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The Religious Affiliation of
Abraham Ribicoff
First Jewish Governor of Connecticut

Abraham Ribicoff become the first Jewish Governor of Connecticut in 1954. This began a twenty-year career by Ribicoff as governor, United States senator, and Cabinet officer.

Brian, pages 208-209:

The governor of Connecticut [Abraham Ribicoff] and his wife came to see Welcome, Darlings and asked Tallulah [famous and notoriously ill-behaved actress Tallulah Bankhead] out to supper afterward. She invited Kirkwood to be her escort. They went to a lovely old inn in Connecticut where Tallulah downed five very quick bourbon and ginger ales.

Normally Tallulah went on chemical reactions, but her reaction to Governor Ribicoff was magnetic. If she'd had her way, she would have sworn him as president that night. She kept saying: "He's a Jew, the only Jew. . . . They've never had a Jewish governor in this rotten state until now."

When some of the cast came by she was getting quite drunk and said: "This is Governor Ribocrop, Robercoff, Roober . . . well you know, he's the governor for godsakes and he's a Jew. Isn't that marvelous?"

She leaned over to Kirkwood and whispered: "You know he's really a very attractive man."

Mrs. Ribicoff was getting a little nervous, and the governor showed signs of strain.

It got to be about one a.m. and there was a noise and Mrs. Ribicoff said to her husband: "Darling, I think it's about time that we . . ."

And Tallulah snapped her head around and said: "WHY DON'T YOU GO HOME!"

The place cleared almost before the glasses stopped shaking.

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