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The Religious Affiliation of Michigan Attorney
Travis M. Reeds

In 1998 Travis M. Reeds, a Democrat, ran unsuccessfully against incumbent Richard Gach in the race for Michigan's 11th District U.S. Represenative. Possibly he is a member of the related Stone-Campbell denomination known as the "Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)." Politicians who are members of that denomination usually specify their religious affiliation as "Disciples of Christ," but sometimes use the phrase "Christian Church" as well.

Travis M. Reeds is a bankruptcy lawyer in Michigan.

Based on self-submitted biographical information published in Congressional Quarterly, Travis M. Reeds is a member of the Stone-Campbell religious body known as the "Christian Churches and Churches of Christ" (CC/CC), whose members routinely identify their religious affiliation only as "Christian Church."

From: "Candidate Profile from Congressional Quarterly: Travis M. Reeds", in "All Politics" section of CNN.com website (http://www.cnn.com/ELECTION/1998/states/MI/H/09/tom.mcmillin.html; viewed 1 December 2005):

Travis M. Reeds (D) of South Lyon
- Born: July 20, 1973, Detroit.
- Education: Central Michigan U., B.A., 1994; Wayne State U., J.D., 1997.
- Military Service: None.
- Occupation: Lawyer.
- Family: Wife, Karen.
- Religion: Christian Church.
- Political Career: No previous office.

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