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The Religious Affiliation of Director
Tom Shadyac

From: Megan Basham, "Director Interview: Tom Shadyac of Bruce Almighty" on "Christian Spotlight on the Movies" website (http://www.christiananswers.net/spotlight/movies/2003/brucealmighty-interview.html; viewed 5 September 2005):
Director Tom Shadyac began his career with the hit film Ace Ventura: Pet Detective... He followed that project with The Nutty Professor, and then went on to team with Carrey once again for 1997's Liar Liar. Shadyac professes to be a Bible-believing Catholic. He sat down with Christian Spotlight to talk about his latest film, Bruce Almighty, and to share out how he reconciles his spiritual walk with his high-profile profession.
Catherine M. Barsotti and Robert K. Johnston, Finding God in the Movies: 33 Films of Reel Faith, Baker Books: Grand Rapids, Michigan (2004), pages 24-25:
We also have chosen for this book movies such as The Rookie, Antwone Fisher, and Patch Adams, movies in which the influence of a Christian director is significant.

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