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The Religious Affiliation of Indiana political candidate
Michael Petyo

Michael Petyo ran unsuccessfully for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives from Indiana in 1996.

From: "Congressional Races - Indiana District 1", in "All Politics" section of CNN.com website (http://cgi.cnn.com/ALLPOLITICS/1996/candidates/election.guide/text/IN01.shtml; viewed 1 December 2005):

Michael Petyo (R)
District 1 (Northwest--Gary; Hammond)
BORN: March 29, 1949, East Chicago
EDUCATION: Lake Central High School, graduated 1968
FAMILY: Wife, Janet; two children
RELIGION: Eastern Orthodox
MILITARY: Navy, 1969-73
OCCUPATION: Construction-company owner
POLITICAL CAREER: Sought Republican nomination for Lake County Sheriff, 1994

Petyo's slogan is "Let's Put Americans Back in Charge," which to this G.O.P. challenger means shifting education out of federal hands, cutting small-business regulation and instituting a modified flat tax. Petyo hopes to win G.O.P.-leaning areas and limit losses elsewhere, but that might be tough in this heavily Democratic district.

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