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The Religious Affiliation of Pioneering Female Jockey
Rep. Robyn Smith
second wife of screen legend Fred Astaire

Fred Astaire's second wife - Robyn Smith - moved to Hollywood after graduating from high school. The acting career she had sought never really took off, bu she ended up becoming a jockey, one of the first successful women jockeys in professional horse racing. From: Thomas, Astaire: The Man, The Dancer, page 294:
Who is Robyn Smith and where did she come from?

...She was born August 14, 1944, in San Francisco to a woman who allowed the baby to be adopted by a wealthy Oregon lumberman, Orville Smith and his wife. As Robin Smith, she had a happy childhood until the age of five, when her mother regained custody on the grounds that the girl wasn't being raised in the religion she was born into--Catholicism. Soon, the mother later said, she was unable to care for her daughter because of ill health. Like Marilyn Monroe, Robin grew up in a series of foster homes, some of them pleasant, some miserable.

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