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The Religious Affiliation of Professional Golfer
Kenny Perry

Kenny Perry is a member of the Stone-Campbellite denomination known as the Churches of Christ (individual congregations of which are named "church of Christ").

From: Houston Bynum, "Role Models" on Church of Christ at Snellville official website (http://www.snellvillecoc.org/online_resources/houstonbynum/role_models.shtml; viewed 15 July 2005):

Erik Tryggestad recently penned an article for The Christian Chronicle (9-21-03) about golfer Kenny Perry. He has earned millions on the PGA Tour, winning two of the most prestigious stops on the Tour: the Memorial and the Colonial. He is anything but your typical celebrity professional athlete--as he impresses others as the same, simple, ordinary guy he was before all his winnings.

Kenny Perry is a deacon in the Franklin, Ky., church of Christ. His friends say that he doesn't have the ego to match his winnings. Perry's winnings have meant substantial contributions to Lipscomb University. In July, he was ranked No. 19 in all-time PGA Tour earnings with more than $13 million, wrote David Climer, sports columnist for the (Nashville) Tennessean. Perry has also used some of his winnings to build the Country Creek golf course in Franklin. Before he became successful, he said that he would give back to the Lord. He gives 5% of his earnings to Lipscomb's golf team and has set up a trust fund for scholarships for young people from Simpson County (Ky.). As a deacon, he also serves as a missions coordinator for the Franklin church, and his wife teaches children's classes there.

Byron Nelson, another member of the church of Christ, won 54 PGA tour events during his career and five major championships, including the Masters in 1937 and 1942. He, too, served as a role model for many young people.

In a day when some "celebrities" are notorious for their immoral behavior and bad examples, it is refreshing to see such people as Kenny Perry, and previously, Byron Nelson. We should appreciate anyone (celebrity and noncelebrity) who takes his faith seriously and sets a good example for others.

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