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The Religious Affiliation of Producer/Director
Pierre Roustang
a collaborator with Roman Polanski

Pierre Roustang was a French Catholic who collaborated with acclaimed filmmaker Roman Polanski early in Polanski's career.

Roman Polanski, Roman by Polanski, William Morrow and Company: New York City (1984), page 163:

[Pierre] Roustang himself was to play a prominent part in my life for the next few years. A rotund, balding man with gold-rimmed glasses and a distinctly parsonical maner, he had an aristocratic wife, a Jesuit brother, a luxurious Paris apartment... Before becoming a [film] producer, Roustang had run an advertising agency that handled films recommended by Catholic associations. When we first met, he was at the zenith of his career and sat on an influential Catholic film vetting committee. He wound up turning out soft porn.

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