The Religious Affiliation of
Diana Vreeland
leading American fashion editor and columnist

About Diana Vreeland as a teenager, from: Eleanor Dwight, Diana Vreeland, HarperCollins Publishers: New York (2002), page 14:
Having given up emulating her schoolmates, Diana coninued her search for a more exotic role model, "some great person" she could imitate. She found one in novelist George Sand [a French-born female novelist]...

George Sand was a practicing Catholic, but Diana's commitment to religion was, at best, vague. "I have moods where I want to just pray and I look up and see the lord and then perhaps the next moment I don't feel a bit religious." Despite her relgion, George Sand "went around with the Bohemian set, the set I am going to go around with, not the foolish 'chic' set." She [Diana Vreeland] also admired George Sand because she was a good sport, loved horseback riding, was very popular at school, loved art, and had lived for a long time in Venice. "She went to a convent and then learnt English therefore I must learn French I simply must as my ideal did."

Late in her life Diana Vreeland talked about seeing Reed (presumably Reed Vreeland) again in the next life. She believed in past lives, reincarnation and in having "a spiritual attitude toward life." [Source: Dwight, page 284]

In 1988, Diana Vreeland's beloved grandson Nicky joined a Tibetan monastery in Southern India. His leaving New York left Diana feeling somewhat empty, but she approved of his quest. She admired the purity of the Tibetan Buddhist monastic life that Nicky had entered, and she was proud of him.


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