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The Religious Affiliation of Novelist
George Sand

"George Sand" was the pen name for French novelist Amandine-Aurore-Lucile Dupin, who was later known as Baroness Dudevant.

As a teenager, Diana Vreeland (who later became a famed American fashion editor), from: Eleanor Dwight, Diana Vreeland, HarperCollins Publishers: New York (2002), page 14:

Having given up emulating her schoolmates, Diana coninued her search for a more exotic role model, "some great person" she could imitate. She found one in novelist George Sand [a French-born female novelist]...

George Sand was a practicing Catholic, but Diana's commitment to religion was, at best, vague. "I have moods where I want to just pray and I look up and see the lord and then perhaps the next moment I don't feel a bit religious." Despite her relgion, George Sand "went around with the Behemian set, the set I am going to go around with, not the foolish 'chic' set." She [Diana Vreeland] also admired George Sand because she was a good sport, loved horseback riding, was very popular at school, loved art, and had lived for a long time in Venice. "She went to a convent and then learnt English therefore I must learn French I simply must as my ideal did."

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