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The Religious Affiliation of Science Fiction Writer
Harry Turtledove

Harry Turtledove: In Jeremy Bloom's Toastmaster interview with Harry Turtledove, Turtledove says: "It's funny. I've done Roman stuff and Greek stuff; I've studied Christian theology, as part of that historical context, much better than I've studied my own." After this, in brackets, are the words: [Jewish, although not particularly active].

Turtledove works with significant Jewish themes, history and characters include: The Case of the Toxic Spell Dump; "In the Presence of Mine Enemies"; "In This Season"; "The R-Strain"; Colonization: Second Contact; WorldWar series (In the Balance; Striking the Balance; Tilting the Balance; Upsetting the Balance). [Source: Chaim Mazo. "Jewish Science Fiction" web site.]

Turtledove, who earned a Ph.D. in Byzantine History, is the author of the "Agent of Byzantium" alternate history series. In this reality, Mohammed did not found Islam, but became a Christian, and the greatest missionary since Paul. Thus, the Byzantine Empire did not lose Syria and Egypt in the 7th century and is far more powerful in the late middle ages. Until Card's 1999 novel Enchantment, Turtledove's series was the only major SF writing featuring Eastern Orthodox themes and settings.

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