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The Religious Affiliation of Surrealist Painter
Pierre Unik

From: Luis Bunuel, My Last Sigh: The Autobiography of Luis Bunuel, translated by Abigail Israel; Alfred A. Knopf: New York City (1984), page 111:
There were several subgroups within the [Surrealist] movement, which had formed according to certain curious affinities. [Salvador] Dali's best friends were Crevel and Eluard, while I felt closest to Aragon, Georges Sadoul, Ernst, and Pierre Unik. Although Unik seems to have been forgotten today, I found him a marvelous young man, brilliant and fiery. He was also an atheist, despite the fact that his father was a Jewish tailor who also happened to be a rabbi. I remember Pierre telling his father one day of my desire to convert to Judaism. (Clearly explained, it was to scandalize my family.) But despite his father's willingness to see me, I backed out at the last minute, preferring to "remain faithful" to Christianity.

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