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The Religious Affiliation of Rock and Roll Star
Roy Orbison

From: David W. Cloud, "1950s Rock -- Creating a Revolution", distributed by Way of Life Literature's Fundamental Baptist Information Service, copyright 2001 (http://www.wayoflife.org/fbns/1950srock.htm; viewed 19 July 2005):
Roy Orbison (1936-1988) was raised in Wink, Texas. His mother was a former nurse and his father was an auto mechanic. They attended a Church of Christ congregation. Orbison testified of the conflict that he faced: "They were against dancing at my church, and I was trying to play at dances. I wasn't old enough to figure out anything for myself. So I just didn't go to church. I didn't want to attend and feel uncomfortable. I went and played the dances" (Hungry for Heaven, p. 22)... Though Orbison was one of the few rockers who did not drink or abuse drugs, his life was hounded by tragedy... A couple of years after [his wife] Claudette's death, two of Orbison's three sons died in a tragic fire which destroyed his home. In the 1970s, Orbison went back to church, at first to a Church of Christ congregation, then to a Baptist church that was also attended by other famous country singers, including Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, and Skeeter Davis (Alan Clayson, Only the Lonely, pp. 194,195). When asked by the media about his religious faith, his testimony was as follows: "I don't have a pure statement but I believe in Jesus Christ and try to live by the rules of morality and conduct and a certain faithfulness in all things. That helps a great deal--so does common sense. It's very important to me. Your mind is created by a higher power and common sense will often tell you what to do."

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