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The Religious Affiliation of Songwriter, Musician
David Thomas

David Thomas

Source: Milo Miles. "Ubu Roi: Pere Ubu comes in from the nuclear freeze" (Review of Pere Ubu's "Datapanik in the Year Zero", pub. by DGC). Salon, 16 Sept. 1996
URL: http://www.salon.com/weekly/pereubu960916.html
Pere Ubu were determined to scorn commerce, to never be professional rock musicians and to have "projects" rather than a career. Predictably, there are regular break-ups and personnel shifts from 1977 to 1982. Some toughness leaked out of the band when Tom Herman left in the fall of 1979 after the second LP, "Dub Housing." His replacement was the '60s rock eccentric Mayo Thompson, an odd but benign dreamer. This tipped the Pere Ubu scale to the arty side, and [David] Thomas turned into more of a whimsy figure, a punk Edward Lear fixated on birdies and fishies and posies. Then he became a fervent Jehovah's Witness. The good part is that he stayed a crank nature lover who observed it best from behind a windshield or in anxious fantasies. Besides, there was a kind of bruised innocent logic to these transformations, given the Witness fascination with impending apocalypse.

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