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The Religious Affiliation of actor
John Travolta

John Travolta is a Scientologist (i.e, a member of the Church of Scientology).

CAPTION: An inaugural walk: from left, Councilmen Alatorre and Ferraro, John Travolta, Rev. Heber Jentzsch [president of the Church of Scientology] and Chelsa Cochrane.

PHOTO SOURCE: "A New Street Makes its Debut in the Land of Legends: Scientology Founder and Humanitarian Honored with 'L. Ron Hubbard Way'" in Freedom Magazine ("The Voice of the Church of Scientology in Los Angeles"), Issue 1, page 2 (http://www.freedominla.org/issue01/page02.htm; viewed 22 August 2005)

From: "John Travolta" page in "Scientology Successes" section of "What is Scientology?" official church website (http://www.whatisscientology.org/html/part05/chp19/pg0308.html; viewed 8 November 2005):

In January of 1975 I was working on my first film in Durango, Mexico. There I met an actress who gave me the book Dianetics. During the five weeks we were filming she gave me some auditing sessions and applied some basic principles. That was when I became involved in Dianetics - because it worked.

When I returned to the United States I began Scientology training and auditing. My career immediately took off and I landed a leading role on the TV show "Welcome Back Kotter" and had a string of successful films. I have been a successful actor for more than twenty years and Scientology has played a major role in that success.

I have a wonderful child and a great marriage because I apply L. Ron Hubbard's technology to this area of my life.

As a Scientologist, I have the technology to handle life's problems and I have used this to help others in life as well.

I would say that Scientology put me into the big time.

John Travolta

From: Gary Strauss, "Stars unleash their passion", published in USA Today, 4 July 2005 (http://www.usatoday.com/life/people/2005-07-04-celebs-religion_x.htm; viewed 21 November 2005):

What happens when a Hollywood star spouts off about religion?

If it's ultimate A-lister Tom Cruise, who has been outspoken about his Scientology beliefs while promoting War of the Worlds, the fallout -- at least at the box office -- appears negligible.

...Perhaps more so than other religions, Scientology draws particular scrutiny. It has been investigated as a sect in Germany and even discounted as a religion. Yet Scientology, founded by science-fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard, boasts 8 million disciples, including celebs John Travolta, Lisa Marie Presley and Kirstie Alley. Most are effusive in their praise...

Though Travolta's four-decade movie career can best be described as a roller coaster, the lone dud tied to his Scientology beliefs is Battlefield Earth, based on Hubbard's 1982 novel. Travolta produced and starred in the 2000 film, which cost more than $100 million to produce and market but earned only $21.5 million at the box office.

From: "Religious Affiliations of Celebrities" page in "Celebrity Religion" section of "Religion Facts" website (http://www.religionfacts.com/celebrities/religions_of_celebrities.htm; viewed 26 April 2007):

Below is an index of the religious affiliations or belief systems of celebrities (both living and dead; in film, television, music, literature, academics and politics), listed in alphabetical order by last name...

Celebrity: John Travolta

Religion/Belief: Scientology

Quotes, More Information, Sources:
"I would say that Scientology put me into the big time." In 2000, this well-known Scientologist produced and starred in Battlefield Earth, based on a novel by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. - ABCNews.com [link to: http://abcnews.go.com/US/popup?id=884952]

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