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The Religious Affiliation of Movie Producer
David O. Selznick

From: Axel Madsen. Stanwyck, HarperCollins: New York, NY (1994), page 93:
Myron and his younger brother, David [Selznick], were sons of a Russian Jewish emigrant who made a shaky fotune in the chaotic early years of the picture business. When Lewis J. Selznick lost it all, his boys vowed vengeance on the studio heads whohad contributed to their father's downfall. Revenge and proving everybody wrong were what motivated much of Myron's meteoric career as a superagent and David's as a movie tycoon.
From: Luke Ford, "Hollywood Jews", on LukeFord.net website (http://www.lukeford.net/essays/contents/Hollywood_Jews.htm; viewed 8 September 2005):
The important thing about New Establishment power in America is that it is exercised corporately. What is wholly new about today's generation of moguls is that they have made a radical social departure from their Jewish forebears. The likes of Mayer, Cohen, Selznick and Thalberg headed west at a time when the entertainment business was regarded as disreputable, and they went to extreme lengths in their quest for social respectability.

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