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The Religious Affiliation of Screenwriter
Bruce Joel Rubin

"Speaking for the Buddha?: Buddhism and the Media" (Conference Proceedings), 8-9 February 2005, Lipman Room, Barrows Hall, UC Berkeley, California; Sponsored by the Center for Buddhist Studies and Institute of East Asian Studies, UC Berkeley, with the support of Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai America (http://ieas.berkeley.edu/events/2005.02.08-09.html; viewed 7 September 2005):
The next speaker was Gaetano Maeda, executive director of the International Buddhist Film Festival (IBFF) and a founding director of the Buddhist quarterly Tricycle... Maeda spoke about his work with IBFF, affirming that the organization aims to "pitch a big tent" over the multiplicity of cultures, views and perspectives associated with Buddhism. The purpose of the International Buddhist Film Festival, according to Maeda, is to support films and bring them to broad audiences. He noted that people commonly ask what counts as a "Buddhist film," and discussed a range of films that have been screened at the Festival... Jacob's Ladder (1990) was marketed as a thriller on first release, but screenwriter Bruce Joel Rubin, who is a meditation practitioner, later revealed that it was adapted from the Tibetan Book of the Dead.
http://www.hollywood.com/celebs/detail/celeb/189031; viewed 7 September 2005:
Embarked on a quest for "spiritual enlightenment," wound up on the Greek isle of Paros. Stayed at a Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Nepal; told to leave after three months when the government suspected he was an CIA operative.

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