly financial perspective.] Meanwhile Catholic Jack Valenti, chairman of the MPAA, appeared on CNN declaring that he supported Scorsese's right to free speech because "I stand first as an American citizen"; the beaming Mother Angelica, founder of the Christian Eternal Word network and Valenti's adversary in the debate, jovially reminded him, "You're a child of God first, sweetheart," as she further opined that this "movie will destroy Christianity."

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