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The Religious Affiliation of German Actor
Heinz Ruehmann

Donald Spoto, Stanley Kramer: Film Maker, G. P. Putnam's Sons: New York, NY (1978), page 268:
The major problem with Mann's script [for Ship of Fools], so gravid with cliches that it nearly sinks the Vera, is that the ironies are quaintly based on a knowing hindsight. As the Nazi barks inanities, an inocent German says, "Every time I listen to him I know no one will support his party." And a particularly loyal and homeland-loving Jew remarks with confidence, "There are narly a million Jews in Germany. What are they going to do--kil us all?" (This kind of remark is supposed to be ironic--and ends up especially infelicitous--since it's made by the noted German actor Heinz Ruehmann. "He was a bit star in pre-Hitler Germany," Kramer told me. "I wasn't too popular there after the showing of Judgment at Nuremberg, and I got a very stony reception when I arrived later to cast the Germans for ths picture. I met Ruehmann, who himself was not Jewish but felt a great burden of giult for the whole nation. When I told him I was looking for someone to play a Jew, he said 'I'm your man!'")

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