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The Religious Affiliation of
Dan Simmons
acclaimed science fiction writer

Dan Simmons: Simmons has written extensively about religion, especially Catholicism, in the future. Asked whether some of his books are a prophecy of things to come for the Catholic Church, Simmons responded:
No, I don't believe in prophecy. They're a story, a development of ideas. I'm very interested in the evolution of technology, and it's really the idea of artificial life which intrigues me, more than just intelligence -- a new, evolving life form arising within our datasphere and coming into living relation with humanity... As for the depiction of the Catholic church, it's not meant to be a prediction. It's really about what happens whenever religion and power go hand in hand. I'm not anti-church by any means... [Source: BookPage Interview, August 1997, with Michael Alec Rose.]

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