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The Religious Affiliation of Nobel Prize-winning chemist
Richard Smalley

Richard Smalley received a Nobel Prize in Chemistry. "He won the 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the discovery of fullerenes - the third elemental form of carbon (along with graphite and diamond). Upon his passing, the US Senate passed a resolution to honor Smalley, crediting him as the 'Father of Nanotechnology'" (Dimitrov).

Richard Smalley was a Christian whose precise denominational affiliation is as yet unknown to us. For further reference, read about Richard Smalley's belief in God and Christ in Chapter 27 of Tihomir Dimitrov's book 50 Nobel Laureates and Other Great Scientists Who Believe in God (2007), (http://nobelists.net/; viewed 19 April 2007):

"Recently I have gone back to church regularly with a new focus to understand as best I can what it is that makes Christianity so vital and powerful in the lives of billions of people today, even though almost 2000 years have passed since the death and resurrection of Christ.

Although I suspect I will never fully understand, I now think the answer is very simple: it's true. God did create the universe about 13.7 billion years ago, and of necessity has involved Himself with His creation ever since. The purpose of this universe is something that only God knows for sure, but it is increasingly clear to modern science that the universe was exquisitely fine-tuned to enable human life. We are somehow critically involved in His purpose. Our job is to sense that purpose as best we can, love one another, and help Him get that job done." (Smalley 2005).

2. The books 'Origins of Life' and 'Who Was Adam?' are authored by Dr. Hugh Ross (astrophysicist) and Dr. Fazale Rana (biochemist). Richard Smalley had this to say about these books:

"Evolution has just been dealt its death blow. After reading 'Origins of Life', with my background in chemistry and physics, it is clear evolution could not have occurred. The new book, 'Who Was Adam?', is the silver bullet that puts the evolutionary model to death." (Smalley 2005a).

3. In his address at the Tuskegee University's 79th Annual Scholarship Convocation (October 3, 2004) Smalley mentioned the ideas of evolution versus creationism, Darwin versus the Bible's 'Genesis'; then he pointed out:

"The burden of proof is on those who don't believe that 'Genesis' was right, and there was a creation, and that Creator is still involved." (Smalley 2004).

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