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The Religious Affiliation of Serial Killer
Dayton Leroy Rogers
known as the "Molalla Forest Killer"

From: Lori Carangelo, "Adopted Killers", excerpt from Carangelo's book Chosen Children (http://www.amfor.net/killers/; viewed 21 October 2005):
Rogers, Dayton Leroy, 22, (Molalla Forest Killer)
Born in 1954 in Idaho and adopted and raised in Oregon, along with another boy and 2 girls by Ortis and Jasparelle Rogers, devout Seventh Day Adventists who told their adopted children they had "an evil entity inside their bodies." Dayton beat his male adopter to death, stabbed a girl who rejected his advances, committed several rapes and was convicted of 6 stabbing/muilation murders of young women; sentenced to Death in Oregon. Source: "Shedding Light on the Dark Side of Adoption," book by Marsha Riben; and Dayton Leroy Rogers web-site; and "Serial KIllers A-Z", http://www.geocities.com/verbal_plainfield/q-z/rogers.html

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