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The Religious Affiliation of Novelist
Vladimir Nabokov
influential author of Lolita and Pale Fire

Vladimir Nabokov is the influential Russian-American writer best known for Lolita (1955) and Pale Fire (1962). Lolita is widely regarded as one of the most important novels of the 20th Century.

Vladimir Nabokov was an Eastern Orthodox Christian; specifically, he was Russian Orthodox.

From: "Orthodox Church in Switzerland" page on "Switzerland Is Yours" website (http://switzerland.isyours.com/e/guide/religion/christianism/orthodox.html; viewed 24 October 2005):

For nearly two centuries now, Switzerland - particularly along the shores of Lake Geneva - has been home to many Orthodox Christians, predominantly Russian. Igor Stravinsky and Vladimir Nabokov are but two of the distinguished representatives of this community, much appreciated on Lake Geneva's "Riviera".

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