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The Religious Affiliation of Independent Counsel who Investigated Pres. Clinton
Kenneth Starr

Kenneth Starr is a lawyer and judge who achieved unwanted national fame and prominence as the Independent Counsel appointed to investigate Pres. Bill Clinton's involvement in the "Whitewater" scandal and other matters. Starr was raised in the Stone-Cambellite denomination known as the Church of Christ. He was the son of a Church of Christ preacher.

From: Wayne Jackson, "'Starr's Church of Christ' - A Review" in Christian Courier, 16 November 1998 (http://www.christiancourier.com/penpoints/rogers.htm; viewed 15 July 2005):

The bizarre conduct between the President of the United States and Monica Lewinsky has brought many people into prominence who otherwise might have remained relatively obscure.

One person who has come to the forefront in this sordid scandal is Kenneth W. Starr, the Chief Counsel who is investigating the Chief Executive of our nation. Because Starr grew up associated with the church of Christ (we understand he currently worships with an Evangelical Bible Church), some have used the connection to vent personal, long-smoldering frustrations, firing both verbal and literary missiles at the Lord's family.

One example is an article titled "Starr's Church of Christ," which was published recently in an east coast newspaper, and subsequently appeared on the internet. This rather unsophisticated diatribe was authored by H. John Rogers, who is identified as a lawyer and an "ordained" Methodist clergyman.

Really, there is not much in the way of a substantial response that needs to be made to this scurrilous piece. It mainly is a conglomerate of misrepresentations, which exhibits a vast void of biblical understanding, and is wholly lacking in personal ethics. Mr. Rogers' (not the one you'd want "in your neighborhood") article can be considered from several vantage points.

Hate Slurs
Much of the essay is pure venom, demonstrating more about the bitterness of the gentleman's own soul than anything else. For example the Lord's church is described as "a little-known fundamentalist Christian sect . . . primarily based in the rural sections of the South and Appalachia."

First of all, we are not a sect; but this we do confess: "after the Way which they call a sect," we honor none but Jesus as our Founder and Master (Acts 24:14). Whether we are well-known is of little consequence; the important thing is that we be known by Christ. "The Lord knows them that are his" (2 Timothy 2:19)...

The following statement from Mr. Rogers is shocking indeed:

"It is the president's great misfortune that his inquisitor [Kenneth Starr] is a man who considers a little hanky-panky and its natural by-product (the covering lie), the equivalent of treason and bribery."

It is difficult to fathom the depth of perversity that is characteristic of this alleged "minister," who views multiple adulteries as merely "a little hanky-panky."

...The abandonment of biblical morality, while attempting to retain a superficial identity with Christianity, as evinced by Mr. Rogers, is abject hypocrisy, and is the very thing that has turned so many confused souls away from a consideration of the true religion of Jesus Christ. It is a heavy burden to bear. The gentleman is a disgrace to his profession.

In conclusion we must make this observation: If the churches of Christ encounter no adversary more formidable than H. John Rogers, we may rest at ease.

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