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The Religious Affiliation of Legendary Screenwriter
Dalton Trumbo

From: Bruce Cook, "Dalton Trumbo" on "Non Fiction Book Reviews #175" webpage on William Tienken's "Bookview" website (http://hometown.aol.com/_ht_a/bookviewzine/issue175.html; viewed 4 July 2004):
James Dalton Trumbo was born on December 5, 1905 in Montrose, Colorado. In 1908 the Trumbo family moved to Grand Junction where his father, Orus, got a job as a clerk in a shoe store... After graduation he went to the University of Colorado in Boulder where he was a serious student. When his father lost his job he moved his family to Los Angeles and in July of 1925 Dalton followed. With his father seriously ill Dalton got a job at a bakery where he stayed for eight years. Because his mother was a Christian Scientist no physician saw his father and in great pain Orus died of pernicious enema. With that his mother and sister had to depend on him. Dalton felt trapped at the bakeryand with no chance to attend college he saw success as a writer as the only practical way out of his situation. Poverty was a way of life for the Trumbos and it was quite an education for Dalton.

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