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The Religious Affiliation of Influential American Artist
Robert Rauschenberg

Prominent American artist Robert Rauschenberg was raised in the Stone-Campbell religious body known as the "Churches of Christ" (or individually as "church of Christ").

Most sources identify Robert Rauschenberg as Jewish, and his art has been a fixture in museums and exhibitions of Jewish art. So, either Robert Rauschenberg was both Jewish and a Stone-Campbellite, or there were two prominent artists by the same name.

From: Don Haymes, "RE: cultural history--our novelists, poets, artists and actors?", written 9 January 1998, post in "Stone-Campbell Archives" section on the Abilene Christian University website (http://www.bible.acu.edu/s-c/Default.asp?Bookmark=18131; viewed 16 March 2005):

...you will probably want to look into Dale A Jorgenson, Theological and Aesthetic Roots in the Stone-Campbell Movement (Kirksville MO: Thomas Jefferson University Press, 1989).

I reviewed this work... shortly after its publication. DAJ [Dale A Jorgenson] is Elmer Jorgenson's nephew. He is not a historian and is heavily dependent on Leroy Garrett. He does, however, attempt a coherent Campbellite aesthetic, historically and theologically. DAJ pays inordinate attention to Vachel Lindsay, but he also notices at length the painter Robert Rauschenberg, who at age 13 gave up the idea of becoming a preacher of the Churches of Christ but did not "leave the church" until his 20s.

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