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The Religious Affiliation of Serial Killer
Dennis Rader
known as the "BTK Killer"

From: Science Daily (http://www.sciencedaily.com/upi/?feed=TopNews&article=UPI-1-20060116-21562800-bc-us-exorcism.xml; reposted 17 January 2006 on: http://www.exchristian.net/2/2006/01/btk-killer-denied-exorcism.html; viewed 20 April 2007):

A Kansas sheriff refused to let the BTK killer's pastor perform a jailhouse exorcism on Dennis Rader, the Rev. Michael Clark said after a speech.

Clark, pastor of Christ Lutheran Church in Wichita, told listeners at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Overland Park that he believes Rader was driven by the devil to kill 10 people during a 13-year period, the Kansas City Star reported. Rader, who pleaded guilty, is serving 10 consecutive life sentences.

"Dennis was influenced, I believe, by some kind of demonic force and that played a role in the choices and decisions he made," Clark said.

Clark did not totally absolve Rader from responsibility for the killings, saying that he decided to respond to the demonic force.

Rader was known at his church as a devout man who served as president of the congregation. In his neighborhood, he was known as a stickler for rules and regulations.

Clark refused to answer a question about whether Rader had shown remorse.

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