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The Religious Affiliation of Rockabilly Musician
Gene Vincent
best known for his hit song "Be-Bop-A-Lula"

Gene Vincent professed to be a Buddhist. But those close to him felt that his spirituality had a "smorgasbord" nature to it, and that his religious affiliation was just token. He liked Buddhism because it was popular and trendy, and there may have been some other more serious aspects of Buddhism that attracted him, but he did not have a very deep understanding or knowledge of Buddhism. Although those close to him felt he was usually not serious about religious matters, Gene Vincent did seem genuinely upset when his mother and sister joined the Tony and Susan Alamo Foundation, an unpopular "religious sect" out in Los Angeles. [Source: Susan Vanhecke, Race with the Devil: Gene Vincent's Life in the Fast Lane, St. Martin's Press: New York (2000), page 206.]

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