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The Religious Affiliation of Pioneering Movie Theater Builder
Samuel Rothafel

From: Ross Melnick, "Rethinking Rothafel: Roxy's Forgotten Legacy" in The Moving Image, University of Minnesota Press, Volume 3, Number 2, Fall 2003, pp. 62-95 (muse.jhu.edu/journals/the_ moving_image/v003/3.2melnick.html ):
The story of Roxy's rise from backroom nickelodeon operator to the most successful showman in motion picture history is not unlike the story of many of Hollywood's earliest moguls. Born July 9, 1882, in Stillwater, Minnesota, to Jewish immigrants from Germany, Rothafel (who was born Rothapfel, but dropped the "p" in the early 1920s) was the rebellious and visionary son of a shoemaker. Legend has it that even as a kid he organized a one-cent theater and took his juvenile playmates on a tour of neighboring villages. But Roxy's father, like many immigrants, wanted more for his son. Moving to New York at the age of thirteen, Roxy soon lost interest in his studies, putting him constantly at odds with his father. Less than two years after his mother's death, Roxy, at the age of sixteen...

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